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The Conquests of Briahna Joy Gray

The Conquests of Briahna Joy Gray

Last updated: Feb 05, 2021 01:07 | Nov 08, 2020 01:07
Kaleem Kirkpatrick

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Her Life in a NutshellCurrent AffairsPodcastsNet WorthGray as the Press Secretary of Bernie SandersGray Reproves MSNBC CriticGray Voted for Jill Stein in 2016Gray’s Disagreement with Sanders’ Endorsement Of BidenBriahna Joy Gray Debate with Noam Chomsky

"We need women who are so strong they can be gentle, so educated they can be humble, so fierce they can be passionate, so passionate they can be rational, and so disciplined they can be free." - Kavita Ramdas

Undoubtedly, Briahna Joy Gray is an epitome of brilliance. Read on to get to know this fearless beauty better!

Her Life in a Nutshell

Young Briahna Gray

Briahna Joy Gray was born in the United States on August 15, 1985, is of American nationality and belongs to the black ethnicity. She has been well recognized as a journalist who directly tackles politics and is known on social media sites where she freely reveals knowledge about politics and others.

When it comes to her family history, she is undeniably expressive as she shared that her great-great-grandparents were enslaved. Both her parents were teachers, which enables her to have a decent upbringing and that she could grow up with a better education. She has been able to attend private school, get private tutors, and take violin lessons for 13 years because of this.

Briahna is still not married up to this writing, but she is dating her boyfriend based on her November 2019 tweet and is reportedly living in Washington, D.C. She can be found on Instagram with 215 followers on @joygray and Twitter with 236.9k followers on @briebriejoy (as of this writing).

Educational Background and Career Path

Briahna Joy Gray graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor in Arts degree in 2007 and a doctorate of law from Harvard Law School in 2011. She became a lawyer, a political commentator, and a political consultant. She kicked off her career as a lawyer at a boutique litigation firm located in New York City.

She became a columnist who authored several articles for some well-known magazine companies such as The Intercept, Rolling Stones, Current Affairs, The Guardian, The Week, and New York Magazine, among others. As she is much inclined with politics, she became the National Press Secretary of Bernie Sanders in his 2020 presidential campaign. She also co-hosted Hear the Bern, a podcast containing conversations with progressive celebrities, analysts, and political figures. She was seen in a number of TV shows such as The Michael Brooks Show, CBS News, Bloomberg News, and more.

Gray was definitely at the height of her career and was squarely stepping up on the field in terms of political facets. However, Gray did revert to her original position as Current Affairs' contributing editor not long after Bernie Sanders was removed from the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary, co-hosted Bad Faith with Chapo Trap House co-host Virgil Texas and has guested on The West Wing Thing. In 2020, she was honored in the '40 Under '40 publication of Fortune magazine in the field of 'Government and Politics.'

Current Affairs

Briahna Joy Gray has written numerous prominent articles on Current Affairs; her contents are mostly about progressive political messaging, as well as culture and identity. "In Defense of Litmus Tests," "The Politics of Shame," "Should we Talk to White Supremacists?", "Bernie Sanders isn't a Democrat… Thank God", "The Question of Cultural Appropriation," and "How Identity became a Weapon against the Left"—are just some of the titles of the articles that she wrote. The fusion documentary "Trumpeland: Kill all Normies" and a number of podcasts and on-line shows, including NPR, TYT, and the Real News, offer her perspectives on identity armament in the transient political realm.


Briahna Gray Podcast

Briahna Joy Gray is the co-host of the podcast entitled Something’s Wrong on the Internet or “SWOTI,” having 33 episodes as of this writing; in this platform, she has applied a leftist lens to issues relating to both politics and pop culture. She has made appearances or guesting in other podcasts like in Toure Show and The Waves: Gender, Relationship, Feminism, The West Wing Thing, and Beyond the Filter. She was also the co-host of the podcast Bad Faith with Virgil Texas, which has 17 episodes as of this writing. Another one is the Hear the Bearn, which is a podcast by Bernie Sanders and Briahna herself, which tackles mostly about the people, stories, and ideas that are driving political revolution.

Net Worth

Gray has made a great fortune primarily from her career as a successful journalist. Her net worth is estimated to be between $1 million- $5 million dollars.

Gray as the Press Secretary of Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign in 2020 had Briahna Joy Gray as his national press secretary. Because of her journalistic contents about Sanders, she quickly earned a reputation for being a top-notch political writer on topics that subjects him. She was reportedly one of the 15 new hires, with ten women in it, who are included in Sanders' presidential campaign team that was announced in mid- March. Symone Sanders used to be his press secretary in 2016, though they are not kin related.

Symone Sanders at that time was dazzled by controversies brought by Sanders' supporters when she stated to her supporters that the system did not cheat on them in July 2016, as reported in Time. She eventually left the campaign in 2016 and stated that she left brought by the cause of her own violation and was not asked to leave. Later on, Gray held her position during the campaign, along with the fact that her own political philosophy aligns closely with that of Sanders'.

She has been a supporter of Sanders, as seen in her writings; her inspirations were from the "progressive vision," which was manifested in Sanders' 2016 campaign. Sanders' supporters at that time were thrilled by the fact that Briahna Joy Gray got that position in Sanders' campaign. Mainly because Sanders has already been the subject of her articles, and taking the role as his press secretary is deemed as a perfect fit.

Gray Reproves MSNBC Critic

An MSNBC pundit posed a misogynistic utterance against the staffers of Sanders, including Briahna Joy Gray, calling them “misfit black girls.” Gray replied to this incident, saying that this misogynoir is disappointing, but not surprising from Dr. Jason Johnson and that she hopes we can all encourage each other to be better. She also said in a tweet that she hopes that we can have political disputes without engaging in open racism and sexism.

