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Best RTS IO Games

Check out this 10 Best RTS IO games today!

Tom Mohamed
Jul 09, 202151169 Shares1312022 Views
Do you want to play games to enhance your critical thinking ability? Are you looking for the best rts io games for fun? If your answers are yes, you have clicked on the right link. There are more than hundreds of rts io games on the internet. It may be challenging for you to select the best rts io games.
But now, you don't need to feel dubious about this. We have chosen the best 10 rts io games for you. For this selection, we have considered various aspects like performance and micromanagement. So now, be ready to witness the 10 best rts io games that can blow your mind off.

What Is RTS IO Games?

It is a kind of game in which all players are playing simultaneously and trying to build their empire or place in the game, and when they defeat other players, they become winners. These are great games to boost critical thinking ability and enhance concentration power.
If you are dedicated and passionate about gaming, rts .io games are the supreme gaming genre to explore. If you are looking forward to playing such kinds of games, the list of best rts io games provides you with an excellent gaming experience.

Which Are The Best RTS IO Games?

RTS Bit Planets

Best rts io games
Best rts io games
RTS Bit Planetsis a high-quality RTS game that is free, with no ads, no registry, or no need to install or download on mobile and desktop. You just need to click once to play. You will be on a quest to conquer the universe. You can build and attack other planets.
The game aims to conquer as many planets as you can before the end of time. For doing so, you need to send ships to other' planets. The desire to own them by sending ships Time to earn more planets drives you to victory.
Bit Planetsis a great real-time strategy game. It relies on your decision. Your one wrong decision may result in defeat. You need to send as many ships as you can to other planets to check their weak points. You have to create strategic planets to take advantage of new game routes.
Do you want to be the best? It is good for you to pay attention to the rankings. The number indicates the player's rank. The number of own planets is the last of the total planets in the game (1/160 means out of 160 planets, you owned 1 planet).
To win new planets, you must send ships to the target planet and kill units; once you do that, you own that planet. You can click on the planet to send the ship automatically within the area of the target. A ship is built and shipped as soon as possible. Now you may wonder how?
Well, you need to select the destination of the ships, and it will automatically set to that route until you own that planet. To create a ship flow, you can click on the icon "Stream", and select the source planet. Now click on the destination planet.
You should press on the platform with the arrows to clear the ship flow. You can also create Planets to expand your colony. Or if you get stuck? No worries, save some money, and create one more planet of yours.
You just need to click on the "Planet" option from the screen and put the planet in space to create a new planet. Make sure there is enough space around that planet, and if that doesn't work, try again in another location.
You will only be charged when you create the new planet. Search the notification on the bottom right for more information.

They Are Billions

More than 60 hours of gameplay. Real-time strategy game with Pause Mode and real-time survival mode. 48 missions with more than 90 available technologies. Easy to learn, easy to play, and easy to understand. Game is all about strategy, not player performance or skill.
The world is full of infected creatures. Train and contract mercenaries to protect the colony. Every unit is unique and has their own skills and personality. The game's custom engine handles up to 20,000 units in real time. It runs on Windows 7, 8, 10 (32 and 64 bits)
'They Are Billions' is a turtling PvE RTS game with zombies. The game's unique features make it more engaging than most RTS's. It's also got timed waves to beat like tower defense, and you can pause anytime you like. Every part of the loop has failure potential, and with the stakes at maximum all the time, the ebb and flow of the game is incredibly satisfying and exciting. The game engine does an incredible job of conveying the scope of the conflict and maintaining frames for maximum face eatage.
Game is a blast and I don't know of anything quite like it. Some bugs and glitches, but overall the game is great. It's very addicting and punishingly difficult to get rid of. Reviewer: "It's one of the most fun games I've ever played" Game lulls you into a false sense of security, before slamming your head into the nearest heavy, blunt object repeatedly. Game over screen pops up and you start again because this time you might actually win a game.
10/10 Hiperreal 828 products in account 9 674 people found this review helpful. They Are Billionsis a steampunk strategy game set on a post-apocalyptic planet, where human race is at extinction. The game is hard, I mean really hard. It felt like an endless grind, but the game was still at times brutally difficult. Building hit-points makes absolutely no sense.
The game is repetitive and can be pretty boring. Don't play this game if you're prone to keyboard or screen bashing. You'll regret it later on if you don't try the skill tree. It's very unforgiving. The game isn't perfect and there are many things I highly disagree with, but I think the game is pretty awesome for the most part.
There are some more in-depth reviews that can be read, so check that out. Hope my review is at least helpful to someone! The game is designed to be played by a team of up to 10 people. The game has been downloaded more than times since its release in December 2017. The campaign mode was promised to be more streamlined.
There is no save feature in this game. The "hero" missions are literally sending your unit to walk through a map, watching him/her slowly one shot each zombie. It's not fun at all. Background elements may be collectables sometimes and may not be. There appears to be no voice acting, story, or dialogue outside of an opening cutscene. Some people on the forums complain about spending half an hour looking for the last hidden element somewhere in a giant map.

