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25 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers (Real & Active)

The impact of social media can’t be ignored. What started as a way to socialize and stay connected to one’s peers online has turned into an online business platform. It has helped many people capitalize on their skills to a great extent, which is why influencer culture is on the rise

Jaya Mckeown
Mar 14, 20221705 Shares341019 Views
The impact of social media can’t be ignored. What started as a way to socialize and stay connected to one’s peers online has turned into an online business platform. It has helped many people capitalize on their skills to a great extent, which is why influencer culture is on the rise. While there are several platforms present in today’s time, Instagram is making the news for most of it and there are good reasons for the same. Its seamless interface has made it easier for people to share their pictures and other content while keeping their privacy intact. However, it has grown much more than just being a picture-sharing social networking website. Many businesses use it to expand themselves and go global, which is why they buy Instagram followers.
If you are wondering what buying followers has to do with it, well let us tell you that followers do play an important role in deciding how your business will do online. So, it is extremely important to keep the number huge as they are the ones who will generate engagement in your posted content. So, keeping that in mind, we are listing the best sites to buy Instagram followers. And don’t worry, they are real Instagram followers.

Buy Instagram Followers (From Most Trusted Sellers):
We trust experienced individuals more because of the reason that they provide a better solution to our problems. Even when we are looking for a social media service, we will always prefer something that has experience with the platform. SocialRush has individuals working who have been in this business for quite some time and understand the needs and demands of the platform in today’s time.
If you are worried about fake accounts and bots, you can relax. They focus on 100% authenticity and eliminate any kind of bots found so that your account grows authentically. Also, since they focus mainly on Instagram, you can rest assured about your account being in the right hands. There are several packages available. Go with the one that you feel is the best one for you and get started.
Acquiring customers is next to impossible these days with new businesses opening up every single day. This is the reason why people use social media to make their businesses viral. is one of the most used sites to buy Instagram followers by people who are just starting on Instagram. Having more followers adds to the authenticity of the brand and people are more trusting towards the social media page.
Since they have worked with several influencers, musicians, and businesses, the people at social pros understand how to make you stand out in the crowd of several content creators. All you need to do is go to their website and select the package that suits your budgetary needs. They start from $2.50 and go up to $105 for a different number of followers.
New to Instagram and don’t know how to go viral? Well, this site will help you with the same. You can easily buy active Instagram followerson this site who will help you build your profile from scratch. More followers make the profile look authentic and attract a better audience. Though you can do the same by making good content, the algorithms sometimes might not work in your favor and your content may not go viral.
This website has several packages that provide a different set of Instagram followers. You can buy according to your budget with the minimum price being $3.99 for 250 Instagram followers and can go up to $107.99 for 10000 followers. The delivery is made immediately after the completion of payment. It is safe, secure and helps in increasing your online visibility.
Some names are self-explanatory, like this website. Virallyft, just like the name suggests, will lift you into the viral world by helping you create the profile of your dreams. You can decide on the number of followers, the content you wish to post, and how you want to make it viral. It is one of the best sites to buy Instagram followers.
Why should you buy ViralLyft? Well, it has several advantages. You get huge engagement on your profile owing to the increased number of followers. In addition to that, the followers are of quality and the whole process is safe. You will also be able to see timely results.
They focus on making the experience worthwhile for their users, so you won’t have complaints from them. It is one of the best ways to grow your social presence exponentially.
To have a business running and not have its social media handle is considered nothing less than running an orthodox business. It can easily make or break one’s business, so it's important to handle one’s social media profile with care.
Social media handles also help in easily accessing the global market, which would have cost quite a huge amount otherwise. But to achieve all of this, one needs to maintain their social media to a certain standard.
You can achieve this standard by making an aesthetic profile and also have a huge number of followers who will help you achieve social media stardom with ease. While it can be a bit of a daunting journey, with websites like Viewsexpert, it's quite easy. Just select a suitable package from their website that meets your need and get started on your journey. You can easily get Instagram followers to help you grow organically.
Followers are quite important in the Instagram world. They decide how far you will go on this platform. That’s why people try their best to keep themselves updated with the latest trends on this platform.
