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Bong Shopping Guide: Expert Tips For Choosing The Right Pipe

Deciding on your perfect bong match is difficult, no matter how often you do it. Tons of different styles, shapes, and sizes appear daily; regardless of experience, you might get overwhelmed by the choices.

Katya Ryder
May 27, 20231606 Shares61782 Views
Deciding on your perfect bong match is difficult, no matter how often you do it. Tons of different styles, shapes, and sizes appear daily; regardless of experience, you might get overwhelmed by the choices.
Everyone knows that a mini bong is best for portability, and glass bongs produce the best hit. But which bong can satisfy all your needs?
To help you, we have compiled the 6 best shopping tips you need. Keep reading this expert shopping guide that will aid you in choosing the right pipe for your smoking needs!

Pick the Right Pipe: 6 Top Tips

Whether you are a newcomer or just want to change your old bong, these 6 tips can help you make the right choice.

Bong Size: Why Does It Matter?

Today, you can find bongs of any size availablein almost every online headshop. When it comes to bong size, it directly depends on the person using it. Most cannabis smokers have different lifestyles and size preferences. Those who are more couch-locked prefer a larger bong, while those who travel need a mini one.
Mini bongs are also pretty lightweight, so they are perfect for those looking to remain discreet. However, these produce a harsher hit and allow less airflow.
On the other hand, larger bongs are best suited for individuals who smoke at home. A large bong also produces the best hit because there is more airflow. However, these are very difficult to pack and take on your trip.
Medium bongs are the best of both worlds, as they are the top choice for daily consumption. They can be travel-friendly and at-home exclusive. You get the benefits of a bigger bong while remaining discreet at the same time.

Bong Materials: What Should Bongs Be Made Of?

A crucial factor detrimental in choosing a bongis the material. It can influence your time spent with the bong, the taste of the hit, and the money you spend. The usual bong material is either silicone, glass, acrylic, plastic, or ceramic.
Glass bongs produce the best hit, and they are the most expensive. However, these are not very durable, making them hard to travel with. The best pro about glass bongs is their clean, full hit.
If you want a more enduring bong, choose a ceramic one. Silicone bongs can also endure a lot, but nothing beats the hit of a ceramic pipe. These bongs are reliable; no matter how often you drop them, they won’t break. Silicone bongs are the same and are also the easiest to clean.
Acrylic bongs are more or less the same as plastic bongs. An acrylic bong is a reasonable choice if you want a bong that is also cheap and unbreakable. However, these will not produce the same flavor as other bongs.

Bong Bowl Size: Which Is Best for What

A different bowl size can contribute greatly to your whole smoking session. The size of a bong bowl depends on how many participants are included. If you have friends over, you might need to insert the party bowl. These allow sharing tokes multiple times and produce a satisfying hit.
If you want a quiet night in, you can go for the small hitting bowl, as these are perfect for personal use. A large bong bowl is ideal for huge and flavorful hits. They also allow multiple hits that you can leave for later.

Regular Bong Cleaning: Why It’s Important

If you want your hits to remain flavorful and your bongs to last longer, you need to clean them regularly - it’s best to do it after every use.
Cleaning your bong can save your health and spare you from coughing fits. Bongs get dirty easily, and if not taken care of, they can harm you and ruin the bong. For example, leaving the bong water too long inside will turn black with tar.
Irregular cleaning can also leave residue and damage your bong’s material. So in all cases, ensure that when you’re shopping for your next bong, the parts are easily detachable, or there are other ways to clean it. For instance, silicone bongs are dishwasher-friendly, so you can put them in and clean them entirely.

Percolators: How It Helps the Bong

Not all bongs come with this part, as this is considered an accessory. Nonetheless, it’s best to go for a bongthat comes with a percolator or has the option of inserting one. The bong’s percolator makes the throat hit smoother and provides filtration. However, a bong with too many percolators may influence the drags and make it hard to clear the chamber.
There are 5 types of percolators: honeycombs, trees, inlines, turbines, and shower heads.
Honeycombs are the most popular pick because of their amazing filtration and the easiest to drag from. Trees offer good filtration but a minimal drag. Inlines are suitable for dab rigs, while shower heads are smoother. Finally, turbines offer a better drag than shower heads but produce mediocre filtration.

Bong Add-ons: Are They Just as Important?

Sometimes, buying a bong with a special add-on can elevate your whole smoking experience. Bong add-ons contribute to the entire taste and look of the bong. The most popular bong add-ons include the ice pinch, the ash catcher, and the splashguard.
The ice pinch can cool down your hit. Its job is to hold ice and cool the smoke. The splashguard works as a dirty water blocker, so you won’t have to worry about accidentally swallowing residue water if you have it. An ash catcher helps with filtration and keeping the ash away from your mouth.

Final Words

Remember to pay attention to the size of your bong, its material, add-ons, and the ease of cleaning all parts. Naturally, this needs to be built on your preferences and needs.
If you are a traveler, choose a smaller, more practical bong. If you are more of a homebody that enjoys a cool, smooth taste, choose the glass bong. So when your choice checks all boxes, you’ll know you have the best bong for you.
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