Tactics Core

Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Tactics coreis an online multiplayer MOBA shooter io game based on RTS game Strike Tactics. In this game, players go to the battlefield with a powerful large unit that can balance and upgrade based on the number of years you have available. Futuristic hover tanks, bombers, and warplanes are the attraction of this game. You can start as a base unit like a javelin (cannon) or manta (air force).
You need to increase your kill to unlock sophisticated units like Harpy and Gladiator. You need more kills to unlock super units like Wide and gigantic Flying Battleship and Ion Cannon!
In this rts .io game, each team starts with a limited number of distributions. When you kill an enemy unit, the new enemy unit rises in its place, and the enemy team's supply ticker decreases. Once the distribution reaches nil, all the primary defenses explode, and the command center is weakened.
You have to work as a team to destroy the enemy command center before the enemy destroys yours! In this game, most units use WASD motion. Non-hover planes like Peregrine and Bomber will take you to the cursor point.
Some units, such as the Gladiator, have alternative guns that can be fired with a right-click, but only the primary weapon is fired with a left-click in most units. Almost all units have at least one capacity, which is a hotkey for the number keys.
If you want to win, you should try to live as long as possible to achieve balance. You have to switch to more powerful units when you reach a sufficiently high number. It's a fantastic multiplayer game that allows you to chat while playing.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Inspired by Minecraft, Fortnight, and Counter-Strikes, Voxiumis one of the best rts io game with Voxel multiplayer first-person shooter. To get an advantage to win, players must build strategically on the battlefield, craft, and shoot. If you are attacked, you can build a wall yourself for cover.
You can also collect various resources to upgrade the weapon of your choice. The combination of building and crafting gives players a highly unique and fun first-person shooter experience. This game currently offers 2 types of game modes: Bottle Royale and Capture the Gems.
This game has many blocks like dirt, sand, eco stone, bricks, cactus, and water. Blocks have different hardness. Players can use a high-level shovel to break blocks quickly. The bullets destroy the blocks in the hit. There is also the physics of the blocks in the game, and the floating blocks are automatically destroyed. is available in two building modes: Single Block and Wall. Players can place blocks individually or set up their front wall instantly in groups of up to 9. Tactically placing blocks on the battlefield to benefit you over others.
Different elements have different weights in the game, which changes the speed of the player's movement. For example, guns slow down the player, so it is good for players to grab other objects such as a shovel to increase their mobility. Players can increase speed and small walk-in tunnels.
Each map is generated systematically and is entirely random. You can use the mini-map in the upper left corner to plan your strategy for each game or hold down the tab to see the entire map.
You can press X to toggle the list. Inventory management is essential for success. Players must carefully plan to carry ammunition, blocks, guns, shovels, and consumables. The software will pick up items randomly for players. Players can drop items by pressing G or use the mouse to click on things outside the inventory view.
Players start with 100 healthy ones but can use shield drugs (up to 100) to increase their armor. Also, there are healing elements such as medicine pills and first aid kits to restore the players' health. Consumer goods can be found anywhere on the map, chests, and boxes.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Evovers.iois an awesome multiplayer survivor io game based on the concept of evolution. War! Kill! Evolution! Welcome to the enormous Deathmatch Arena!
You will start each match as a normal caveman. With each level, your character will grow and change skin and hands! It is an evolutionary process.
Remember that the older you get, the slower you will be! You can effortlessly chase small opponents, but they are faster than you, so be careful not to lose them from the first strike, because you will not have another chance!
Being big allows you to kill opponents quickly and slows you down. Small heroes are fast, and big people are bad! If you are still young, try to focus on collectible memories or quickly align yourself with your opponents using Speed ​​Boost.
If you are already an adult, try not to miss a single hit; otherwise, a small enemy will appear to you very quickly. It is one of my favorite rts io game.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Taming.iois a survival game with magical pets. In this rts .io game, you have to gather resources to build your village. And upgrade your level to unlock new handguns and weapons. You can also install wind turbines to create gold. Tame the animals and evolve into epic battles!
You must collect golden apples on the chest to customize your character and pets. Every pet has a unique ability, both advantages and weaknesses. Fire, plant, water, electricity, stunts, damage, threat, area ... To start with, choose your pet and tame something new in the game.
Build your army and fight other animals! You can control your pet with a shield, wall, hand, and skill button. You can use W, A, S, D/Z, Q, S, D, or arrow keys. You can click the Settings button (small gear) to view and change commands and performance for more modifications.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Skribbl.iois a simple drawing game just like Pictionary. In this game, you need to guess the hidden word from the pictures. Each game has a few rounds. Someone has to draw the chosen word, and other players have to guess that number to get some more points!
The person who scores the most points at the end of the game will be crowned the winner! When it's your turn to draw, you must choose a word from three options and visualize that word within 80 seconds and instead type your summary in the chat to earn points when someone else draws, faster, take a word; you'll get more points than before.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Ducklingsare a group building game. Swim around and save as many ducks as possible. You need to dodge the careless boats because they will hurt ducks. Restore more ducks and upgrade your home and get the most beautiful nest in the pond. is a mob-made rts io game. It is a cute herd building game about ducks competing with the largest flock of ducks. You have to start as a helpless lone duck and flow into a big bad world to find followers to bring back to your nest.
More ducklings you can change and bring back to your nest, more points you can earn. Although this is not easy, beware of competing duck tactics that may disturb your flock and steal followers. You need to be able to find them, push them out, avoid them, and keep your herd upright and narrow.
You need to return to your nest more than once to boost your score and make Mama Duck happy. Also, you can prevent the ducks from stealing the opponent's duck herd. Please don't feel bad about it; it's the name of the game. It's an amazing and unique rt io game.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Venge.iois an objective-based first-time shooter io game. Each match is a unique experience with the ability cards you can achieve in the game. is an online game that you can play for free in modern browsers. The game received 23292 plays, with 78% of players promoting the game. is built using Html5 technology and is available on PC and mobile web. The game can be played online on your computer, Android devices, and your iPhone and iPad.
It is a multiplayer FPS game with capture-the-flag mechanics. Choose your character, choose a weapon, and act fast. Use your sharp skills and reactions to dominate the leader board. Unlock the cards and use them strategically against your opponents.
If you want the best gaming experience, you can play the game in full-screen mode. The game can be played online in your browser; no download is required!

