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Are your hormones causing weight gain or something else?

You may be shocked to learn that being overweight is not associated with a lack of exercise or too many calories. For most people, it is a situation of misfiring hormones. Research is working hard to grasp this paradigm shift.

Katharine Tate
Sep 08, 20219066 Shares292446 Views
You may be shocked to learn that being overweight is not associated with a lack of exercise or too many calories. For most people, it is a situation of misfiring hormones. Research is working hard to grasp this paradigm shift.
This new understanding has helped people slim down and feel better. It is something that can be true for most women who struggle to lose weight. Hormones are part of weight issues.
This includes everything from insulin imbalances to the thyroid. There are also more subtle hormones that prevent people from getting the body they want. Hormones could be causing you weight gain in many ways.

Too Much Added Sugar 

Some people call leptin the "satiety hormone". It is commonly released in a person's fat cells. It moves in the blood to a person's brain and lets them know they are full. Leptin's mission can be impeded by consuming a form of sugar known as fructose. This is found in processed food as well as fruit.
Consuming small amounts of fructose is not a problem. Should someone eat over the five recommended servings of fruit daily, then add processed foods containing sugar, their liver won't be able to process the fructose fast enough to turn it into fuel. When this happens, your body will begin converting it into fats. It will then be in your bloodstream as triglycerides. They will be deposited into your liver and other places in your belly.
As your body turns fructose into fat, the levels of leptin in your body will increase. With too much of a hormone in your system, the body begins to ignore the message from leptin. This is when your body will begin to ignore the signal that you are full. People will then continue to eat and keep gaining weight.

Decreased Testosterone Levels

A person must deal with many different toxins daily. This includes everything from genetically modified foods, pesticides, herbicides to half a dozen types of synthetic hormones in meat.
Toxins can be found in the fire-retardant materials in furniture, face creams, linings of tuna fish cans, processed foods, cosmetics, the air, and more. Many toxins will act like estrogen when in a person's body.
Research suggests increased exposure to toxins is the reason girls are entering puberty too earlyand many boys have female characteristics. These toxins have been connected to increased risk of estrogen-driven diseases such as endometriosis, ovarian and breast cancers, and more. This is fake estrogen and it can overwhelm a body's testosterone.
Testosterone is connected to weight loss, also it helps with muscle growth and supports a healthy metabolism. The combination of insufficient testosterone and insulin insensitivity work together and cause people to gain weight.

You’re Way Too Stressed

Your body's stress hormone is cortisol. This can cause problems for women who are attempting to lose weight. An increase in cortisol encourages the changing of blood sugar into fat. It is then used for long-term storage.
The hoarding of body fat was necessary for survival with our ancient ancestors. They had to deal with stressful famines. It is not the case today. With a reduction of stress in your life, this fat-storing hormone can be controlled. It's important to remember that having coffee daily increases levels of cortisol. This will result in your body hoarding fat when trying to lose weight.

Excessive Estrogen Levels

Estrogen is important for women, but it is a hormone that can be a problem for losing weight. When your estrogen is at normal levels, it can help keep you lean by increasing insulin. This is a hormone that manages your blood sugar. Should the estrogen level in your body become abnormal, it could make you gain a significant amount of weight.
When you consume anything, your blood sugar will rise. Insulin lowers it by taking glucose to three places in your body. Should your insulin be working correctly, it will send small levels of glucose to your liver. Large amounts will be sent to your muscles for fuel. This can result in little or no fat storage.
When people are healthy, their pancreas will make the right amount of insulin. This will result in a person's blood sugar gradually increasing and decreasing within a narrow range. Should estrogen levels increase, the cells that make insulin will become strained. You may become insulin resistant.
This is when less glucose will be sent to your muscles and liver. It will increase the amount of sugar in your bloodstream. Your body will then store the glucose as fat causing your fat tissue to expand to accommodate for glucose storage.
Meat is one of the main reasons estrogen levels can increase. Farm animals that are raised conventionally have excess toxins, steroids, and antibiotics in their feed. It is how they are raised. When people eat them, those substances go into their system. It can act like estrogen increasing a body's estrogen and be overloaded.
You must deal with your hormone imbalances. You now know why your metabolism is not functioning properly. This is why many diets don't address the main causes of weight gain.
Hormones are what dictate how your body handles food. Consult with a physician about getting a proper hormone balance. This will cause you to easily lose weight without making any extra effort.
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