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The Arctic Wind Air Hockey Table Ultimate Review


The enduring game of air hockey remains as popular as ever, with a plethora of gaming tables currently available on the market. There is fierce competition between established and new manufacturers of air hockey tables. Let's take a look at the Arctic Wind air hockey table, a timeless classic from a reputable brand.

The Dynamo Company

William Rickett founded the Dynamo company in 1973 in Dallas, Texas. It is a manufacturer of gaming and sporting goods. It began with foosball tables and quickly expanded to coin-operated pool and air hockey tables, for which it has been a reputable manufacturer for more than six decades. As a market leader, it has grown quite a bit. Dynamo merged with multiple reputable brands in 2012, bringing them all under one roof. This resulted in the establishment of the industry-leading brand known as Valley-Dynamo L.P.

Valley-Dynamo is a well-known company and the world's largest manufacturer of gaming tables. It not only manufactures arcade games such as billiards, air hockey, foosball, and shuffleboard, but also gaming accessories, having expanded its product line to include products for both the home and coin-op markets.

It is currently regarded as having some of the most robust and well-built tables in the global amusement game manufacturing industry. Valley-Dynamo gaming tables are frequently used in tournaments at the local, state, and national levels.

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Valley-Dynamo Arctic Wind 7 Foot Air Hockey Table Review

Air hockey table with durable construction and a flat, undistorted surface
Air hockey table with durable construction and a flat, undistorted surface

The Arctic Wind table is functional, as it is manufactured by a company known for its expertise in the amusement industry. It is simple and uncomplicated, yet extremely durable and high-quality. It lacks the glitzy features found on many other upgraded models on the market, such as lighting, sound effects, and digital scoring. However, it performs all of the functions associated with a classic air hockey game smoothly and efficiently.

This no-frills table features durable construction and a flat, undistorted surface that ensures uninterrupted gameplay. Unlike cheaper varieties, the table rails are not made of plastic. Rather than that, its aluminum rails are durable and effective at deflecting pucks accurately and effortlessly.

The Arctic Wind's cabinets are also heavy-duty, preventing pucks from becoming clogged in the goals and ensuring rapid puck return. The goal covers are made of plastic and may dent over time from repeated contact with the mallets. They can, however, be easily replaced due to their low cost.

Additionally, this product includes an abacus score counting unit that is operated manually. Both teams can keep track of their scores by simply sliding the beads on the abacus. Additionally, it includes a silent electric blower, which is a critical component of the table because it aids in ensuring smooth gameplay and preventing blockage. It allows the puck to move swiftly across the table surface by blowing air through the clean pinholes evenly across it.

The table is quite substantial yet stable thanks to rigid polypropylene legs that minimize movement during play due to their square shape. These solid leg supports come with the table separately and require self-attachment. Additionally, the table includes two pucks and two mallets. All of these features work in tandem to keep the game flowing and provide a seamless gaming experience.

In general, it is extremely well-organized and established. Apart from the blower, it contains no electrical components, which significantly reduces the likelihood of failure. You can rely on this model to provide years of enjoyable gaming. The cost of this table also appears to be reasonable in comparison to the quality and durability it provides.


To summarize, this table possesses all of the necessary characteristics for a peaceful and enjoyable game. It is specifically designed and envisioned for use in homes and performs admirably in that capacity. It is plain and unadorned, but of exceptional quality and is certain to last. It comes from a well-known and trusted brand, which adds to the product's reliability.

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