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Best Gastronomic Places In Europe | Istanbul, Bruges & More


While Europe is known to be the perfect holiday destination for anyone who wishes for inside knowledge of ancient times, rich history and culture, and a very distinct European lifestyle, there is another huge aspect impacting everyone’s holiday plans here, and that is the beauty of cooking! There are numerous places all around the continent, just perfect if you want to experience the most delicious meals and learn about gastronomy in general. So let’s see the best of them!

Valencia, Spain

Easily reachable from the capital by the Madrid to Valencia train, the city is loved by foodies and the general public!

Gastronomy here has always been a crucial point of their culture, and there are always genius minds working to serve you the best Spanish dishes. From local restaurant owners to avant-garde chefs, Valencia is a place for you to test your taste buds and try out something either very traditional or completely unheard of!

Undoubtedly the most known dish originating from here is the famous Spanish Paella. The meal is made from rice, rich spices, steamed vegetables, seafood, or meat. While they are very proud of this signature creation, Valencians urge travelers to try out something new as well!

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Istanbul, Turkey

The biggest city in Turkey ranks high on the list of the most distinguished cuisines in the world, and with a wide menu of over a couple of thousand dishes and beverages, Istanbul is very worth the visit.

Representing all sides of religion, ethnic traditions, and new trends, Turkish cuisine is one of the leading ones as we know it, and they are always very welcoming once there are travelers itching to try out their tasty food! Here in Istanbul, you get the chance to taste all kinds of flavors, whether it may be from a food cart in the street, a family cafe, or a lavish restaurant.

They are known to do wonders with meat and vegetable dishes, but they are also excellent with seafood. Also, make sure to try out Turkish Coffee - a symbol of communication, hospitality, and sharing!


Venice, Italy

Now, trying out Italian cuisine is relatively easy and does not require much research. So you are correct when talking of traditional Italian food we know so well - pasta, pizzas, cheesy dishes, and all the others. However, if you make a trip to Venice, you will get to experience the real gastronomic passion and the country’s famous cuisine from a different perspective!

Venetians are incredibly proud of and mainly practice seafood, which is not surprising knowing the area! They still keep to their traditions, but the key is making everything fish-based. You crave pasta? Well, they can offer you one mussel, clams, or anchovies. And the list goes on and on. While Italy is not known to have a fish-based cuisine, Venice will change your mind!

Why not make it into an experiment? Go to, let’s say, Milan, try out the most common Italian mains, then catch a quick ride on the Milan to Venice train, and experience it all over again with some delicious, fresh seafood!


San Sebastian, Spain

While small in size, San Sebastian is a charming city in the northern part of the country and can be easily reachable with the help of Spain trains, but its convenient accessibility and size are not the only reasons the city is so loved!

San Sebastian wins as one of the most unique and finest culinary spots in Europe. With numerous gorgeous places to try out Spanish and all kinds of other cuisines, the city is constantly praised by food critics and 5-star restaurant chiefs. Also, did you know that there are more Michelin Restaurants here than in Paris?

Try out some world-class tapas and desserts - the rich flavors exploding on your tongue, followed by the best wine, will turn your holiday into a magical experience!


Bruges, Belgium

Bruges is one of the most delightful places to visit on your European gastronomy trip, and while we have talked about family-owned cafes and local restaurants, this one is a little different!

Mainly, Bruges is known for the best quality restaurants, Michelin chefs, and well-planned luxurious menus. From trendy cocktail bars and lavish brunch spots to grandiose romantic dinner places, the city excels in making you feel like you are the richest, the poshest foodie in the world. In the best way!

The award-winning restaurants here can also be particular, like salad places, chocolatiers, or the most exclusive ice-cream parlors. So, spending a reasonable amount of time here might be a good idea. The food is not going to eat itself, right?


Make this the tastiest Eurotrip ever! Let yourself wander around until you stumble upon a local restaurant, or if you aim for the bigger places, make sure to call in and make a reservation. Bon appetit, traveler!

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