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BCPS.Schoology: Grades, App & Parent Logins

BCPS.Schoology: Grades, App & Parent Logins

Baltimore County Public Schools is the school district in Baltimore County, Maryland, that oversees all public schools. As of 2013, it was the 25th biggest school system in the United States.

Thomas Dixon
Last updated: Jan 03, 2022 | Dec 13, 2021

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Baltimore County Public Schools is the school district in Baltimore County, Maryland, that oversees all public schools. As of 2013, it was the 25th biggest school system in the United States.

The Board of Education, based in Towson, is in charge of the education system. Darryl L. Williams, the superintendent, was appointed by the School Board on June 11, 2019. It now has control over 106 elementary schools, 30 middle schools, and 25 high schools.

BCPS Schoology Parent

Their slogan is, “Stay Involved in Your Student’s Education”. Therefore they have created an online portal. BCPS One is Baltimore County Public Schools’ online parent portal.Parents/guardians* are encouraged to sign up for a BCPS One account to view student grades, assignments, attendance information, report cards, and instructional content.

bcps.schoology Home

BCPS Schoology Parent Login

It has two parts. First is to create the account and second step is to add the students. These are the steps to create a BCPS One Account.

  • Head on to the bcpsone page and create account.
  • Thoroughly fill up the form and clock to create an account.
  • An email with the activation code will be sent to the given email account.
  • The person will have to enter the email address and activation code on the account activation screen.
  • You’ll have to click the “Activate Account” button.
  • Login to the activated One Account and proceed to the next step.

Here comes the second part.

  • You’ll have to login to your account and head to My Profile menu.
  • Here you can see “Add a Student” from where you can select student’s school from the drop down menu and to enter the student’s birthdate.
  • Click submit to finalize the process.

Only users who have been recognised as contacts authorised to make educational choices or who have view-only access to their student's information in the BCPS One Student Information System (SIS) will be able to access their student's information in BCPS One. To make educational choices or examine student information, the school must have an email address, first name, and last name on file and connected with each student.

BCPS Schoology Grades

Students grade report in Schoology, can be accessed through following steps.

  • Login to the BCPS One account.
  • Click on the Schoology Tab.
  • Click on the Grade Report located on the menu.
  • Here you have to click on the Download Student Report.
  • On the next windowselect the box showing “MP 1 2020-2021”
  • Click on the next button to go to next window, where you can select the courses.
  • Click submit in the end.

BCPS Schoology App

The Schoology Mobile App's primary menu gives users access to everything they need. Users may reach the main drop-down menu by clicking on the three lines in the upper lefthand corner.

Users may access messages, alerts, courses, groups, grades, and more from this location. Students that want fast access on the fly may benefit from the mobile app. Students may use the app to check messages, alerts, and course changes on the go.

Students may find the mobile app useful for submitting assignments. Students may effortlessly upload photographs from their device's camera roll to Schoology assignments if they are requested to provide a snapshot of their work.

The mobile app is especially useful for contributing media to Schoology media albums since it allows students to view and add photographs directly from their phones. Parents may use the smartphone app to easily examine and login into Schoology to view student accounts.

To gain access to their students in Schoology, parents must be connected to them in BCPS One. Using the "My Children" option on the main menu, parents can access the system.

How Do I Download The Schoology App?

If you already have a Schoology account, download the Schoology app from Google Play or the Amazon App Store. Tap the app icon to open it on your device. Log in through www.schoology.com

  • Enter your Email and Password.
  • Tap LOG IN to complete.

How Do I Access Focus Portal?

To access the Focus Student Portal:

  • Enter your @students.leeschools.net District Email Address in the USERNAME field.
  • Press TAB to open the District's Single Sign-On page.
  • Enter your District Network ID (e.g., SJ12345) & password on District Single Sign-On page.
  • Click SIGN-IN.


The organization's mission is straightforward: to prepare each kid to graduate and begin their chosen job, career training, military training, or credit-bearing college education. The organization's mission is to offer the essential services from preschool through high school to ensure that this promise is fulfilled.

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