However, sometimes just following the trend might not be enough. It is difficult to get noticed on a platform where there are hordes of content posted every day. So, to get a good start on this platform, you can buy real Instagram followers from FollowerPackages.
This website has a customized package for different budgets available. You can choose one that suits your needs and begin your journey to Instagram stardom. Instagram is a competitive platform and this website helps you stay ahead of your competitors every time.
There are several ways to go viral on social media. One of the most basic ones is by creating content that resonates with people. But we know how difficult it is these days. Not because it is difficult to create such content but it is difficult to stay on top of other content creators who are creating content similar to yours.
But we know how crucial social media is for businesses these days, so you can look at other options to grow on social media. You can buy IG followers from sites like to help increase your social presence.
The minimum amount that you can pay to get followers is $2.50 for which you get 100 followers. You can increase your number of followers by paying more amount. Don’t worry, it is safe and you get Instagram followers who help in increasing engagement on your account.
Social media runs on the number of likes and followers. Once you have reached a certain amount of followers, you will be able to monetize your Instagram account with ease. Since we know how difficult it is to retain customer attention, you can also buy real followers who will help you in achieving your goal. is a social media managing website that allows you to purchase a package of your choice and help you in growing your Instagram account organically. There are no bots or fake profiles. They have got quite an experience in managing Instagram accounts, so they understand how to make you viral on Instagram. The packages vary, so you can choose one that suits your need the best and get started on your viral journey on Instagram.
Want to go become a big name on Instagram but don’t know how? Well, Famoid can help you out with it. You just have to visit their website and select a package to get started. Don’t worry, it is completely secure and safe to use and pay for their services and that’s why it is among the best sites to buy Instagram followers.
You might be wondering why take up social media services instead of leaving them to Instagram? Well, it takes years at times to grow on Instagram. The big names today have been working on building their profile for the last few years. Not everyone has the patience to do so. Also, with a similar type of content doing rounds, it is difficult for a person’s content to get noticed. These services provided by Famoid come at a reasonable price and help in growing your Instagram account.
Mr. Insta
If you are looking for a social media service manager that focuses mainly on Instagram, this one is for you. They pay attention to their client’s demands and customize the package to suit their needs. The users have expressed amazing experiences with this website, so you can trust its services.
Apart from the client's needs, they have an experienced team that knows how to keep up with the rising demand in the social media world. So, to make it big on the social media world like Instagram, you can use Mr. Insta and get rolling with it.
This website also offers free Instagram followers for starters. You can buy the premium services for targeted growth later if you are satisfied. There are several packages for Instagram which include likes, followers from the audience of different countries, etc. Take your pick and get started.
People on Instagram know when the account is genuine or fake. While its follower count is important for them, they also pay attention to how many views and likes the content of that account is getting. So, it is essential for people to not purchase fake followers and go for 100% trusted businesses that will get them, authentic followers.
Krootez is one such social media service provider that helps you buy Instagram followers for your Instagram profile. There are several packages included on the website, including its monthly plan. You can choose the one that will help you grow the most.
The best part about this service is that you can post several pieces of content and still get the number of likes that you wish to receive. So, views and likes will be always consistent on your profile.
Boosting one’s performance on social media today is equivalent to carrying offline campaigns and advertisements in older times. You need to work with the same level of dedication, come up with different strategies and constantly keep an eye out on your competitors. All of this can be a bit of work to get done manually, so you have social media services like GetRealBoost to help you out.
It will boost your accounts real quick and help you become huge on several social media platforms. They focus on getting targeted followers so that your account grows even after you have exhausted their service timeline. They find an audience with the help of several marketing tools provided by Instagram.
Since there are several packages available for different price ranges, you will have no trouble getting the right one for your account. The delivery is made within 24 hours, so you won’t have to wait for long either.
Instagram has emerged as one of the most prominent social media platforms for businesses in today’s time. While there are several other platforms available, nothing helps in boosting one’s business like Instagram does. And probably that is the reason why Instagram is constantly introducing business-friendly tools to make it a better place for business as well the customers.
To succeed, one needs to have a good following on Instagram. These followers help in advertising the account when they see good content and ultimately more people follow. BlastUp is a social media service that will help in the same by getting you the required number of followers at a relatively low price, which makes it one of the best places to buy Instagram followers.
