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Buckingham Palace Announces Three-day Coronation Ceremony For King Charles III on Saturday

Buckingham Palace announces three-day coronation ceremony for King Charles III on Saturday. There will be three days of celebrations all over the country, and anyone can join in.

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Buckingham Palace announces three-day coronation ceremony for King Charles IIIon Saturday. There will be three days of celebrations all over the country, and anyone can join in.
The coronation will happen on Saturday, May 6. There will be a "Coronation Big Lunch" and a "Coronation Concert" the next day, and Monday will be an extra bank holiday. On the last day, people will be asked to help out in their communities as part of "The Big Help Out."
Michelle Donelan, the UK Secretary for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport, said in a statement that anyone can join in at any time.
Whether that is by hosting a special street party, watching the Coronation ceremony or spectacular concert on TV, or stepping forward during The Big Help Out to help causes that matter to them.- Michelle Donelan, the UK Secretary for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport
The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, will lead “a solemn religious service, as well as an occasion for celebration and pageantry,” at the coronation itself, the palace said. The palace said again that it will “reflect the Monarch’s role today and look towards the future, while being rooted in longstanding traditions and pageantry.”
Experts have taken that line from the palace as a hint that Charles' coronation will be different and less grand than the one his late mother had seven decades ago, with a shorter ceremony and changes to some of the more feudal parts of the ritual. The coronation of Queen Elizabeth was the first royal event to be shown live on TV, and it took three hours.
Charles and Camilla, who is the Queen Consort, will walk from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey in a procession called "The King's Procession." They will return in a larger procession called "The Coronation Procession," which will include other members of the royal family.
The day's events will end when the King, Queen Consort, and other members of the royal family stand on the balcony of Buckingham Palace. At this point, the palace hasn't said which family members will be in the procession and on the balcony. This is because Prince Andrew is still banned from public life because of old sexual abuse claims, and because Prince Harry's memoir, in which he criticized his family, just came out.

Buckingham Palace reveals details of three-day celebration to mark King Charles III’s coronation :

According to royal historian Kate Williams:
It would help Charles a lot in terms of his image if Harry and Meghan were there. It’s particularly going to look bad for him if his son is not there because, of course, Harry still is very high in line to the throne, as are his children.- Royal historian Kate Williams
Anti-monarchy group Republic has promised to protest near Westminster Abbey. This shows that not everyone in Britain will be happy about the event. In a statement, spokesperson Graham Smith said:
The coronation is a celebration of hereditary power and privilege, it has no place in a modern society. At a cost of tens of millions of pounds this pointless piece of theatre is a slap in the face for millions of people struggling with the cost-of-living crisis. We've already talked to the Metropolitan Police, and we expect them to help make sure that protests are peaceful and make a difference. We plan to make ourselves known in Parliament Square when the royal procession goes by on its way to the Abbey.- Graham Smith, spokesperson of Anti-monarchy group Republic
On May 7, the day after the coronation, there will be thousands of events all over the country as part of the "Coronation Big Lunch." The palace said that "global music icons and contemporary stars" will perform at a "Coronation Concert" on the East Lawn of Windsor Castle, but they haven't said who they are yet.
“The Coronation Big Lunch helps you bring the celebration right into your own street or backyard,” said Peter Stewart, Chief Purpose Officer at the event’s organizing body, the Eden Project.
Sharing friendship, food, and fun together gives people more than just a good time. People feel less lonely, make friends, and then get more involved in their community.- eter Stewart, Chief Purpose Officer at the event’s organizing body, the Eden Project
There will be a public audience at the concert, made up of volunteers from the King and Queen Consort's charity work and a few thousand people from the public who were chosen by the BBC through a national ballot.
They will watch a "world-class orchestra play interpretations of musical favorites fronted by some of the world's biggest entertainers, alongside performers from the world of dance...and a selection of spoken word sequences delivered by stars of stage and screen," the palace said, adding that a schedule would be released in due time.
"The Coronation Choir," which is made up of Refugee choirs, NHS choirs, LGBTQ+ singing groups, and deaf signing choirs, will also perform at the concert. "The Virtual Choir," which is made up of singers from all over the Commonwealth, will also perform.
As part of the concert, projections, lasers, drone shows, and illuminations will be used to light up well-known places all over the country. Monday, the bank holiday, will be the last day of the celebrations. Hundreds of events are planned by local community groups for "The Big Help Out."


Jon Knight, the head of the Together Coalition, said:
It is going to be a festival of volunteering. The aim is to create a legacy of better-connected communities long beyond the Coronation itself.- Jon Knight, the head of the Together Coalition
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