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Apple To Contest Brazil Sales Ban Of Iphone Without Charger


Apple to contest Brazil sales ban of iPhone without charger and denied accusations that it sells consumers a defective product on Tuesday, September 6.

Apple was fined 12.275 million reais ($2.38 million) by the Justice Ministry, and the corporation was also told to stop selling the iPhone 12 and any subsequent models, as well as any iPhone models that don't have a charger.

The ministry said that the absence of a vital component in the iPhone constituted a "deliberate discriminatory practice against consumers" in the decision, which was published on Tuesday in the nation's official gazette.

According to the authorities, there is no proof that selling the smartphone without a charger improves environmental protection, and they dismissed Apple's claim that the action was taken to reduce carbon emissions.

Apple declared that it will appeal the ruling and that it would keep collaborating with the Senacon consumer protection organization in Brazil to "resolve their issues."

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/apple-to-contest-brazil-sales-ban-of-iphone-without-charger/ by Tyrese Griffin on 2022-09-08T04:02:18.271Z

The company claimed that its consumers are aware of the numerous alternatives for charging and connecting their gadgets because it has already won multiple court decisions in Brazil on the subject.

We have already won several court rulings in Brazil on this matter and we are confident that our customers are aware of the various options for charging and connecting their devices.

The court order was made the day before Apple is anticipated to reveal its newest iPhone model.

Brazil Bans Selling Iphone Without Chargers

On Tuesday, Brazil said that it would no longer allow the sale of iPhones that don't come with a charging cable. Two years ago, Apple made the choice to discontinue including charging cables and earbuds in the retail boxes for the iPhone in order to keep the boxes smaller and have a lower environmental impact.

According to the order issued by the Brazilian Ministry of Justice and Public Security, the business will also pay a $2.34 million (BR$ 12.275 million) punishment. The order placed the onus of obtaining a charger on the consumer, claiming that the environmental justifications given were insufficient.

It suggested that the business take additional measures, such as moving away from the lightning port for charging the iPhone in favor of USB-C.


The nation's telecom regulator stated earlier this year that it is thinking about making USB-C the standard port for all devices.

The business has previously received notices of fines from Brazilian authorities. Over the past few years, Apple has received financial penalties from a number of regional watchdogs.

According to the tech giant, eliminating chargers from retail boxes has allowed the corporation to reduce carbon emissions by the same amount as removing 500,000 cars from the road.

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