If you are unsure about this service, you can try the free trial that offers 50 likes on one post. Not only followers, but you can also blast your account with likes, views, etc., on the days when you feel your account’s reach is low.
Wanting to create buzz on Instagram but can’t get enough followers? Well, buzzoid has got you covered on this aspect. All you need to do is head to their website, select a package and see the magic happen in front of your eyes.
Buzzoid is a social media service provider that aims at helping businesses gain more followers and grow their business on Instagram. Social media has completely changed the way people do businesses and buzzoid ensures that their business isn’t affected by the changes happening around them.
The more interactive a profile is, the better it will be for the business as it will attract more followers. Buzzoid offers different packages for different budgets and also provides 24/7 support to its customers. You can also have your order refund in case you are dissatisfied with their services, which you rest assured, won’t be.
To remain on top of social media every day is a difficult task. Businesses collaborate with several creative content creators to keep their content relevant and fresh. However, it indeed is the need of the hour to ensure that your profile has a huge following to stay in the business on Instagram. Jarvee can help you achieve that at a minimal cost.
It focuses mainly on windows users, so it's best suited with that. However, it works well with other programs too. You can use its 5 day trial period to understand the product and see if it aligns with your goals. It helps in automating your Instagram account, although try to keep it minimum.
Instagram keeps removing bots and if there are several such accounts in your profile, it can damage your reputation too. You can use this service when you are just getting started on Instagram and don’t have much following.
We have always heard that slow and steady wins the race. While that might have been true in a slow-paced environment, it doesn’t resonate well with today’s businesses. In the fast-paced cut-throat industry, being slow on social platforms can cost you a lot.
Nitreo helps in delivering real and fast Instagram followers to your account so that you can grow organically on this platform. The people working behind the screen here understand the market and its needs and work accordingly to keep up with the changes around.
The charges are minimal, so you don’t have to splurge a lot as opposed to the growth promised by this website, which is long-term. They help you attract real, organic Instagram followersso your community grows exponentially and helps you attain heights on this platform.
Stellation media
If you are someone who is quite competitive and is always looking for ways to outperform their competition, stellation media will be quite relatable to you. The people working here are always on the outlook of turning chances into business opportunities so that their customers always get the best of everything.
They believe in being authentic, so you will never come across bots or fake followers. Customer satisfaction in the long term is their main purpose, so they focus more on getting organic growth through artificial intelligence and social media dashboards.
They stay one step ahead of their competitors, which is what makes them the best to do business within this industry. There are three different sets of price ranges: mass story viewer, influencer, and rockstar. Each helps in attaining a different goal, so you can opt for one depending on your aim.
Storm likes
Every business uses Instagram differently, although their need is more or less the same. However, even if the result is the same, the process matters a lot as that is the difference between different businesses. Storm likes provide customized services to people and helps in growing their Instagram profile by helping them buy IG followers.
They have made their name in the industry by adapting to the needs of their consumers and satisfying their needs accordingly. The packages offered by them are budget-friendly and also delivered within a short time frame for your benefit.
While they do provide automatic likes services too, we suggest you not use them much. Instagram hates automated accounts but you can go for it when you have just started to gain likes in the beginning. Apart from that, they help people grow organically too so that you can retain your followers for a long period.
Every follower counts while you are building your community online. Each of them helps in getting you where you want to be on social media. However, since by counting every single follower it will indeed take forever to make it big on Instagram, you can use Famups to buy Instagram followers.
This website is trustworthy and has a proven record of giving on-time delivery that helps in improving engagement rates of one’s profile. In case you come across any issue, their support team will help you whenever you want.
Since customer satisfaction is their number one, they go all the way to help them increase their profile visibility, followers, and likes. This has emerged as one of the most go-to options for people to avail of social media services.
For an account to grow, interaction with the public at large is important. This Instagram growth service focuses on that aspect to gain real followers and help the business grow its account authentically. They use different strategies to target customers so that they visit your profile and go through your content.
The best part of this service is that they treat their customer’s Instagram account as their own. This means they assign an actual account manager who oversees everything happening on your account and apply methods to boost your growth.
These account managers are experienced professionals who understand how social media platform works. Since they aim at targeting the right customers, the outcomes you get through it last long term.
