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Award Hacker - Find The Best Award Flights Easily

Optimize travel rewards with Award Hacker: Free tool for efficient award flight searches and loyalty program insights.

Iram Martins
Jan 26, 2024723 Shares16077 Views
In the intricate world of travel rewards and loyalty programs, finding the most efficient way to redeem your hard-earned miles and points can be a daunting task. Award Hackeremerges as a beacon in this space, offering a free and user-friendly tool to simplify the process of searching for award flights.
Of course, there are companies that will look for and book your award flights, but they can easily charge two hundred dollars for each one-way ticket. You should learn how to book award flights on your own if you want to save money. That's where Award Hacker comes.
This article takes a deep dive into the functionalities of AwardHacker, exploring its features, benefits, and essential considerations for users.

What Is AwardHacker?

AwardHacker stands out as an invaluable resource for travelers seeking optimal ways to utilize their loyalty program rewards. It serves as a starting point for award searches, providing a comprehensive overview of the miles required for various airline programs across specific routes. Notably, it distinguishes itself by being the only completely free tool in its category.
You can use Award Hacker to find out what points and miles you can use to book a flight. It's a great place to start if you want to use your miles and points. Award Hacker can help you get where you want to go if you don't know which points and miles to use. The site is pretty simple to use, but the search results can be hard to understand. We'll show you how to use and understand Award Hacker in this post.
AwardHacker is the only free tool on this list and a great place to start your search for awards. The site lets you pick your starting point and ending point, as well as your cabin class and the number of stops you want for each route search. You can even narrow your search to only look for certain flight programs or flexible currency programs.
The search then gives you results based on the flight program you want to use. The number of miles needed, the airline program used, the number of stops, and the companies that will run the flights are all part of the results. You can even find out which flexible currencies can be used with each airline scheme.

Key Features Of AwardHacker

In the dynamic landscape of travel rewards and loyalty programs, finding the most effective way to redeem awards can be a challenging task. AwardHacker emerges as a crucial tool, providing users with the ability to streamline the process of searching for optimal award flights.
This article delves into the key features that make AwardHacker a standout in the realm of award travel, exploring how its functionalities empower users to make informed decisions and maximize the value of their loyalty program rewards.

Customizable Search Parameters

One of the standout features of AwardHacker lies in its flexibility, allowing users to tailor their award searches based on specific parameters. Whether it's determining the origin and destination, selecting a preferred cabin class, or specifying the number of stops, users have the ability to customize their search criteria. This level of customization ensures that the results align with individual preferences and travel priorities.

Comprehensive Results

Upon initiating a search on AwardHacker, users are presented with detailed results that go beyond a simple miles-to-destination metric. The information provided includes the number of miles required for the award, the specific airline program associated with that award, the number of stops involved in the journey, and a breakdown of the airlines operating the flights. This comprehensive overview empowers users with a holistic understanding of their award travel options.

Refined Search To Specific Programs

Recognizing that users often have loyalty to specific airline programs, AwardHacker allows for refined searches targeting these programs directly. Users can narrow down their search to include only the airline programs that align with their loyalty or strategic preferences. This feature is particularly valuable for individuals who have accumulated points or miles within specific programs and want to explore the most advantageous redemption options.

Flexible Currency Programs

AwardHacker takes award travel optimization to the next level by providing insights into which flexible currencies can be transferred into each airline program. This feature is instrumental for users who participate in programs that allow point transfers between different currencies. By understanding these transfer options, users can strategically leverage their flexible points to maximize the value of their awards across various airline programs.

User-Friendly Interface

Navigating the complex world of loyalty programs and award travel can be overwhelming for both seasoned travelers and beginners. AwardHacker addresses this challenge with its user-friendly interface. The intuitive design ensures that users can seamlessly explore the tool's features, input their search criteria, and interpret the results. The user-friendly interface contributes to making AwardHacker accessible to a wide range of users.

How To Use Award Hacker

It's something that a lot of people want to know how to do. You don't have to go through a lot of trouble to find deals on the website, which is great. It's easy to find what you need because the layout is simple.
What a nice surprise it is to find that the AwardHacker website is pretty empty. The AwardHacker website is clear and to the point, unlike other vacation websites like or Expedia.
There are some areas on the home page that you need to fill in in order to find the deals for that trip. Enter the following:
  • The airports where people arrive and leave
  • What kind of service you want (e.g., business class, economy, etc.)
  • Type of route: one-way or round-trip
  • Places to stop on the way
  • There are reward programs that you want to work.
You'll see a list of ways to save money after you type this information in.
As an example, if you want to see the Golden Triangle in India, you might get more done if you make one of your stops your final goal.
As we already talked about, the website's design is very clean and easy to use. That's why reading results is simple; you just need to know where to look for each piece of data.
First, let's talk about how to use AwardHacker to find free trips. After the search, you'll see a list of what came up. The arrow that points down is a white dot inside a blue circle. Click on it.
It will bring up details for that flight, airline, and route. If you click on the arrow, it will show you the flight choices and the rates for moving points between different reward programs. You'll also learn how to exchange the points for any ticket.
Keep in mind that you'll only see total ticket choices because airlines have set aside a small number of seats on each flight for reward travelers. Only the number of reward spots on that flight is shown on AwardHacker. You couldn't tell if the place was free or not.
Go to the airline's website and look in the reward area to find that information. It also tells you how much each mile is worth. To find this, go to the results page and click on "Show c/mile."
If you look for this information on the website, you will be taken to a page where you need to enter the dates of your trip. Then, it will show you the flights through Google Flights that are easy to book.
Award Hacker home
Award Hacker home

Crucial Considerations When Using AwardHacker

As travelers explore the world of loyalty programs and embark on the journey of optimizing award searches, AwardHacker emerges as a valuable companion. However, like any tool, it comes with certain considerations that users must be aware of to make the most informed decisions. This article delves into the crucial considerations when using AwardHacker, addressing aspects such as taxes and fees, the hypothetical nature of results, and other nuances that can impact the overall award travel experience.

