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The Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In The Future


First, let's define terminology like cryptocurrency and altcoin so that we can better understand what we're looking at here. There are many different types of the digital currency known as "coins" or "tokens" in the cryptocurrency world. With credit cards and other ventures, a few cryptocurrencies have entered the real world, but most remain virtual.

Bitcoin isn't just the cryptocurrency where you can put your money in. There are other alternatives and we'll mention these altcoins here. This analysis could be for the long haul, so make sure you continuously research on your own.

Ethereum (ETC)

As a bonus, Ethereum is one of the most promising cryptos in terms of long-term value because of its groundbreaking technology. Numerous new initiatives are being developed on top of its platform and tokens due to its high level of esteem. Ethereum's long-term viability is bolstered by the fact that so many independent projects now rely on the platform. Who wouldn't have faith in this face when it comes to Ethereum's leadership?


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In many ways, NEO is more than a money; it has been termed "China's Ethereum." A hybrid system is being built by the company's creator, Da Hongfei, who claims he wants to combine traditional methods with modern technology. Instead of replacing the previous system, we're attempting to integrate with it. More hybrid options, not simply decentralized ones, are something we're contemplating.

NEO will have centralized identification credentials and legal compliance, allowing for the usage of 'traditional' currencies like dollars, euros, and pounds in its system.

Ripple (XRP)

My interest in Ripple's native cryptocurrency, XRP (Ripple's native currency), peaked at the same time as my interest in Bitcoin. The Ripple Labs crew has a lot of promise because of their professionalism. Working with big banks, they are developing new payment technologies that might change the financial industry. It's still unclear if XRP tokens will be extensively utilized by the large banks who cooperate with Ripple and another problem is that Ripple Labs still owns more than half of those tokens.

Crypto coins on a table
Crypto coins on a table

Santiment (SAN)

In less than a month, Santiment presented investors with one of the greatest gains of 2017, a 400 percent return on their investment.

Investigation of its fundamentals found it had a credible management team and an achievable strategy for developing data analysis tools for crypto traders. For Santiment, it was clear that they would have stiff competition in this industry. Caps were put in place to prevent future dilution from having an impact on the price. Overall, everything seemed to be OK.


You should be able to figure out how to spot a good purchase point after looking at these instances.

Getting to that point was the easy part.

However, if you don't know when to sell, you'll never succeed in trading. Despite the importance of the subject, there is surprisingly little discussion about it. As you deep dive into cryptocurrencies, you will learn more about strategies on when to sell.

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