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The Booming IGaming Market In New Zealand

Internet gambling continues to bring in big profits as the sector grows exponentially. In 2020, the global sector was valued at over $65 billion and is expected to be worth $128 billion by 2027.

Elisa Mueller
Mar 21, 202311 Shares863 Views
Internet gambling continues to bring in big profits as the sector grows exponentially. In 2020, the global sector was valuedat over $65 billion and is expected to be worth $128 billion by 2027. The reason for this consistent expansion is the surging popularity of online casinos in different regions. New Zealand is one nation that is contributing to the surge in iGaming revenues in the Asia-Pacific. Although Kiwis might not be the first population that comes to mind when talking about gambling, the industry is doing surprisingly well in the country. New Zealand doesn't have definitive online gambling laws, which is part of the reason the market has experienced assertive targeting by operators. Projections indicate that the sector may be worth $600 million by 2025.
As in many other places, New Zealand is embracing iGaming more with time. A growing number of offshore gambling sites are offering services to Kiwis. Some local companies are even launching their online services out of Malta to get a piece of the pie. The current legislation doesn't allow operators based in New Zealand to provide online gambling services. Gambling at offshore platforms is legal, though. Whether you are a player or entrepreneur looking to understand the iGaming sector in NZ, learning the factors driving the current market performance is important. You can grasp where the industry stands and where it's heading.

The NZ Gaming Scene

Brick-and-mortar casinos are the main gambling options in the country because they are legal. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) regulates all gambling. Lotto and TAB are the only entities that can provide online gambling legally. However, it's not hard to play in real money casinosonline. The current legislation allows international gambling websites to serve New Zealanders. Offshore casinos are not subject to local regulations, taxes or laws. Additionally, players don't have to pay taxes on winnings. The ability of gamblers to use online casinos without legal repercussions is one justification for the surging prominence of internet gambling. If you want to wager on casino games, then you only have to jump on a reputable site.

Factors Fueling iGaming Growth

Several elements are responsible for the bludgeoning internet gambling sector in New Zealand. The following is a breakdown of the main drivers of the increased adoption of online casinos as entertainment sources.

Increased Internet Penetration

Compared to 15 or even 10 years ago, internet accessibility is easier. More individuals and households can afford the internet because it has become cheaper over time. The more people can use the internet, the bigger online services get. Online casinos are some businesses that are benefiting from improved internet connections. Gamblers who prefer playing online don't have to spend too much to access their chosen websites. Additionally, offshore casinos are easy to find. So, players are not restricted to particular platforms. With rapid internet penetration, gamblers can play from home or anywhere else, a convenience that conventional casinos don't provide.

Varied Entertainment Options

Access to hundreds of casinos also means that gambling choices are almost limitless. Compared to brick-and-mortar locations, online casinos don't have space restrictions. Hence, they can stock as many products as their servers allow. Some platforms have thousands of games of different types. Pokies might be the top offerings in New Zealand, but online casinos have a host of other alternatives, including card, arcade, table, and live dealer games. Lotteries and lotto are readily available online as well. So, players with varying interests and skills can find suitable games. Partnerships between operators and multiple developers guarantee game variety. Kiwis can find games online they wouldn't get locally.

Mobile Gaming Platforms

The proliferation of smartphones in New Zealand is as high as in many other countries. Mobile devices are some of the biggest influences in the thriving iGaming industry. Smartphones and tablets enable internet use on the move. It means users can visit websites without being stuck in one place. Online casinos provide mobile gaming, allowing customers to access games on native apps and optimised websites. Mobile gambling caters to players who want quick and convenient entertainment. With a mobile casino, you can play during your lunch break, on the bus or at the beach. Coupled with premium internet packages, mobile devices make online gambling cost-effective.

What the Future Holds

The Gambling Act of 2003 governs the industry, and it prohibits the licensing of new venues. This legislation has not only impacted the growth of the offline gambling sector but the online one as well. Under the current laws, Kiwis are not likely to get local gambling websites any time soon. Shareholders in iGaming have criticised the existing legislation, saying it doesn't reflect the current situation. The gambling sector is not the same as in 2003. Technology and consumer trends keep evolving, and the laws should adjust accordingly. Expectedly, the government and other entities will review the regulations and update them accordingly.
In 2022, there were concerns about the aggressive targetingof New Zealand by gambling products. A government official likened the market to the Wild West, where anyone could set up online gambling operations. The lack of regulation means the government has little influence over offshore operators. Therefore, holding casinos accountable is hard. New Zealand is among the last grey markets in the global iGaming industry. Introducing regulation for internet gambling operators would not only bring in revenues in terms of tax but also allow marketing controls.
The dominance of the online gambling market is undeniable. As players get easier access to the internet and cheap devices, online casinos will keep gaining more users. New Zealand is one place that is seeing how popular the market can get. More and more gambling websites are marketing to Kiwis with exclusive bonuses, safe payment methods and fair games. However, NZ lacks a solid regulatory framework to control how operators carry out their businesses. Online casinos are not going anywhere, and the best the government can do is to develop legislation that makes it safe for players to gamble on the web.
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