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Beef Is The Best Netflix Show - Fans And Critics Are Praising The Series

Netflix hasn't made a great show like this in a long time. People are saying that a new Netflix show that is "deeply uncomfortable," Beef is the best Netflix show. It just came out this week.

Paula M. Graham
Apr 10, 202353 Shares994 Views
Netflix hasn't made a great show like this in a long time. People are saying that a new Netflix show that is "deeply uncomfortable," Beef is the best Netflix show. It just came out this week.
Beef is a creative collaboration between the streaming site Netflix and the cult film production company A24. Steven Yeun and Ali Wong play two adults who are hopelessly lost but find meaning in their all-out feud. Danny (Yeun), a failing contractor, and Amy (Wong), a successful businesswoman who worked hard to get where she is, meet in a road rage incident where they are literally one gas pedal stomp away from killing each other.

Beef Is The Best Netflix Show

BEEF | Official Trailer | Netflix

After putting out its new dark comedy BEEF, which has already gotten a perfect score of 100 on Rotten Tomatoes, Netflix has gotten everyone talking. Fans are already calling it the "best show of the year," even though it just came out on Thursday. Others are rushing to catch up.
BEEF is about what happens after two strangers get into a fight on the road. It stars Steven Yeun from The Walking Dead and Ali Wong, who is a comedian. In the 10-episode show, Danny Cho (played by Yeun) and Amy Lau (played by Wong) go head-to-head as their long-running feud wrecks their lives and relationships.
The show is about two strangers who get into a fight on the road and what happens afterward. The official Netflix summary says, 'The increasing stakes of their feud unravel their lives and relationships in this darkly comedic and deeply moving series.'
The story of the 10-episode dark comedy-drama is pretty straightforward. It starts with a car accident between successful Calabasas lifestyle entrepreneur Amy (Ali Wong) and struggling building contractor Danny (Steven Yeun). The only thing the two Los Angeles residents have in common is that they are both Asian. If it weren't for that, they might never have met.
But when a road rage incident gives them a chance to get their anger out on each other, it gives them a break from their normal, stifling life. So, they get hooked on this beef, which makes this fight go on for too long and gets dangerous.
At first glance, it seems pretty funny that two people would keep hurting and insulting each other over a fight that has almost no consequences, no end result, and maybe no resolution. But that is the most profound thing about how hatred drives people. Hatred is much stronger than other feelings, and it's exciting and fun to feel it.
This is what Lee Sung Jin thinks about how people live. The director makes a story that everyone can relate to by putting two unhappy people in a seemingly normal setting. This is because no one can ever be completely happy.
The plot of Beef is morally questionable, but the two main characters give great performances. Even though there are a lot of side stories, the series moves along at a good pace. It even has Netflix's signature sound design and cinematography, which has never really let anyone down.
Beef is good to watch over and over again because Yeun and Wong's performances are so electric. They go from funny moments that the show needs to breathe to touching confessions that will make you cry to the pure ferocity that still makes you want to feel sorry for them.


People say that misery enjoys company. So, it looks like, does anger. In Netflix's new, delightfully offbeat show "Beef," two strangers' road rage turns into a feud that gets worse over time. Their anger has no limits. They always have their middle fingers up. They won't be stopped by anything.
"Beef," which is now streaming ( out of 4) and has a rating of three out of four, is beautiful and crazy. It is a completely original story that turns every day into an epic. Fans are saying that 'Beef' is the best Netflix show. Steven Yeun and Ali Wong give great performances as the feuding drivers who destroy their own lives to get revenge.
The dark comedy does a great job of showing how our world makes us feel anxious and angry. It is a study of 21st-century emotional extremes. And it tastes great to eat.
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