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17 Best Sites To Buy Instagram Followers UK

Instagram has been burgeoning ever since it was purchased by one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and business tycoons Mark Zuckerberg. The uninterrupted popularity made businesses employ methodologies that allow them to make bucks from the platform.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Feb 24, 202318 Shares750 Views
Instagram has been burgeoning ever since it was purchased by one of the wealthiest entrepreneurs and business tycoons Mark Zuckerberg. The uninterrupted popularity made businesses employ methodologies that allow them to make bucks from the platform. Many startups are stuck with a question whether it is safe to buy Instagram followers and gain quick success? Will buying followers do more harm than good? You need to understand many brands do this; even some renowned celebs opt for this trick to get BIG brand deals! The article dives deep into explaining how to buy followers and the top best sites to buy followers.

How to buy Acitve Instagram followers UK

You can buy followers, and there are plenty of services available that allow you to buy 1000 followers for as little as £10. Since Instagram has experienced massive popularity and growth in various surveys have been performed to prove how valuable the platform can be for businesses. With over one billion people on it, 88% are outside the USA, proving it to be a diverse platform covering a wide variety of countries and locations. There are 51% female and 49% male audiences on the platform. An average user spends over 30 minutes on Instagram.
Surprisingly, over 81% use it to search for their favorite product or service, and over 130 million people click on the shopable posts every month. The best performing Instagram accounts make sure to publish at least one post per day, and 50% of users get impressed by the services or products on Instagram handle and end up landing on the business website. All these stats emphasize that when you don’t leverage the power of Instagram, you sacrifice millions of potential customers desiring what you have.

Evaluation process

We took time and analyzed top sites (claiming to provide legitimate Instagram growth services) to understand which websites are better and trustworthy. Of course, the evaluation is contingent upon the quality of followers, time of delivery, follower’s retention, privacy and security, last but not least, whether they abide by the rules and regulations of Instagram or not! Our listing contains the best sites to grow your Instagram handle; you can use these sites, not for followers but likes, views and comments also! So without further ado, let’s get started!

Since more and more people wanted a quick-fix to get most of social apps like Instagram, which triggered the launch of hundreds of online vendors determined to boost your social credibility. However, finding the honest and legitimate seller like BuyIgFollower has always been an uphill task, especially when there are limitless options in front of you. Therefore, we have streamlined the website search process so that you can only buy the most reliable Instagram services from the trusted vendors like BuyIgFollowers.

Notable features of the site

  • Safety – the platform ensures no hacker or fake people will ever reach you.
  • Real Instagram followers – active and real people will follow you, so the chance of Instagram boycotts is minimal.
  • Competitive pricing – the site offers all Instagram services at economical rates.

Social Viral

Social Viral offers exclusive real followers and likes at economical rates. There is a free trial to experience and see for yourself since they are first-hand providers and provide the best-in-class services at the cheapest rates. There are many benefits this site offers from country targeting to gender targeting and to randomizing likes to automatic detection and matching views to professional support.

Notable features of the site

  • Country + gender targeting – the feature is hard to find on other competing sites.
  • Lowest prices – the superb services are available for as little as $1.39.
  • Automatic detection – new uploads are immediately detected by their system.
  • Cancel anytime – you can cancel the services anytime for any reason, no contracts or terms.


Apart from choosing to purchase the followers based upon desired geographic region, Socialpro has all been praised for the exceptional customer service and quality of Instagram followers, likes and views! You can get your brand exposure at a staggeringly low price! It has been a leading player and provides second to none reliable services for everyone! Moreover, there are always OFFERS to roll in their sites! Upon bulk purchasing, you get massive discounts.

Notable features of the site

  • Quality assured services – adhering to the stringent rules and regulations of Instagram.
  • Quickest delivery – get all services delivered within an hour.
  • Refund policy – not satisfied; ask them for the 100% refund.
  • No password required – not ask or reveal any personal information.
  • 24-hour customer support – the dedicated staff remains available to assist with any problem with your order.


Iamsocial has been in the Instagram growth business for the past couple of years and has significantly changed the way consumers interact with brands. The site offers a range of growth services, be it Instagram likes, followers, and views, to help you build a solid social media presence. They have different packages so that the disparate needs of the users can be accommodated. Iamsocial believes that users are unlikely to interact with low interaction profiles; therefore, brands must have active followers.

