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Want Low Trading Fees? Choose Bitfinex Alpha


Investing in stocks and crypto is one of the new passions for many but this could be daunting for a newcomer. To avoid inconvenience, you could opt for Bitfinex Alpha which is a great platform with its own advantages and disadvantages.

We will discuss this platform in detail in the rest of the article.

Understanding Bitfinex Alpha

Because of its sophisticated order types and affordable fees, Bitfinex is a major cryptocurrency exchange that might appeal to active traders. The US does not have access to Bitfinex, though.

Additionally, the business has previously dealt with security and regulatory issues. The hazards of this exchange, its advantages, and disadvantages, and how to assess if it is a good exchange to trade on are all covered in our review.

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Overview Of Bitfinex Alpha

Bitfinex Alpha like other platforms has its own advantages and disadvantages. For instance, one of the pros of using this platform is low trading fees. This is a major advantage of using this platform.

In addition, the user also gets to trade on margin which many platforms do not allow. Similarly, paper trading is also available with Bitfinex Alpha.

Image of a green leaf on blue background
Image of a green leaf on blue background

When we talk about the cons of Bitfinex Alpha, this platform is notorious for suffering hacks from external sources. So, it is not fail-safe, and users’ data could get in the wrong hands. Owing to these factors, this platform has also faced huge fines and regulatory complications.

Target Market Of Bitfinex Alpha

One of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world is Bitfinex. The major benefits of using Bitfinex are its extensive crypto support, cheap costs, and cutting-edge trading tools.

The exchange, however, has had multiple hacks. Additionally, iFinex Inc.'s parent company's persistent regulatory issues are alarming. Ultimately, due to this exchange's troubled past, investors should proceed with caution while making deposits.

Despite not being accessible in the United States, Bitfinex is nonetheless a well-known exchange on a global scale for several reasons. Its many cutting-edge trading tools and some of the lowest exchange fees are perhaps most notable.

User - Friendly Dashboard

The sophisticated trading dashboard on Bitfinex is one of its key selling points. This web-based trading portal lets you use over a dozen different indicators and tools for technical analysis. Additionally, historical order book data is available to traders.

As for placing trades, there are over 100 trading pairs. With USD or other currencies like Euros, British Pounds, Japanese Yen, and Chinese Yuan, you can purchase well-known cryptocurrencies. Crypto switching is likewise possible.

Advanced Trading Using Bitfinex Alpha

Overall, the dashboard on Bitfinex is among the best for experienced traders. Additionally, its mobile app includes the same charting features and capabilities.

Bitfinex is somewhat frightening if you are looking for a straightforward crypto trading solution. But before placing a deposit, new traders can at least test the platform and their trading abilities with paper trading.

Traders can do advanced trading using their dashboard if they want to go beyond spot trading. For instance, if an investor has an appetite for fill or kills they can do that easily using this dashboard. Basically, it all comes down to investors’ appetite for risk-taking.

What About Trading Fees?

Out of all the cryptocurrency exchanges, Bitfinex boasts some of the lowest trading fees. This is another factor contributing to its enormous daily order volume and popularity among active traders.

Trading commissions begin at a maker fee of 0.10 percent and a taker cost of 0.20 percent. This is substantially less expensive than Coinbase and on pace with marketplaces like Binance and FTX.US.

DeFi in bright blue ring with emerging lines; bitfinex with a green leaf symbol on the other side
DeFi in bright blue ring with emerging lines; bitfinex with a green leaf symbol on the other side

The fees on Bitfinex also employ a tiered discounting structure, so the more you trade, the less you pay. However, many levels merely lower maker fees, and to receive the first taker fee cut, you must transact $10,000,000 over a 30-day period.

However, the starting prices are affordable. Additionally, if you own LEO, the native token of the platforms, in an amount equal to $1 USDT, you will receive a 15% taker fee discount on transactions between cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

The discount rises to 25% and adds a 10% discount for crypto-to-fiat trades if you have $5,000 USDT worth of LEO.

Freedom Of Margin Trading

Margin trading certainly is not worth the risk if you are new to investing in digital assets, especially given how unpredictable crypto markets can be. However, Bitfinex is for you if you wish to trade with up to 10x leverage.

To enable margin trading, you must finish the Intermediate verification process. This involves uploading more photo IDs, proof of address, and answering a financial questionnaire.

Initial equity varies depending on the trading pair. For example, trading BTC/USD requires 10 percent initial equity, whereas ETH/USD requires 20 percent currently.

As for collateral, you get 10x leverage on most assets. However, some cryptocurrencies have “collateral haircuts” due to increased risk, so you get slightly less leverage.

