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Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table With Air-powered Hockey And Table Tennis - The Ultimate Option

Discover the ultimate in family-friendly entertainment with the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table With Air-powered Hockey And Table Tennis. This versatile piece combines the excitement of air-powered hockey and table tennis with the practicality of a dining table. Bring loved ones together for fun and meals with this multifunctional gaming table.

Kaleem Kirkpatrick
Oct 04, 20235639 Shares187963 Views
The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table with Air-powered Hockey and Table Tennisis a remarkable piece of furniture that seamlessly combines dining, air-powered hockey, and table tennis in one versatile package.
Designed to offer endless hours of entertainment and versatility, this table is perfect for homes where space is at a premium and where families and friends seek quality time together.
In this detailed overview, we'll explore the key features of the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table without delving into examples or themes, focusing solely on its functionality and design.

Atomic Northport 3 In 1 Dining Table Specifications

Brand Atomic
MaterialWood, Polycarbonate
Product Dimensions87.4"L x 50.5"W x 9.25"H
SportTable Tennis
Assembly RequiredNo
Base MaterialWood
Frame MaterialWood

Quick Features

  • Air-powered hockey, table tennis, and a dining table are all combined into the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table. This versatile table is a wonderful addition to any game room.
  • The Northport has a heavy-duty, quality construction with a modern, contemporary wood grain finish. Its air-powered side has a gloss white playfield and silver inner rails.
  • Two cushioned storage benches are available for convenient, ample storage of all of your gaming supplies while providing comfortable sitting for the dining function.
  • Simply remove or flip over the dining top to transform your table into a full-size air-powered hockey table with a powerful blower motor or a fast-paced game of table tennis.


Include this modern, multipurpose table in any space of your home. The Northport has a heavy-duty, high-quality construction and a sleek, contemporary wood grain finish. There is enough for all of your gaming supplies on two padded storage benches that provide comfy seating.
To rapidly transform your table into a full-size air-powered hockey or table tennis table for hours of enjoyment, remove or flip over the dining top. When not in use, the storage benches neatly nest under the table thanks to their space-saving design, which also makes them blend in with any decor.

Space-Saving Design

The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table shines as a testament to space-saving innovation. In today's modern homes, where space can be at a premium, having a versatile piece of furniture that can effortlessly transition between functions is a game-changer. This section will delve into the remarkable space-saving design of the Atomic Northport table.
Space is a precious commodity in most households. Whether you're living in a cozy apartment or a family home with limited recreation room, efficient use of space is essential. The Atomic Northport table is engineered with this in mind. It eliminates the need for multiple dedicated gaming tables, such as standalone air hockey or ping pong tables, which can consume considerable square footage.
Atomic Northport 3-in-1 table poster showing conversion
Atomic Northport 3-in-1 table poster showing conversion
This convenience is particularly beneficial when impromptu game nights or family tournaments are on the agenda. Gone are the days of dedicating a permanent corner of your home to gaming equipment. The Atomic Northport offers a dynamic solution that adapts to your needs. It ensures that you can make the most of your living space, whether you live in a studio apartment, a suburban home, or anywhere in between.
But space-saving isn't just about the table's physical footprint; it's also about the convenience it offers in terms of storage. The Atomic Northport is designed with efficiency in mind. Some models may include storage options for accessories like air hockey pucks, pushers, table tennis paddles, and balls. This means that you can keep all your gaming essentials neatly organized and within arm's reach, minimizing clutter and enhancing the overall organization of your space.

