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Breakout On Google - The Hidden Easter Egg That's Still Playable

Play Breakout on Google, the classic arcade game, right from your browser. Learn how to access the hidden Easter egg and tips for mastering the game.

Elisa Mueller
Nov 13, 202311 Shares10802 Views
Breakout on Googlewas a hidden Easter egg that was added to Google Image Search in 2013 to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the game's release. To play the game, users would simply need to type "Atari Breakout" into the Google Image Search bar and click the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button. The Google search results would then turn into a playable version of the classic arcade game.
The Breakout Easter egg was created by a team of engineers at Google who were fans of the original game. They wanted to create a fun and nostalgic experience for Google users, and they thought that Breakout would be the perfect game for the job.
The Breakout Easter egg was removed from Google Image Search in May 2020. There is no official reason for the removal, but it is speculated that it may have been due to performance issues or a desire to streamline the Google search experience.
Breakout on Google is a playable version of the classic arcade game Breakout. The game is played by moving a paddle back and forth across the bottom of the screen to bounce a ball up and break blocks. The goal of the game is to clear all of the blocks from the screen without letting the ball fall off the bottom of the screen.
Google has been working to simplify and streamline the Google search experience. This includes removing features that are not used by a lot of users or that are not essential to the core search experience. Breakout on Google was a hidden Easter egg that was not used by a lot of users, so it is possible that Google removed it in order to streamline the search experience.

How To Play Breakout On Google

Playing Breakout on Google can be a fun way to enjoy a classic game right in your web browser. Here are three methods to play Breakout on Google:

Using The Google Chrome DevTools

  • Open Google Chrome and navigate to the Google search results page.
  • Right-click anywhere on the page and select "Inspect" from the context menu.
  • In the DevTools window, navigate to the "Elements" tab.
  • Find the following element in the DOM tree:
Unsupported elementNode please report to admin:
{"type":"code","children":[{"text":"<div class=\"breakout-container\"></div>"}]}
  • Right-click on the element and select "Toggle attribute" > "hidden".
  • The Breakout game should now be visible and playable.

Using A Third-party Website Or App

Search for a third-party website or app that recreates Breakout on Google. There are many different websites and apps available, so you should be able to find one that you like. Open the website or app and follow the instructions to start playing the game.
Here are a few examples of third-party websites and apps that recreate Breakout on Google:
  • Breakout on Google (HTML5)
  • Breakout on Google (Android)
  • Breakout on Google (iOS)

Using The Built-in Easter Egg

  • Open a Google Chrome web browser on your computer.
  • Go to the Google homepage or any Google search results page.
  • Type "Atari Breakout" into the Google search bar and press Enter.
  • Click on the "Images" tab in the search results.
  • Watch as the Google Image Search results transform into the Breakout game. You can use your mouse or keyboard arrow keys to control the paddle and bounce the ball to break the bricks.

Tips And Tricks For Mastering Breakout On Google

Preview of breakout on google
Preview of breakout on google
Here are some tips and tricks for mastering Breakout on Google:

Control The Paddle

  • Use the arrow keys to move the paddle left and right.
  • The faster you move the paddle, the faster the ball will bounce off of it.
  • Try to keep the paddle centered on the screen so that you can hit the ball from any angle.
  • You can also use the mouse to control the paddle. To do this, move the mouse cursor to the desired position of the paddle and click the mouse button.

Aim The Ball

  • The angle at which the ball bounces off of the paddle is determined by the position of the paddle when the ball hits it.
  • To aim the ball, position the paddle at the desired angle and release the ball.
  • You can also use the power-ups to change the direction of the ball. For example, the multi-ball power-up will split the ball into two or more balls, and the paddle expander power-up will make the paddle wider, making it easier to hit the ball.

Power Up The Ball

  • Multi-ball- Splits the ball into two or more balls.
  • Paddle expander - Makes the paddle wider.
  • Ball speedup- Makes the ball bounce faster.
  • Fireball- Gives the ball the ability to penetrate blocks.
  • Power-ups are special items that can be collected to give your ball special abilities.
  • Power-ups can be collected by breaking certain blocks.
  • Some common power-ups include:
  • To use a power-up, simply collect it and the power-up will be activated automatically.

Break Different Types Of Blocks

  • There are different types of blocks in Breakout on Google, each with its own unique properties.
  • Some blocks are easier to break than others.
  • To break a block, simply hit it with the ball.
  • Some blocks require multiple hits to break.
  • The power-ups can help you break blocks more quickly and easily.
Here are some specific tips for breaking different types of blocks:
  • Red blocks -Red blocks are the strongest blocks in the game. They require multiple hits to break.
  • Blue blocks -Blue blocks are slightly less strong than red blocks. They require two hits to break.
  • Green blocks -Green blocks are the weakest blocks in the game. They require only one hit to break.
  • Special blocks -Special blocks have unique properties. For example, some special blocks will release power-ups when they are broken, while others will teleport the ball to a different location.
By following these tips and tricks, you can master Breakout on Google and become a Breakout champion!

Alternative Ways To Play Breakout

A Breakout game level
A Breakout game level
Here are some alternative ways to play Breakout:

Online Clones Of Breakout On Google

There are many online clones of Breakout on Google, some of which are even more feature-rich than the original game. Here are a few popular options:
  • Breakout on Google Unblocked -This online clone is a faithful recreation of the original Breakout game, with updated graphics and gameplay.
  • Breakout for Google -This online clone offers a variety of new features, such as new power-ups, new block types, and new game modes.
  • Breakout on Google Clone -This online clone is a simple but fun clone of Breakout on Google.

