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Be Familiarized with the French Riviera Tourist Board

Be Familiarized with the French Riviera Tourist Board

Last updated: Feb 26, 2021 15:16 | Aug 31, 2009 20:50
Dexter Cooke

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A Regional Marketing AssignmentA Tourism Management AssignmentAn Observation and Monitoring Assignment

Full of outstanding assets, the French Riviera with almost 10.3 million tourists a year and a turnover of 4.5 billion Euros, is the leading French tourist destination after Paris. In the Alpes-Maritimes, the tourism industry represents 18% of jobs, which is almost 75,000 jobs directly related to tourism on the French Riviera.

An institutional organization and genuine project manager marketing tourism in the destination, the French Riviera Tourist Board works closely with all those involved in the region, whether they are elected officials, institutions or professionals.

Its intervention is part of a partnership system which thus encourages the creation of synergies and networking between tourism areas and channels in the region.

In association with the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council, its institutional partners (Government, Region, CCI Nice Côte d’Azur, Team Côte d’Azur, UDOTSI, OTSI) and tourism professionals, the French Riviera Tourist Board is involved in defining and implementing the Alpes-Maritimes tourism strategy.

Its core assignment for the French Riviera destination is its role in terms of regional marketing and tourism development. Through its expertise and knowledge, the French Riviera Tourist Board actively works on and supports large projects led by the department’s entities and areas in the form of partnerships.

A Regional Marketing Assignment

A genuine ambassador, the French Riviera Tourist Board mission is to establish operational links between external markets and the French Riviera, notably relying on the special intermediary which forms the network of Atout France offices throughout the world.

The French Riviera Tourist Board consolidates the promotion, communication and pre-commercialization of all the destination’s components on both the French market and major foreign tourism generating markets using a specialized marketing approach suited to the target market: “B to B” marketing, “B to C” marketing, “B to B to C” marketing and finally, “themed” marketing.

Its action is based on adapting its knowledge of the Riviera tourism offer to that of the markets to enable the implementation of operational systems: hyper-segmented e-marketing operations, traditional promotional operations, media and press initiatives, public relations.

The Riviera Côte d’Azur Convention Bureau is the French Riviera Tourist Board’s regional marketing body, dedicated entirely to business tourism and conferences. To date, it is the first regional Convention Bureau in France. A veritable facilitator, the Convention Bureau is the single point of contact for all event organizers and their interface with the professionals and institutional contacts on the French Riviera. It operates in four business tourism sectors: company events, professional trade shows, association conferences and incentives.

A Tourism Management Assignment

Closely related to the directions defined by the PACA Regional Council and the Alpes-Maritimes Departmental Council, the French Riviera Tourist Board plays an integral part in the formation of the area’s development policy in terms of tourism.

Along with its partners, it fulfils a mission of advice and support in terms of tourism management. Working on the tourism product and taking part in its qualification involves the implementation of global and channel-specific development actions and strategies by the French Riviera Tourist Board (organization of themed clubs).

This work notably relies on operations of expertise, innovation and quality procedures as well as on assistance in bringing products and structures to market.

Certification and accessibility for all also involve the support of the French Riviera Tourist Board in terms of qualifying products, professionals and areas (tourism centres, communities).

An Observation and Monitoring Assignment

Recognized by and a member of the WTO and a preferred partner of the national authorities (ONT, INSEE..), the Alpes-Maritimes Tourism Monitoring is a genuine barometer of tourism activity on the Riviera, both as a system for processing statistical information and a strategic monitoring tool.

Its mission is to create a methodological framework making it possible to measure the local tourism economy and produce performance indicators and marketing data which are vital to the operational approach for the different markets on the French Riviera.

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