Overall, Bitfinex allows you to open long and short positions for margin trading. If you successfully complete Intermediate verification, Bitfinex additionally enables derivative trading. So, again, it is up to you how much risk you would like to have.

Earn Passive Income

Bitfinex's cutting-edge trading tools and affordable fees are the primary reasons to use it. But Bitfinex's staking and lending incentives also let users profit from their cryptocurrency in a passive manner.

Simply deposit the cryptocurrencies you want to stake into your Bitfinex account to begin staking. To minimize risk, Bitfinex only takes a percentage of its assets and keeps most of its staked tokens in a cold wallet.

It compensates you with a specific weekly interest payment that varies depending on the asset. You do not pay staking fees, and rewards are paid out in kind.

Another benefit, in case you want to sell cryptocurrency eventually, is that you do not have to lock it in for lengthy periods of time.

Bitfinex Pay - Your gateway to the global crypto economy

The Celsius and Bitfinex integration allows you to lend out your cryptocurrency and receive interest. Popular alternatives to BlockFi include Celsius. It supports dozens of cryptocurrencies and boasts interest rates as high as 17% for some coins.

Over - The - Counter Trading

Instead of utilizing public order books, over-the-counter (OTC) trading enables you to carry out sizable trades directly with another party. By doing this, you can buy or sell a lot of cryptocurrency at a predetermined price without affecting exchange market rates.

The minimum order amount for OTC trading with other Bitfinex users is $50 USD equivalent. Additionally, Bitfinex features a $100,000 USD equivalent OTC desk for trading.

For peer-to-peer trading, a 0.1 percent OTC charge is paid by both buyers and sellers. However, because Bitfinex's OTC desk does not impose fees, it attracts big trades.

Improvement Areas

When Bitfinex first launched in 2012, it quickly became one of the most well-liked options. But Bitfinex has consistently faced security problems throughout its existence. This includes a 2015 hack of Bitfinex’s hot wallet that lost 1,500 bitcoins.

It also includes its 2016 hack of nearly 120,000 Bitcoin, one of the largest exchange hacks in history. For reference, the current value of this quantity of bitcoins is approximately $4.7 billion.

Customers had a 36 percent "haircut" on the value of their accounts at the time because Bitfinex was compelled to share out damages. It took Bitfinex until 2017 to purchase back the BFX tokens it had distributed as an IOU to affected consumers.

Current Market Situation

While you consider investing in this platform, it is important to mention that Bitfinex Alpha is a great source of information that could help you invest in the right instruments. It keeps you updated on the current market situation.

Therefore, let’s also discuss the current situation of the market to help you take an informed decision.

Following a week of vigorous jawboning, the Fed and the markets are finally starting to sync. The Fed is worried about the economy's sustained inflation, which was emphasized by the positive jobs data on Friday.

Although authorities have not declared a recession just yet, we analyze the three crucial criteria that will influence their decision.

A girl dressed in black, sitting on a stone and pointing at a statue in the background
A girl dressed in black, sitting on a stone and pointing at a statue in the background

While consumption is increasing, income is down, employment is high, and industrial production is sluggish. Keep expecting interest rate increases. The money supply is also slowing, which is another sign of economic laziness.

The message appears to have reached the conventional markets. The yield curve inversion between the two and 10-year treasuries widened, and Fed Funds futures prices for April 2023 have traded at over 3.6 percent.

As The Merge's date becomes more certain, Ether and other alt-coin prices in the cryptocurrency markets are rising. Ethereum daily addresses reached a record high, and for the first time, ETH option volumes surpassed those of Bitcoin.

People Also Ask

Can Bitfinex Be Trusted?

On Trustpilot, Bitfinex has a rating of 3.3 out of 5 stars and receives a mixed bag of feedback from previous users. Reviews that are favorable highlight the platform and automated trading framework. Complaints about long withdrawal wait times and sluggish customer service responses.

Is Bitfinex A US Company?

The British Virgin Islands-based company iFinex Inc. owns and runs the cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex.

Is Bitfinex Better Than Coinbase?

In comparison to Bitfinex, we've seen that Coinbase provides a more safe, user-friendly, and competitive trading environment. Sure, using Coinbase to purchase and sell Bitcoin may cost you more, but there are no restrictions like there are on Bitfinex.


Bitfinex Alpha is a great platform as you have a variety of options to choose from depending on your appetite for risk.

It has always received mixed reviews in the sense that it has incurred fines from the regulatory authorities on one hand and on the other, it has made people rich.

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