Easy Conversion

The ease of conversion is a hallmark feature of the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table. Transitioning between dining, air hockey, and table tennis modes has been engineered to be user-friendly and time-efficient, ensuring that the fun begins without unnecessary delays. This section will delve into the convenience of converting the table to suit your entertainment needs.
Time is a precious resource, and the Atomic Northport table respects that. When the need arises to switch from dining to gaming mode, or vice versa, this table ensures that the process is smooth and hassle-free. This convenience encourages spontaneity, enabling you to indulge in impromptu game nights or enjoy a meal with minimal disruption to your plans.
The process of conversion typically involves lifting off the tabletop to reveal the gaming surface beneath. The removal of the tabletop is designed to be effortless, requiring no specialized tools or complex steps. In fact, many users find the process so straightforward that it becomes a part of the fun itself.
Storage compartment of Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table With Air-powered Hockey And Table Tennis
Storage compartment of Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table With Air-powered Hockey And Table Tennis

Durable Construction

The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table boasts a reputation for its robust and durable construction, setting it apart as a long-lasting piece of gaming furniture. In this section, we'll explore the key elements that contribute to its durability and why it's built to withstand the rigors of extended gameplay and everyday use.
Durability is a fundamental attribute when it comes to gaming tables, and the Atomic Northport doesn't disappoint. The table's construction typically revolves around high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring that it can endure years of gameplay without compromising its structural integrity.
The gaming surface, whether designed for air hockey or table tennis, is engineered to be sturdy and wear-resistant. For air hockey, this means a slick, scratch-resistant surface that can withstand the rapid movement of pucks and the impact of gameplay. For table tennis, it involves a robust table tennis top that provides a consistent bounce and minimizes wear and tear from intense rallies.
Beyond the gaming surfaces, the table's frame and support structure are constructed with stability and durability in mind. Reinforced legs and a solid frame prevent wobbling or shaking during intense gameplay, ensuring a steady and reliable gaming experience. This stability is crucial for maintaining the table's longevity, as it reduces the risk of damage due to excessive movement.

Levelers For Stability

One of the standout features of the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table is its built-in levelers, which play a crucial role in providing a stable and balanced playing surface. This section will delve into the significance of levelers and how they enhance the overall gaming experience.
Levelers are small but indispensable components of the table's design. They are typically located on the table's legs and serve the essential purpose of ensuring that the gaming surface is perfectly level. This levelness is vital for both air hockey and table tennis, as it directly impacts the fairness and quality of gameplay.
In air hockey, a level surface is essential for the puck to glide smoothly across the table. Any incline or unevenness can lead to unpredictable puck movement, affecting the precision and excitement of the game. Levelers allow you to fine-tune the table's balance, ensuring that the air hockey surface is perfectly flat.
Similarly, for table tennis, a level playing surface is crucial for fair and competitive matches. It ensures that the ball bounces consistently, enabling players to execute their shots with precision. Without levelers, a slight tilt or imbalance could result in an unfair advantage for one player, detracting from the integrity of the game.

Stylish Design

Beyond its gaming capabilities, the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table stands out for its stylish design, making it a seamless addition to your home's decor. This section will explore the aesthetic elements that elevate the table's visual appeal and why it's more than just a gaming table, it's a statement piece.
Aesthetics matter in today's homes, where furniture and decor are carefully curated to reflect personal style and enhance the ambiance of living spaces. The Atomic Northport table recognizes the importance of design in the modern home and makes a compelling case for being more than just a gaming table, it's a piece of furniture that elevates your living space.
At first glance, the table's wood grain finish exudes warmth and sophistication. The choice of wood not only adds a touch of elegance but also complements a variety of interior styles. Whether your home boasts a contemporary, traditional, or eclectic decor, the table's timeless design seamlessly integrates into your environment.
The table's clean lines and sleek silhouette contribute to its versatility. It doesn't scream "gaming table" but rather exudes an understated charm that allows it to double as a dining table or a conversation starter in your living room. Its multi-functionality is matched by its ability to effortlessly adapt to various settings and occasions.
The combination of wood and metal elements in the table's design creates an attractive contrast, adding visual interest. Metal accents, such as leg braces and corner embellishments, not only enhance the table's durability but also provide a contemporary edge to its aesthetics. This balance between classic and modern design elements is a hallmark of the Atomic Northport.
Table Tennis option of the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 table
Table Tennis option of the Atomic Northport 3-in-1 table