Buying followers doesn’t only mean getting people who will just like your posts and boost your account. These followers also help in creating engagement on your account and ultimately helps in your account’s growth.
You won’t have to share your password for the services to work on your account. They provide genuine followers who help in promoting your business everywhere so that more people flock over to your account.
Just go to their website and select the right package for you. It will be delivered within few hours. Since success on Instagram is all about how much engagement your account gets, every follower counts. Make use of this website and make it big on Instagram.
We know it’s a mad race out there. Everyone wants to remain on top and they work consistently to retain their position. So, it can be hard for new voices to be heard and forget about them easily making it big. While creative content creation will surely help, but it might take years before it is picked up. That is there websites like ViralRace helps an individual in keeping their head above the drowning waters.
You can choose when you want your selected package to be delivered to you. It can be a minute or hours, it is up to you. This is what makes it different from the rest of the names on this list. The followers help in creating required engagement so that the Instagram algorithm automatically picks up your content and helps in gathering more audience. This is a 100% authentic website that will help you in growing your account in the long term.
Social monk
New to Instagram and scared to see the number of content posted every day? Well, it can be overwhelming for new businesses, who are trying to keep up with everyone around them on social media. Don’t worry, with the social monk, you have your Instagram manager.
This social media service provider only wants to see their clients happy and satisfied. Therefore, they work relentlessly towards creating engagement and developing their Instagram profile. This way you can keep your focus on content generation instead of worrying about the working of the Instagram algorithm.
Your Instagram manager will properly look into every aspect of your account and see how they can grow it. If you are not satisfied with its service, you can end the contract anytime you want. It is one of the best ways to grow on Instagram.
Goldstar Social
Visibility is everything on social media. The more visible your brand and business are to the public, the better audience it will be able to attract. While it is easy to go viral nowadays but it is difficult to stay viral and relevant at all times.
Goldstar special is there to help you out with your Instagram woes. You can purchase the required number of followers from this website depending on your budget and get started with building your online community. You don’t have to give out your personal information, so your privacy is always maintained.
Since social media is one of the major platforms used for conversions, you cannot stay behind. You need to stand out and act differently to make noise. This social media service provider will help you a great deal in doing so.
Task Ant
Sometimes, even with the right resources, your page might not take off on Instagram. This especially happens when you are new to the platform as you are still trying to figure out how the algorithm works. If you need proper guidance on how you can expand your reach online, task ant is the option you should opt for.
They look beyond to see what your profile and content are lacking and help you in improving those aspects. They use several technologies and strategies to ensure that you get the best Instagram audience on your profile.
Since their focus is not just on increasing follower count but overall internet presence, you will be able to grow at a faster pace than your competitors and also do quite well in a short period.


Why should I buy followers?
Some people do frown upon those who are buying followers. However, when you need a boost up, buying followers is not a bad idea. But you have to make sure that the process isn’t always automated and the followers are real and active.
Does it cost a lot?
Surprisingly, no. While each website has a different price range, they are more or less the same and it won’t burn a hole in your pocket. You can select as per your convenience and not worry much about its cost.
Will it really help me grow?
The websites that we have listed above have genuine reviews of them working well for most people. Overusing it might be a problem; however, if you use these services to get that kickstart, it will help you in growing.
Is it safe?
Most of the websites listed here are safe to use and keep the privacy of their users intact. However, always double-check the agreement when you are purchasing the purchasing to ensure that it has indeed covered all aspects of privacy that you need.


Social media platforms have come a long way from being a means to stay connected to help businesses pave their way out. They have completely changed the dynamic of the business-consumer relationship and have given quite a huge power in the hands of the consumer to decide the fate of the business.
In such testing times, it becomes necessary to put the best foot forward which can only be possible if you get a good headstart. The social media service providers listed above are among the best ones available in the market. They will help you not only in attracting more consumers by boosting your profile but also retain them, so they are always a part of your growth. While the automated Instagram profile isn’t much preferred by Instagram itself, it doesn’t hurt to use it to begin your journey.
Most of the packages provided by these websites are budget-friendly as they want small businesses to be able to afford their services. They are safe to use, so you can trust them with your profile and money too.
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