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12 Batman Animated Movies: These Are The Movies That Define The Most Popular Superhero In History

12 Batman Animated Movies: These Are The Movies That Define The Most Popular Superhero In History

When it comes to DC animated movies, Batman is one of the most well-known and long-lasting characters. On the subject of Marvel and DC movies, there is always room for debate. Despite this, DC continues to reign supreme in the world of animated films.

Jaya Mckeown
Last updated: Oct 09, 2021 | Oct 08, 2021

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When it comes to DC animated movies, Batman is one of the most well-known and long-lasting characters. On the subject of Marvel and DC movies, there is always room for debate. Despite this, DC continues to reign supreme in the world of animated films. DC animation movies have a superior sense of timing as compared to live-action sequences. Each tale focuses on a distinct element of Gotham City and the problems it faces.

Bruce Wayne, often known as Batman, is an orphan billionaire who lives a carefree life. Despite this, he leads the gods and outstanding ones as if they aren't important at all. Batman's use of technology, as well as his determination, are both unusual. It's no surprise that Batman animated films are among the most successful of all time.

I'd go so far as to claim that Batman was the most popular character in the DC animated films throughout the early 1990s. With the forthcoming adaptation of the famous comic book Batman: Hush, DC and Warner Bros. have firmly established themselves as the dominant force in the animated superhero market. In anticipation of the film's imminent release, we've compiled a list of the best ten Batman animated films to see.

Time and again, Bruce Wayne's alter ego Batman has fought against apparently insurmountable obstacles and emerged victorious at the conclusion of each fight. His many exploits have resulted in a collection of some of the finest tales ever told in the huge comic book genre.

As a result of the work of the animation gurus at Warner Bros., many of those same famous plotlines have been transformed into animated films. In addition, there have been a significant number of films that have introduced completely new stories that pit Batman and his numerous friends against the greatest Rogues Gallery in the history of comic books. It's a difficult task to track down all of those films and see the very best of the best of the best.

These Are The Movies That Define The Most Popular Superhero In History

Batman: Death In The Family 2020

Until this day, people are still talking about Jason Todd's tragic death while portraying Robin in the Batman film series. Batman: Death in the Family is an animated film that retells the tale while also giving viewers the opportunity to alter the ending as they see fit.

While the attempt at choose-your-own-adventure type storytelling is interesting, this picture falls short of its predecessor, Batman: Under the Red Hood, in terms of quality.

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Batman Ninja 2018

When one's favorite superheroes and their Rogue's Gallery go back in time, it's always entertaining to follow them and their Rogue's Gallery. Batman Ninja takes this approach by transporting the Dark Knight, his most loyal friends, and his most deadly adversaries back to the feudal period of Japan's history.

The visual stylings of this picture are definitely eye-catching, which allows for some jaw-dropping action scenes to take place on the screen. While the narrative is presented here is compelling, Batman Ninja's general pace and flow are not as impressive.

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Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem 2015

As a Batman picture intended to amuse younger audiences, this pick does an adequate job at entertaining them. The fact that Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem is aimed at a much older audience than the other titles on this list suggests that it may not appeal to you as much as the other titles on this list.

Overall, this video is a great movie that includes an entertaining combination of some of Batman's most memorable characters as well as some extra DC legends. Most likely, you'll find some pleasure in seeing Batman put out the tremendous effort to thwart the Joker's newest heinous scheme.

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Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts 2015

The first installment of the Batman Unlimited film series ultimately proves to be a far more enjoyable viewing experience for both young and elderly fans. When The Penguin puts Batman against an army of artificial animals in Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts, he has a formidable force on his hands with which to govern.

As you see Batman, The Flash, Green Arrow, Nightwing, and Red Robin participate in some thrilling fights with the more animalistic aspect of the DC Universe, there is a fair lot of enjoyment to be had.

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Batman Unlimited: Mechs Vs. Mutants 2016

And now we've reached the conclusion (and maybe the finest conclusion) of the Batman Unlimited trilogy. When it comes to saving Gotham City from Mr. Freeze and his enormous (literally) creatures, Batman and his other heroes will have to go all out (literally) this time around.

