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The Benefits of Moissanite

Diamond has a close alternative – moissanite. According to, moissanite is a precious gemstone with qualities that almost match those of diamond.

Landon Morton
Mar 30, 202211624 Shares270325 Views
Diamond has a close alternative – moissanite. According to, moissanite is a precious gemstone with qualities that almost match those of diamond. However, it is important to note that these two gems are not the same. Although moissanite has increasingly become important for use in the jewelry industry, diamond has its place. The latter is still the most expensive gem and is loved by women.
When we talk of moissanite today, the thought of diamond comes to mind. It is not without reason that there is a debate between these two precious gems. Jewelry lovers have now found many more options for their wear. So, what is moissanite? Well, this is a precious gemstone comparable to a diamond in many ways. Henri Moissan, a French scientist discovered it to be Silicon Carbide after lab tests of meteorite samples.

Why Buy Moissanite

Just like many other gemstones, this stone has its great benefits. Here are some of the reasons why Moissanite is a great stonefor your jewelry:
  • Hard as diamond
This stone is among the many gems like a diamond that is hard enough to resist scratches. Therefore, it will serve you for a long time without losing its quality. Moissanite has a value of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, which is close to diamond with a score of 10. Therefore, it is a perfect alternative to diamonds. The stone is durable enough making it a worthy investment in the long term.
  • It is affordable
Gemstones are quite expensive. However, this stone is affordable. It costs a fraction of the price of a diamond of the same carat weight. Therefore, you will get diamond-like benefits at an affordable cost. If you are working on a budget and still want quality gems, this stone gives you options.
  • Dealers make it in the lab
Lab-grown gemstones like moissanite make a good stone for use. Conventional mining procedures are unfriendly to the environment. They are also a source of conflict in communities and therefore, they are not ethical products. However, Moissanite is lab-grown and does not have such ethical concerns.
The lab production of this stone ensures its supply, as other stones remain scarce. Therefore, this is the key reason for its low prices in the market. Most importantly, manufacturers control the production to match the intense heat and pressure needed to form diamonds in the earth’s crust.
  • Variety of Sizes and Shapes
Not many stones have different shapes and sizes. Therefore, they come with limited styles and designs. However, moissanite is available in various sizes. Therefore, buyers have options to meet their specific needs and requirements. Whatever your preferences are, this stone has the right size for you.
Most importantly, the stone is easy to cut, unlike cutting a diamond. Therefore, it is easy to work with to produce the desired shape and design for your jewelry.
  • Fire and brilliance
Moissanite shines bright and that makes it adorable and beautiful just like a diamond. With a higher refractive index than that of other stones, the stone has great fire and brilliance for elegant jewelry. Therefore, the stone is worth buying because of its shiny look and appearance.
  • Light in weight
Comfort due to lightweight is a desirable quality and moissanite just gives you that. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for those looking for quality lightweight jewelry. If you are looking to buy a stone for wearing all day long and still feel comfortable, this stone is what you need.
  • Color variety
This stone comes in various colours. They range from yellow to colorless gems. Improved lab-making procedures continue to produce a much more desirable color of moissanite that you will find in the market. Therefore, this stone will give you the look you want on your jewelry.
Moissanite is not diamond. However, you can easily confuse them if you do not understand their properties. When buying it, check the stone under magnification to notice their uniqueness.
If you are looking for affordable and quality gems for your jewelry, moissanite is probably what you need. This stone closely resembles a diamond in many ways. However, it is unique on its own based on its chemical composition and appearance. It gives you all these benefits as highlighted here, making it a great stone for purchase.
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