Notable features of the site

  • Fastest delivery – claim to deliver all likes and followers within an hour.
  • Quality guaranteed – in case clients are not satisfied, the immediate refund is paid.
  • 24/7 support – the dedicated staff remains available to assist with any problem with your order.

The website offers cutting-edge growth services and manually engages you with the ideal followers that turn into lifelong fans. They employ Al technology to send you the real followers since followers will be actively helping you boost the engagement; therefore, they don’t deal with likes or views. The services are pretty expensive when you compare to its rivals.

Notable features of the site

  • Target similar profiles – they craft a list of audiences possessing a similar interest to your audience.
  • Grab their awareness – manually target people who fit the ideal target demographic.
  • Get you the real followers – when the managers engage with the targeted accounts, a rapid growth in Instagram followers and engagement will be seen.


Famoid offers a novel way to become famous as they have changed all evil thoughts about social media marketing and revolutionized the way users interact with brands. People can reach out to Famoid for secure and fast Instagram growth services; the support team remains available for an instant solution to the problem you are experiencing. In addition, they offer a complete refund if any disruption occurs and always prioritize customer satisfaction.

Notable features of the site

  • Pure quality – send you real and active followers, yet they do have an automated process for likes and views at discounted rates.
  • Privacy and safety – They use Paypal for the secure payment infrastructure for all orders.
  • The team gained the right expertise spanning more than five years to deliver state-of-the-art and reliable growth services.


It is a growth tool assisting you to grow your Instagram handle organically. The platform does not deal with bots or fake accounts but rather manually grows the audience and saves time by delivering the actual results quickly. However, since it deals with active followers, the services are pretty pricey. The launch package is $49 per month, and accelerate is $99 per month. Growthsilo is another best site to buy Instagram followers.

Notable features of the site

  • A trusted social media management company has been utilizing organic methods to boost following.
  • Localized traffic – helps to target the audience of choice based upon gender or location.
  • Two plans – the platform offers two programs; launch and accelerate to optimize the performance of your account. is an emerging site but has established a solid fan base with quality services. They make your account stand out with the combination of automated likes and views. The platform is best when it comes to purchasing likes; however it does deal with active followers. When you work with them, you don’t have to worry about the account being put at risk since the site protects the customers’ reputation and allows you to increase reach and engagement to multiple folds.

Notable features of the site

  • Smart targeting – get you the audience based upon the interest, location, and hashtag you want.
  • Competitive pricing – prices are competitive, putting into account the startup’s affordability in mind.
  • Replenish followers – they thoroughly monitor the account and refill the followers or likes when there is a drop in followers or engagement.


The Social Savior grows your customer base with real and active followers for all social media sites, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The site is best when you are not into location-based followers. The site says it delivers only real and active Australian followers and gives customers the retention warranty. In case followers drop, the automatic software immediately detects and provides the requested services.

Notable features of the site

  • Custom delivery speed – you can set the delivery speed for followers by sending them an email about your purchase.
  • Experience that is hard to come by – they have been in the business for more than ten years and are well aware of all the ins and outs.
  • Legit ways – they opt for legit ways to promote your account and give over one million followers without disruption.


The website works great for those who always want to be an Instagram sensation; with this platform, you can leave all your worries to the door as they go against the tide and deliver the most impressive and satisfying results. Moreover, they guarantee the purchased followers will contribute to enhancing the engagement. In addition, the website is highly credible and ensures the process of gaining followers is transparent.

Notable features of the site

  • Encrypted payment gateways – understanding the delicacy of the issues, the platform offers safe and encrypted payment gateways.
  • Years of experience – the site has been in social media marketing for many years. Therefore, it acquired the required knowledge to supercharge profiles with legitimate practices.
  • Best user experience – the site offers the best and user-friendly experience.


The website is trusted by hundreds of influencers and agencies and ensures followers from valid and real accounts, and adds credibility to your account. They gain followers organically through social media communities and groups and boost the exposure through influencers and bloggers. The prices are competitive with secure payment and 24/7 customer support.

Notable features of the site

  • Free organic likes – with every package purchased, you will get extra benefits. For instance, when you buy 1000 followers, you will be given 50+ free organic likes.
  • Decent exposure – since they deal with organic followers that help you gain more visibility, recognition, and disclosure.
  • Gradual delivery – followers, likes or views will be gradually delivered to avoid the account being banned.


The site gives you the boost required to get the page in the spotlight quickly. Social growth has been in the industry for the past couple of years, helping businesses grow their audience, increase engagement, drive traffic, and save time on Instagram. When there are billions of users, it is difficult for your voice to be heard. They attract an audience of real people to your niche and location. The site claims to create a wide set of people dedicated to harnessing the power of connectivity.