The film's most memorable sequences occur when giant versions of Bane and Killer Croc engage in some Kaiju-inspired battles with Batman and Green Arrow's Megazord-like combat suits, which results in some of the film's most memorable sequences. The super-sized battles in Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants make it a simple show to watch.

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Batman: Soul Of The Dragon 2021

Batman: Soul of the Dragon is essentially an animated homage to great 1970s martial arts films, but it has a distinct personality of its own that allows it to stand on its own. An internationally recognized martial arts instructor goes missing, prompting one of his students to take action and track him down.

Bruce Wayne/Batman, Richard Dragon, Ben Turner, and Lady Shiva fight in a series of thrilling battles that pay tribute to the comic's numerous influences flawlessly. Although the second half of his film is not as good as the first, this video manages to be entertaining and worthwhile to see.

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Batman Vs. Two-face 2017

The wacky manner in which the characters interacted and interacted with one another helped make the 1960s Batman television series a fan favorite, and it continues to be so today. There have been a few animated Batman films that have adapted the popular themes and character interpretations from the original television program of the same name.

Two-Face: The Rise of Harvey Dent is one such film, and it offers a unique perspective on the genesis tale of Harvey Dent's villainous alter-ego, Two-Face. This is a delightful farewell film for Adam West, and it maintains the comedy and charm that made the 1960s Batman series so popular in its day.

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Batman And Harley Quinn 2017

For those who grew up watching Batman: The Animated Series, the pairing of Batman and Harley Quinn comes as quite a surprise. As a nod to that famous animated series, the visual style featured in this film should be applauded, and a special mention should be made of the excellent voice work performed by everyone involved.

Although some filthy material might have been kept out of the final edit, the more sexual themes totally change the tone of the film. Despite the unexpected team-up, Harley Quinn's outrageous antics make for a delightful ride in this entertaining flick.

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Batman: Mask Of The Phantasm 1993

This animated film is mostly about the transformation of Bruce Wayne from an orphan to the superhero Batman. It depicts his upbringing and his aspirations to become a masked vigilante in the near future. Bruce, who is unable to make sense of the tragedy, attempts to put a halt to robberies and thefts. As a result, he attempted to manage his rage but failed to have much success. This dark, gloomy, and exciting animation is considered to be one of the best anime films ever made.

In the meanwhile, he develops a strong emotional attachment to Andrea Beaumont, who is able to provide some solace. Bruce, on the other hand, is completely demolished by her. When Bruce suddenly departs from his beloved home city on a journey to discover the real meaning of his existence, he is welcomed back as a beacon of hope for his hometown.

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Batman: The Killing Joke 2016

Batman: The Killing Joke is widely considered as one of the all-time best graphic novels in the history of the genre of comic books. When the announcement of the animated film adaption was made, the level of anticipation skyrocketed.

The presentation of this film is adequate, and the ionic language from the source material is effectively delivered here; however, the addition of narrative beats and the awkward connection between Batman and Batgirl detract from the overall quality of the film. In the end, it is the second half of the picture that saves it from being a total dud.

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Batman Subzero 1998

Despite the fact that Mr. Freeze is an ex-enemy of Batman, he finds himself in a precarious situation. After a terrible tragedy, his wife finds herself in a life-or-death scenario. Mr. Freeze returns to Gotham City, devastated, only to discover that Barbara Gordan can only cure his wife and not him.

Barbara is kidnapped, and he proceeds to inform her of his plan to rescue his wife. In the meanwhile, Batman and Robbin track out Barbara's location on the run. Batman saves Barbara while promising Mr. Freeze that he would save his ailing wife. That Batman holds justice and the rule of law in such high regard is shown in this instance.

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Batman: Beyond The Return Of The Joker 2000

The Joker is the most hated of all of Batman's adversaries. He is much too familiar with Batman, and he even has some intuition about who he is.

On top of that, the Joker isn't particularly apprehensive of Batman. In fact, Batman is so fed up with the Joker that he doesn't even want to believe that he is still alive. The Joker's live news conference continues even after the Joker stops it.

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