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Axie Marketplace - A New Way To Trade Digital Assets

The Axie Marketplace is the Axie Infinity game's official market. You can easily find Axies, land, and other different in-game things there.

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Jul 18, 2022109 Shares1574 Views
The Axie Marketplaceis the Axie Infinity game's official market. You can easily find Axies, land, and other different in-game things there.
So what is the Axie Infinity Game? Let's first learn about it.

Axie Infinity Game

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based game metaverse that Sky Mavis launched in 2018.
Axie Infinity is a community where people with virtual pets called Axie get together to raise, train, and fight with these made-up creatures.
The Ethereum blockchain stores the distinctive genetic information of each Axie. Six of the hundreds of different body parts are available to each Axie.
There are countless ways to combine body parts to create one-of-a-kind miniature battlers because each portion has its own combat move!
AXS is a non-fungible token under the ERC-721 standard (NFT). Every pet is a different, one-of-a-kind digital asset.
To begin playing, you must purchase 3 or more Axie NFTs from the Axie Marketplace. Additionally, you need to set up a Ronin wallet and have an Ether wallet, such as Metamask.
Screen shot of Axie Infinity game homescreen
Screen shot of Axie Infinity game homescreen


Battle, breeding, land, and market are the four primary components of Axie Infinity.
The goal of combat, a turn-based card game where each side consists of three Axies, is to defeat the enemy.
Each Axie NFT has its own unique traits that make it good for different gaming roles.
Animals, aquatic life, plants, moons, stars, reptiles, insects, birds, and nuts are some of the different categories that each Axie will be divided into.
Axies can be bred for use in combat or for sale.
Each NFT Axie can only be bred a maximum of seven times since the Axie Infinity game may manage the Axie population to control price inflation.
Every time you breed your Axie, you will also be charged 0.002 ETH, and you will need to buy a Smooth Love Potion (SLP), an ERC-20 token.
SLP can be acquired in the metaverse or exchanged on decentralized markets (DEXs).
In the meantime, Lunacia, Axie's "homeland," is made up of 90,601 plots of land, each of which is an ERC-721 token.
The plot of land is where Axie lives, and anything bought from the Axie Marketplace can be used to improve it.
Let's move to the next step to play this game, and that is the Axie Marketplace. So let's learn about how the Axia marketplace works.
The Axie Market is a site where you can purchase or sell Axies. Even so, there are additional NFT marketplaces where you can sell or purchase Axie.

Axie Infinity Download

You may get Axie Infinity for mobile devices from the game's official download website. Axie Infinity on Mobile requires the apps Ronin Wallet and MetaMask.

How Do You Register For An Axie Marketplace Account?

Get And Install An Ethereum Wallet

To buy or sell Axie Infinity products on the Axie Marketplace, you need an Axie account.
Additionally, users need to download the Ethereum Wallet in order to store tokens.
MetaMask is one that you may use. MetaMask is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices.

Create A Ronin Wallet

The developer of the video game Axie Infinity, Sky Mavis, created Ronin as a side project. Activities and transactions involving Axie will happen there.
You need a Ronin wallet in order to utilize it. The Ronin wallet extension is also available to download.
Click "Add to Chrome" on the Ronin Wallet's Chrome Web Store page, just like you would when downloading MetaMask. Then, just follow the instructions.
The Ronin Wallet extension will show up to the right of your webpage once it has been added to Chrome. Select "Get Started".
To make a Ronin wallet, you need to complete three steps. You can select "I already have a seed phrase. Import wallets" if you already have a Ronin wallet.
If not, though, you can select "I’m new. Let’s get up!"
  • Set up a password.
  • Then, duplicate the seed phrase and store it securely.
  • Verify the seed phrase.
The Ronin Wallet add-on can then be clicked to access your wallet.
If you are concerned about the Axie marketplace fee, details are given below.

The Axie Marketplace Fee

When users give a creator code during an Axie marketplace transaction, they will get 1% of the value of the transaction.
If a creator code is not given, the Axie Community Treasury will charge the full 5.25 percent fee on transactions in the marketplace.
Now, the most important question is how to buy the items on the Axie Marketplace. The step-by-step guide is given below.
Screenshot of Axie Infinity marketplace
Screenshot of Axie Infinity marketplace

How To Use The Axie Marketplace To Buy Game Items?

You will require 3 Axies to begin playing Axie Infinity, as was already explained previously.
Through an online marketplace, you can purchase Axie from other players. Axie's price has increased, meanwhile, as a result of its rising fame.
According to data from, one Axie's base price is around 0.15 ETH (USD 285).
You also need ETH funds in your Ronin wallet in order to buy an Axie.
There are two methods for obtaining ETH. Utilize Ronin Bridge to transfer funds from an Ethereum wallet to a Ronin wallet.
Most participants use their MetaMask wallets to make deposits or withdrawals through a centralized exchange.
The second way to buy ETH on Ronin with fiat currency is to use the Ramp Network.
However, not all nations have access to the Ramp Network. Therefore, you must first determine whether your nation is on the distribution list or not.

How To Use The Axie Marketplace To Sell Video Game Items?

The following conversation will cover the process of selling Axie goods on the Axie Marketplace.
  • You must first link your Axie Infinity account to your Ronin wallet.
  • When the two are linked, you can access the "Inventory" menu option.
  • Click on the Axie that you want to sell next. Later, you will be able to choose whether to sell Axie for a set price or at an auction.
Price chart of Axie Infinity marketplace
Price chart of Axie Infinity marketplace

Selling At A Fixed Price

Axie will be directly listed on the Axie Marketplace if it has a fixed price, which is how to sell it using the fixed pricing method.
The fixed price selling strategy is significantly simpler and more effective than auction prices.

Selling At Auction

You must choose the starting price, closing price, and length of the auction.
For example, you might set the price for one day to start at 0.3 ETH and end at 0.5 ETH.
It means that sometimes your registered Axie will cost between 0.3 and 0.5 ETH a day.
If no one bids on your Axie by the time the auction ends, it will end at the final price you set.
As an alternative, you can set it at the same price throughout or start it at a significantly higher or lower price.
Additionally, you can change the length of time the auction will last. Click "Confirm" after selecting the selling type to add it to the Axie marketplace.

Axie Infinity: Marketplace & Trading! Play to Earn - Beginner's Guides!

People Also Ask

How Do You Buy Axie In The Marketplace?

  • To purchase items on the Axie Infinity Marketplace, go to the Axie Marketplace and use the various filters available.
  • Click on the Axie you want to buy if you want to buy it.
  • To purchase your Axie, click on Buy Now. To complete the transaction, you must have Ethereum in your Ronin Wallet.

Where Can I Sell My Axie?

The quickest and easiest way to exchange Axie NFTs for fiat money is through Gameflip. Your Axie NFTs will be listed in front of tens of thousands of active buyers.

Can I Buy Axie Using SLP?

Axie Infinity product designer Jeffrey Karn revealed on Twitter that players can now use Smooth Love Potions (SLP) and other tokens to purchase Axies in the game, which was a much-anticipated addition.


Use the Axie marketplace with confidence now that you know how to set up an account, sell and buy in-game products, and link your wallets.
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