Notable features of the site

  • Straightforward process – register with us, and the professional manager will take care of the rest.
  • Increased engagement – the active followers will interact with photos or videos you share.
  • Staler strategies – the effective strategies will ensure your profile wins on Instagram.


Goread is one of the best and cheapest Instagram growth apps that make buying followers likes or views an easy and painless process. The site has set the highest standards and is sure to exceed the customer’s expectations and take pride in the exceptional results they provide to everyone. The moment you purchase followers, you can expect to see a sudden rise in followers’ count. The page runs through a high traffic network and remains featured until your purchased number of followers is reached.

Notable features of the site

  • Optimum value guaranteed – excellently crafted methods will bring the best value to your profile.
  • Instagram compliant – you will never be flagged by having fake followers as Goread delivers Instagram complaint followers.
  • Experienced team – the team of marketer experts have gained expertise in the field.


Huge online competition among creators makes it extremely hard for novices to make their expression and that’s where Instagram’s growth site comes in handy. Businesses, art creators, restaurants and many other types of accounts disparate needs are immediately catered with their automatic process. The site has gained gradual recognition and is more likely to flourish in times to come.

Notable features of the site

  • Six years of experience – VIPlikes has been in the business for the past couple of years and helped transform unknown brands into household names.
  • The best support system – they go the extra mile in satisfying the clients no matter if you need them day or night.
  • Promotional discounts – the BIG discounts or voucher codes are available for the new customers.


Considering the intense competition among bloggers, gaining the attention of the target audience has become hard. Soclikes is an emerging company providing promotional services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube for the past few years. The customer retention rate is high as this site goes the extra mile in fulfilling the demands.

Notable features of the site

  • Online pop-up chat – the friendly team gives decent advice on how you can organize the online promotion in the best way possible.
  • Appropriate delivery speed-the right delivery speed ensures your account never gets detected by the social network’s algorithm.
  • Consistent progress – when you buy real followers, your account shall gradually grow and show constant improvement.


No spam, no bots, no fake followers, just pure organic promotion utilizing cutting edge artificial intelligence methods. The website allows you to engage with the real and relevant users playing a crucial part in your organic growth. Kicksta is determined to give your brand awareness and follower growth in less time and effort. The amazing post purchasing services ensure not a single customer remains unsatisfied.

Notable features of the site

  • Ten thousand satisfied customers – kicksta is a safe platform and has helped dozens of influencers gaining millions of followers.
  • Impressive targeting – target audience by hashtag location and gender and refine audience to meet brand’s core value.
  • Actionable insight – get actionable insight with kicksta’s interactive dashboard.

How to get more followers on Instagram organically

You are not alone trying to figure out how to get more Instagram followersas more and more brands are flocking to the platform than ever before – in other words, more brands are exponentiating the competition for anyone trying to increase the follower count. Apart from counting upon the top sites to buy Instagram followers, authentic followers that make purchases, visit the landing page and engage with you is achievable by knowing how to get those real followers.

Post Consistently

Consistency is the key - the common trend among most followed accounts is their feeds are always filled with relative and new content. So committing to publish daily is a good start point for gaining organic followers.

Start a conversation and post comments

The more effort you put into the platform, the higher the number of people following you. The traction from the algorithm is unlikely to occur when you passively post.
Make a point to respond to all questions and comments from followers, as 71% of consumers follow a brand on social media to engage with them.

Craft compelling captions

There are tons of ways to make your caption compelling, from questions to humour that make users talk about you.

Promote Instagram beyond Instagram

Go outside of the platform to leverage followers elsewhere and find some result-driven ways to funnel them to Instagram.

Couple post with the community and branded hashtags

Posts with the right hashtags are likely to get more engagement than those without any hashtag. Adding more #tags ensure more visibility.

Use analytics to create top-performing posts

Instagram management tools identify the top-performing content in a matter of minutes – understanding and posting more frequently the content that your followers can’t get enough is the best way to get the most from the platform.


Instagram plays an intricate role in defining the business. Brands have been utilizing the platform to gain exposure on a broader set of an audience! However, the startups often end up scratching their heads when it comes to attaining the first 1000 followers and question whether it will be safe to buy followers or not! To put the long story short, it is! As long as the website is legitimate and uses legitimate practices, you can buy as many followers as you like!
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