Junon Imposter

Best rts io games
Best rts io games
Junan Imposteris an adventurous rts io game. It is a multiplayer party game, where you play as a crew in a space center, and you need to find out who the cheater is. As a staff, you will be given a set of tasks to complete. If all of the staff did their job, they won the game.
If you are a traitor, your job is to kill everyone or bomb and destroy that place. Fraudsters can hide in pits, suppress lights, and kill anyone instantly with a killer knife.
Crew members should always be vigilant and report anybody found, which will open a meeting where everyone can discuss and vote. Enjoy an experience like now on the web. This game allows your mind to think critically and make prompt decisions.


Best rts io games
Best rts io games
MiniGiants.iois an epic battle royal game where you have to upgrade your character to win. It is a majestic world of mini warriors that can turn into powerful monsters. It is easy to play You can move the mouse cursor around to move your character.
Use the left and right mouse buttons to attack and speed boost.'s strategy is to focus on upgrading from the start and targeting low-level players. And collect shiny stones to gain experience to achieve balance. You need to be careful to collect chests where your enemies have fallen, open them, and you will win gold.


Hopefully, this article helps you to find the best rts io games. To win rts game, you should make prompt decisions, and if you have taken any bad move in the game, it may result in your defeat. So, play these games consciously.
Comment below your rts io gaming experience with us and tell us if you want to know more about such games.
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