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The Benefits Of Remote Work


Over the years, more companies have chosen to minimize the number of workers on site. Tests have shown that the quality of homework is equal to or better than the quality of on-site work. Employees who work from home tend to maintain greater effectiveness and efficiency, while saving organizations thousands of dollars. Klaxoon offers remote work with many other advantages to companies and their workers.

Increased Productivity

Although some think that employees would be less productive when working remotely, research has shown otherwise. Research shows that employees are more productive when they work remotely rather than those who are on-site every day.

This is linked to the autonomy that remote workers appreciate in their work lives, resulting in fewer on-site distractions and greater freedom to work when they feel most productive.

More Diverse Workplace

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With no geographic barriers preventing recruiters from finding the best new hires, companies are no longer limited in choosing the right candidates.

Hiring is also easier because most interviews can be conducted via video conference and confirmed by email. This streamlines the entire recruiting process, can help remote workers be the right fit for their roles, and removes barriers to a diverse workplace.

Reduced Business Costs

Remote-enabled systems minimize the expense associated with on-site operation. They no longer need to spend money on employee travel, larger offices, on-site computers, or other materials.

Experts confirm that a company saves approximately 11,000 for each employee who is on site half the time. Companies often require employees to work from home part of the time to take advantage of cost-saving opportunities without completely altering the company structure or eliminating on-site activities.

The Challenges Of Remote Work

Although remote work offers several advantages to an organization, some difficulties come from trying to optimize remote team building and monitoring productivity. Remote employees feel isolated at times, some struggle to stay motivated, and companies often struggle to address these challenges.

With remote work essentially being the new normal, organizations need to be aware of these challenges and ensure they employ strategies to mitigate them. Remote employees need to be properly managed, valued, and appreciated to remain productive.

How To Engage Your Team Remotely?

One of the biggest challenges remote-based employers face is discerning how to optimize employee engagement. Because remote workers are alone, many of them feel isolated, cut off from the workforce, and a small part of a machine that doesn't care about them. This can result in decreased productivity and a higher turnover rate. Ensuring that workers are content, productive, and engaged requires the use of several techniques, including:


Remote onboarding process managers should try to make the onboarding experience as interactive as possible so that remote employees remember who they work for and why. Team members should be taught about the company's mission, who the key players are, what expectations exist, and with whom they will work every day.

Long-term connections create a powerful and motivated workforce that translates into lower turnover rates and increased employee morale.


Communal workspace organization that can afford it should purchase shared office space for remote workers to connect and collaborate. This can provide team members with a sense of community and offer an alternative outlet if a worker wants to leave the house.

This is much less expensive than renting a larger office space for the on-site worker, but is still an excellent method of optimizing employee engagement.

Assign Personalized Responsibilities

Assigning responsibilities to each worker can help everyone feel valued and essential to achieving the overall goals of the organization.

Instead of treating remote service workers like parts of a larger machine, locate individual talent and use it accordingly. This can also help management see who needs to be promoted, who takes advantage of remote work, and who needs additional supervision.

Employee Engagement Tracking

Use survey tools or questionnaires to assess how engaged remote workers are in their jobs. Many organizations allow an employee to give the company a performance rating, provide feedback on problem areas, and do so anonymously.

This can help management track remote worker satisfaction over time, identify inefficiencies, and improve problem areas for future workers. Management needs to make sure they take the feedback from these surveys seriously so that remote workers feel valued and appreciated.

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