Breakout-inspired Games For Mobile Devices And Consoles

There are also many Breakout-inspired games available for mobile devices and consoles. Here are a few popular options:
  • Arkanoid -This classic arcade game is considered to be one of the best Breakout clones ever made. It is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices and consoles.
  • Brick Breaker -This Breakout-inspired game for mobile devices features a variety of unique levels and power-ups.
  • Breakout -This Breakout-inspired game for consoles features stunning visuals and a variety of challenging levels.
These are just a few of the many alternative ways to play Breakout. With so many options to choose from, there is sure to be a Breakout game that is perfect for everyone.

The History Of Breakout

How Breakout Was Created

Breakout was created by Nolan Bushnell and Steve Wozniak in 1976. Bushnell was the founder of Atari, and Wozniak was one of Atari's first employees.
Bushnell was inspired to create Breakout after visiting a local bar and seeing a game called Pong. Pong was a simple game where two players controlled paddles and tried to hit a ball back and forth. Bushnell wanted to create a more challenging version of Pong, so he came up with the idea of adding blocks to the game that the players had to destroy.
Wozniak was responsible for implementing Bushnell's design. He was able to create a working prototype of Breakout in just four days.
Breakout was released to arcades in 1976, and it quickly became one of the most popular arcade games of all time. It was later ported to a variety of home consoles, including the Atari 2600 and the Magnavox Odyssey².

Breakout's Impact On The Gaming Industry

Breakout was one of the first arcade games to introduce the concept of power-ups. Power-ups are special items that can be collected to give the player temporary advantages. In Breakout, power-ups can be used to make the ball faster, wider, or even split into multiple balls.
Breakout also introduced the concept of multiple levels. In Breakout, each level has a different arrangement of blocks and power-ups. This makes the game more challenging and replayable.
Breakout's success inspired many other game developers to create their own Breakout-inspired games. These games, which are often referred to as "block breaker" games, have become one of the most popular genres of video games.

Breakout's Legacy Today

Breakout is still considered to be one of the most influential video games ever made. It is credited with popularizing the arcade game industry and with helping to establish the block breaker genre.
Breakout is still enjoyed by gamers of all ages today. It is available on a variety of platforms, including mobile devices, consoles, and PCs.
Breakout's legacy can still be seen in many modern video games. For example, the popular mobile game Brick Breaker is a clear homage to Breakout.
Breakout is a truly classic video game that has stood the test of time. It is a simple game, but it is also incredibly addictive and challenging. Breakout is a game that everyone should play at least once in their lifetime.

The Future Of Breakout On Google

It is unclear whether or not the Breakout Easter egg will ever return to Google Image Search. However, it is certainly possible. Google has a history of bringing back old Easter eggs, so it is not out of the realm of possibility that Breakout will return one day.
If the Breakout Easter egg does not return, there are still many other ways to play Breakout on Google. There are online clones of Breakout on Google, as well as Breakout-inspired games for mobile devices and consoles.
Here are some other classic arcade games that could be hidden in Google:
  • Asteroids
  • Space Invaders
  • Pac-Man
  • Defender
  • Galaga
  • Donkey Kong
  • Centipede
  • Missile Command
  • Tempest
  • Arkanoid
  • Pong
These are just a few examples, and there are many other classic arcade games that could be hidden in Google. It would be fun to see Google add more Easter eggs to its search engine, especially if they are classic arcade games.
It is also possible that Google could create a new Breakout game for its Stadia cloud gaming platform. This would allow users to play Breakout on Google without having to download or install anything.
Only time will tell what the future holds for Breakout on Google. However, it is clear that Breakout is a classic game that is still enjoyed by gamers of all ages. It is likely that Breakout will continue to be popular for many years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions - Breakout On Google

Are There Any Cheats Or Hacks For Breakout On Google?

While there are ways to access the game through Google Chrome DevTools (as mentioned in a previous response), Google may frown upon exploiting such methods. It's recommended to play the game as intended.

Can I Compete With Others In Breakout On Google?

Breakout on Google is typically a single-player game, and there is no built-in multiplayer mode. However, you can compete with friends or family members by taking turns and seeing who can achieve the highest score.

How Can I Pause The Game In Breakout On Google?

You can't pause the game in the traditional sense. However, you can simply close the tab or window where the game is running, and when you return, the game will start from where you left off.


Breakout on Google is more than just a hidden Easter egg; it's a delightful tribute to the classic arcade game that continues to captivate players of all ages. As we've explored how to access and enjoy this nostalgic gem, it's evident that Breakout on Google serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of simple yet engaging gameplay.
Its pixelated graphics and straightforward mechanics resonate with gamers, both young and old, invoking a sense of fond nostalgia. For gamers and enthusiasts, it's a brief escape into the past, a reminder of the timeless joy that Breakout has offered for decades. It's a welcome return to an era when gaming was about pure skill and enjoyment, without the complexities of modern titles. In the world of high-definition graphics and intricate narratives, Breakout on Google stands as a symbol of the gaming industry's roots.
So, whenever you need a quick dose of gaming nostalgia, remember that Breakout on Google is just a few keystrokes away. It's a testament to the fact that simplicity, when executed flawlessly, can stand the test of time. Enjoy the game and relish in its simplicity, for sometimes, the classics remain evergreen. Breakout on Google is not just a game; it's a connection to the past, a bridge between generations, and a timeless source of fun and entertainment.
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