Family-Friendly Entertainment

The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table is not just a piece of furniture; it's a hub of family-friendly entertainment that fosters togetherness and memorable moments. In this section, we'll explore how this versatile table serves as a catalyst for quality family time and offers a range of enjoyable activities for all ages.
The table's air-powered hockey mode is a magnet for family fun. Whether you're a parent competing with your child or siblings engaging in a friendly rivalry, air hockey brings out the competitive spirit in everyone. It's a game that transcends generations and offers fast-paced excitement for all.
Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is an excellent game for skill development and coordination. It's an ideal activity for family members of varying ages to engage in. Children can improve their hand-eye coordination, while adults can enjoy spirited matches that encourage friendly competition.
Beyond gaming, the table's primary function as a dining table is a crucial element of family life. Gathering around it for meals allows for meaningful conversations and bonding. The spacious surface provides ample room for delicious family dinners or casual brunches.
In a fast-paced world, spending quality time with family is precious. The Atomic Northport table serves as a focal point for such moments. Whether you're cheering for a goal in air hockey, engaged in a thrilling table tennis rally, or simply sharing a meal, it creates lasting memories.
In an age of digital distractions, the table promotes face-to-face social interaction. It encourages laughter, communication, and bonding among family members. It's a space where screens take a back seat, and genuine connections take center stage.
The table's design considers all family members. Its adjustable height ensures that children and adults can comfortably participate in gaming and dining activities. This inclusivity means that everyone can join in the fun, regardless of age or skill level.

Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table Review

Donald Howell says on Amazon,
I have 11 grand children and ordered this for my sunroom. They delivered it when scheduled and brought it into my sunroom and waited as I opened the box to check for damages. There was none. It was packaged very well. The delivery guy was great and very respectful to me and my home.
The only assembly required was the legs on the main table and the bench seats. A friend of mine and my daughter helped me lift it up and flip it so we didn't put any weight on the legs. It has been the hit of the activities. My two grandsons, age 10 and 14 spend more time on this new addition than the X-box x series I have.
It is interesting to see their improvement in playing ping-pong and air hockey in only a weeks period. It is nice to give them an activity they enjoy to get them off their electronics. The table is very heavy and very solid and the bench seats are solid like the table and very comfortable.
Only thing I would like to see is a small locking mechanism when you put the ping pong table together to keep it from separating sometime. Also the air hockey switch is in a bad location. You almost have to crawl under the table to turn the air on or off. It should be longer and located outside the table.
You have to have an extension cord which is not provided. The cord hangs down from the middle of the table underneath. It very well could have been routed better. That is my main complaint in the design. Overall I still give it 5 stars and look forward to many uses giving my grand children other options for some physical activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Atomic Northport Table Dimensions?

The Atomic Northport table typically measures around 87.4"L x 50.5"W x 9.25"H.

How Does The Air Hockey Feature Work On The Atomic Northport Table?

The table includes a built-in fan that generates a cushion of air, allowing the puck to glide smoothly across the surface for an exciting air hockey experience.

Are The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table Included Accessories Of Good Quality?

Yes, the Atomic Northport comes with high-quality air hockey pucks, pushers, table tennis paddles, and balls, ensuring a great gaming experience.

Does The Table Require Any Special Maintenance For The Air Hockey And Table Tennis Surfaces?

Regular cleaning and maintenance, as recommended in the user manual, can help prolong the life of the gaming surfaces.

Where To Buy The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table?

The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table can typically be purchased from various retailers, both online and in physical stores. Some common places to find this versatile gaming and dining table include major online marketplaces like Amazon, dedicated furniture stores, and sporting goods retailers. It's recommended to check with local retailers or online marketplaces for current availability and pricing.


The Atomic Northport 3-in-1 Dining Table with Air-powered Hockey and Table Tennis is a versatile and space-saving entertainment solution that combines practicality with endless fun. Its premium dining table function, easy conversion between gaming modes, durable construction, and included accessories make it a standout choice for homes seeking multi-functional gaming and dining options.
Whether you're hosting a dinner party or organizing a game night, this table has you covered, ensuring that every gathering is a memorable and enjoyable one.
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