Omitted Taxes, Fees, And Fuel Surcharges

While AwardHacker provides a comprehensive overview of the miles required for award flights, one crucial consideration is the omission of taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges in the results.
Especially when booking premium cabins, these additional charges can be substantial, potentially influencing the overall cost of the award ticket. Users are advised to independently check these fees to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the financial implications associated with their chosen award.

Hypothetical Results

A potential point of confusion for new users is the hypothetical nature of the results provided by AwardHacker. The data presented does not reflect the availability of specific award seats on desired travel dates.
Instead, AwardHacker offers information on the number of miles required for a low-level award with each airline. It is crucial for users to recognize that finding an available award seat at the low-level cost is contingent upon their own search efforts and the real-time availability on preferred travel dates.

Seat Availability

AwardHacker's results are not indicative of seat availability; they merely showcase the miles required for a low-level award with each airline. The responsibility of finding an available award seat on specific dates lies with the user.
This distinction is essential for users to grasp, as it underscores the user-driven aspect of the booking process. While AwardHacker aids in understanding the cost in miles, users must independently verify seat availability for their desired travel dates.

Potential Glitches

While AwardHacker is a valuable tool, users should be aware that occasional glitches have been reported. These glitches, although not universal, may impact the user experience.
It is advisable for users to exercise patience and employ additional cross-referencing methods, especially if they encounter any discrepancies or inconsistencies in the results. Staying informed about potential glitches ensures a smoother overall experience when using the tool.

Independent Verification Of Data

To ensure the utmost accuracy, users are encouraged to independently verify the data provided by AwardHacker. While the tool aims to offer reliable information, cross-referencing results with other trusted sources or directly with airline programs adds an extra layer of assurance. Independent verification contributes to a more robust and dependable award search process, instilling confidence in the decisions made based on AwardHacker's data.

Understanding Award Program Rules

A crucial consideration when utilizing AwardHacker is the necessity to understand the rules and nuances of individual award programs. Each airline program has its own set of rules regarding award bookings, transfer partners, and availability. Users benefit significantly from familiarizing themselves with these program-specific details, ensuring a smoother and more efficient award search process with fewer surprises or roadblocks.

Staying Informed About Program Changes

The loyalty program landscape is dynamic, with airlines regularly adjusting their award charts, partnerships, and program rules. Users of AwardHacker should stay informed about any changes to the programs they plan to utilize. This proactive approach enables travelers to adapt their strategies in response to program updates, ensuring that their award searches align with the most current information available.

Flexibility In Travel Plans

Given the dynamic nature of award availability, flexibility in travel plans is a valuable asset for users of AwardHacker. Being open to adjusting travel dates or even destinations based on award availability can significantly enhance the chances of securing desired flights at optimal redemption rates. The ability to adapt plans based on real-time availability contributes to a more successful and satisfying award travel experience.

Comparative Analysis With Alternatives

While AwardHacker is a robust tool, users may find value in conducting a comparative analysis with alternative award search tools. Different tools may have unique features, strengths, or interfaces that resonate more effectively with individual preferences. Exploring a variety of tools allows users to identify the one that aligns most closely with their specific needs and preferences.

Balancing Points And Cash Considerations

In the pursuit of optimizing award searches, users should adopt a holistic approach that considers both points and cash considerations. While AwardHacker focuses on the miles required for awards, users must also evaluate the overall financial implications, including taxes, fees, and cash alternatives. Balancing points and cash considerations ensures a comprehensive decision-making process that aligns with individual preferences and budget constraints.
Award Hacker logo and text
Award Hacker logo and text

Award Hacker - FAQs

What Is AwardHacker, And How Does It Assist In Award Searches?

AwardHacker is a free tool for finding optimal award flights, allowing users to customize searches based on routes, cabin class, and more.

What Are The Key Features Of AwardHacker?

AwardHacker offers customizable search parameters, generating comprehensive results that include miles required, airline programs, stops, and transferable flexible currencies.

Is AwardHacker Suitable For Both Experienced Award Travelers And Beginners?

Yes, AwardHacker's user-friendly interface makes it accessible to both seasoned award travelers and individuals new to the world of points and miles.

What Critical Considerations Should Users Keep In Mind When Using AwardHacker?

Users should be aware of omitted taxes, fees, and fuel surcharges in the results and understand that the results are hypothetical, not reflecting specific seat availability.

How Can Users Make The Most Of AwardHacker To Optimize Their Award Searches?

Users can optimize their award searches by understanding the tool's strengths and limitations, leveraging its customization options, and using it as a guide in their loyalty program exploration.

What Are Award Hacker Alternative Options?

  • ExpertFlyer.
  • Pointimize.
  • PointsForTips.


Award Hacker emerges as a commendable tool for travelers embarking on the journey of award redemption. Its customization options, detailed results, and user-friendly interface make it an excellent starting point for individuals navigating the intricate landscape of loyalty programs.
By being aware of its limitations and leveraging its strengths, users can harness the power of AwardHacker to optimize their award searches and embark on rewarding travel experiences.
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