The supporters of Bernie Sanders demanded that Dr. Jason Johnson should offer an apology for calling out the aides and defenders of Sanders as “people from the island of misfit black girls” on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show. Other political and non- political groups also condemned Johnson’s utterances, “No matter which candidate you support, or oppose, there is no place for this type of belittling, dismissive attack on their staff”—tweeted by the Working Families Party, and are still hoping for an apology to Briahna and Nina Turner.

Gray Voted for Jill Stein in 2016

briahna jill stein

“I voted for Jill Stein. Feel free to hear my explanation re why on an early ep of @SWOTIpodcast”—Gray tweeted on July 22, 2017. After Sanders did not get the democratic nomination, she openly discussed her decision for voting Jill Stein in 2016. She is mostly known for being straightforward and outspoken about her beliefs; this decision during the election was definitely one of those.

Gray already announced in November 2016 that her vote would be going to the other candidate who is Jill Stein. She also noted on Twitter: “@realDonaldTrump is right. The Dems pushed the “Russia did the hacking” angle b/c it was politically advantageous to them. #debatenight”. She stated in September that she believes what Trump has said that the Democrats were giving much emphasis on the Russian hacking story because it gives vast benefits to them. Some people have posted negative responses to these statements of Gray, but many of Sanders’ supporters gave their abetment.

And although she was working for Bernie Sanders, Sanders still handed her support for Gray even after voting for Stein. She also is an avid supporter of ranked-choice voting as she retweeted and supported the statement saying, “A better way to channel this fruitless vote blaming tirades is to raise awareness about #RankedChoiceVoting and get ballot initiatives in every state so that citizens can vote their conscience w/out all the fear-mongering and shame voting.” Sanders’ supporters were more inclined to support her all the way and were regarded that her addition to Sanders’ team has brought absolute excitement from Sanders’ supporters.

Gray’s Disagreement with Sanders’ Endorsement Of Biden

Briahna has spent years creating verbal wars against political figures on behalf of Bernie Sanders. And in this year’s 2020 election, her attacking was focused on Joe Biden, even after Bernie Sanders officially endorsed him. Gray still paid respect to Sanders despite their disagreement towards Biden; however, Sanders distanced himself from this issue, stating that Gray’s actions were “not on the payroll.” As the democrats made actions for unity for the former vice president, Gray chose to differ, having some critics accusing him of helping out Donald Trump since Sanders is no longer included in the presidential race.

But she openly stated in an interview that Trump would never have her vote, and Biden can only make her support him once the said candidate makes significant policy shifts. In the very beginning, she supported Sanders because his planned projects, if elected, are ideal like Medicare for all, disregarding all the student debt and wealth tax. She believes, however, that Biden has no plans in regard to these projects, resulting to her disapproval.

Sanders’ proposed policies were not only beneficial but are widely popular and most needed among the voters. She strongly stated that politicians are supposed to represent the interests of the people who chose to elect them, not those who only care about the interests of their donors. It should not solely revolve in the purpose of beating Trump but should create bold, progressive actions that will benefit the state as a whole.

Briahna Joy Gray Debate with Noam Chomsky

Briahna Gray Joy, together with Virgil Texas, who is a co-host of Chapo Trap House, has started a new podcast called “Bad Faith.” In this platform, they have challenged Noam Chomsky into a debate tackling about why should the left have to continually support unsympathetic candidates, questioning the value of voting for democrats; this is brought by the concept “vote-blue-no-matter-who” that happens in every election.

Noam Chomsky has been very vocal in regards to politics and has consistently pointed out since 2016 that voting is not the be-all and end-all participation of politics. He is in favor of lesser-evilism in which the actual victory of the lesser evil leaves the democratic groups further left by a left-wing movement that stays mobilized in the aftermath of an election. Such social movements are those that seek to reshape the world’s view on the political environment that is facilitative to modifications.

However, Briahna and Virgil argued that in the midst of social movements, Biden has not leaned in the very left even with the fact that it will supposedly serve as a high- stake at the national election. Briahna also mentioned this during an interview that pushing Biden to the left will make him more electable and that he should be aware that a majority of independents are for Medicare for all and a wealth tax. The so-called progressive policies that Biden has, up until this point, strongly resisted. Their framework during the debate revolves around the idea the Biden and the other previous democrats do not go left enough but are still being supported by the leftists.

Chomsky pointed out that the campaign of Biden has actually made admissions to the left; however, these admissions do not go as far as they would like. Chomsky’s principles have always been inclined to the different theories of politics that promote the idea that a politician or a party can and will only acknowledge social movements that are perceived to have great strength or impact towards the masses. The sympathy of the politician to the social movement is not solely the thing that matters, although it is still relevant.

For the cycle of vote-blue-no-matter-who to be dismantled, Chomsky suggested that the left-wing movement should strategize to make their cause radiate a potent impact that will eventually lead to the democratic candidate to have far left settlements. He also compared the voting of the other party to the “destruction of organized human life on Earth, the sharp increase in the threat of nuclear war, and stacking the judiciary with young lawyers who will make it impossible to do anything for a generation.”

"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold back herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears." - Mark Anthony

Some people get intimidated by her, try to lambast her, so people don't find her appealing, yet she remains strong - an unbothered queen who stands firm on all that she believes in.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick | Kaleem weaves song and story together with experience from his 12 year career in business and sales to deliver a mesmerizing tale of wealth and anger – the ups and downs of disruption – using his expertise in music and entertainment. His background in philosophy and psychology allows him to simplify the science of why we construct trends, where they come from, and how to alter them to improve outcomes.


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