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Angie Bautista - Ex-wife Of Dave Bautista

Angie Bautista is well-known in the public eye due to the fact that her ex-husband, Dave Bautista, is a well-known wrestler for WWE. She was born in the country that is now known as the United States of America. Oliver is the name of the child she has.

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Angie Bautistais well-known in the public eye due to the fact that her ex-husband, Dave Bautista, is a well-known wrestler for WWE. She was born in the country that is now known as the United States of America. Oliver is the name of the child she has.
Angie is a prominent figure in the United States fitness community in addition to her fame as the ex-wife of the actor Dave Bautista. Angie was David Bautista's second wife. In addition to being a bodybuilder and actor, David Bautista is also a mixed martial artist and a professional wrestler.

Quick Facts

NameAngie Bautista
HusbandDavid Bautista


In the United States of America, Angie Bautista was initially known as Angie Lewis. Aside from this, there is very limited to no information available about her family and her early life.
Angie has never sought the limelight for herself, despite the fact that she was once married to one of the most famous wrestlers in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment.
At the beginning of the 2000s, Angie began to experience body weakness and to notice fresh bruises on her body. She attributed it to changes in her regimen of physical activity and dietary intake. But the symptoms didn't go away, and in fact, they got so much worse that she had to check herself into a hospital.
Angie was given a diagnosis of ovarian cancer after a battery of tests. One of the tests found a tumor in Angie's right ovary, which led to the diagnosis. Therefore, she started the treatment and was given the medications known as "Carboplatin" and "Taxol."
Dave Bautista was there for Angie every step of the way as she fought her battle with cancer, and he provided unwavering support and encouragement. Even more so, he took advantage of the situation to organize a charity event for women afflicted with ovarian cancer.
Angie also collaborated with the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA) to use her popularity to raise money for the organization.
Because Angie was able to beat cancer and heal herself completely, she has continued to use her platform to spread awareness about ovarian cancer and raise money for those who are battling the disease.
When explaining her cancer experience, Angie stated that while people may believe that cancer patients have a certain appearance, cancer can affect even those who are physically fit.
According to reports, Dave Bautista also traveled around the United States of America, even going so far as to prepare a video for Ovarian Cancer Research.
The video was later made public by 'Monday Mayhem Wrestling' in conjunction with 'The South of France Spa Naturals' in August 2010. Dave Bautista dedicated the video to Angie, who was touched by the thoughtful gesture.
Oliver Bautista is the only child of Dave Bautista and Angie Bautista's marriage. Surprisingly, the child was born in 2007, following the couple's divorce.
The baby arrived while Angie was in remission from her cancer treatment, so she had to give birth via IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization).
Angie described Oliver as a miracle child who inspired her to be optimistic throughout her battle with ovarian cancer.


On the thirteenth day of October in 1998, Dave Bautista and Angie Bautista tied the knot (although some references quoted 16th of November 1998). Dave Bautista had just turned 29 years old at the time, and his professional wrestling career was just getting off the ground.
Angie with her ex-husband Batista
Angie with her ex-husband Batista
In the beginning, Dave used the name "Batista" when referring to the ring. In later years, Dave was successful enough in professional wrestling to win the "World Heavyweight Championship" four times, the "World Tag Team Championship" three times, and the "WWE Championship" twice.
Dave Bautista is a very accomplished wrestler who has won a wide variety of championships, including "WrestleMania XXX," "WrestleMania 21," and the "2005 Royal Rumble."
As a mark of respect for his ex-wife Angie Bautista, Bautista had some letters tattooed on the upper left side of his biceps. Kanji, which is a form of the Chinese logographic character hanzi, was used to write the letters. The letter was addressed to "Angel."
After a total of eight years of marriage, the couple filed for divorce in 2006. It was rumored that Dave Bautista's relationship with a WWF Diva was the cause of his and his wife's decision to end their marriage and divorce.
On October 16, 2007, Bautista made the first edition of his autobiography available to the public. He gave it the name "Batista Unleashed" as the title. After Angie finished reading the book, Dave and she picked up where they left off in their relationship. Dave claims that the former couple rekindled their friendship and are now closer than they have been in many years.
Dave also admitted that Angie has learned more about him as a result of her reading the book, and that he has learned more about Angie as a result of her reading the book. He went on to say that Angie gained a new perspective after reading the book and saw things from a different angle. Therefore, Dave arrived at the conclusion that reading the book was beneficial.
In the years leading up to Dave Bautista's marriage to Angie, he was previously wed to Glenda, with whom he shared parental responsibilities for their two daughters, Athena (born in 1992) and Keilani (Born in 1990). Later, in 2015, Dave tied the knot with Sarah Jade, who was a professional pole dancer; however, four years later, in 2019, the couple divorced.

Net Worth

Angie has kept a private life away from the spotlight since her divorce from Dave Bautista. She is not on social media, and she does not attend events or give media interviews. She is now employed as a fitness trainer.
Her net worth cannot be confirmed as of the moment, however the actor, professional mixed martial artist, and professional wrestler Dave Bautista who happens to be her ex-husband has a net worth of $16 million.
Although Bautista went on to have a significant amount of success as an actor later in his career, he got his start as a professional fighter. Both in the film industry and in the world of professional fighting, he has amassed a significant following thanks to his career.

People Also Ask

Who Is Angie Bautista?

Angie Bautista is well-known in the public eye as the ex-wife of Dave Bautista.

Where Is Angie Bautista From?

Angie is a well-known figure in the health and fitness community in the United States.

Who Is Angie Bautista's Child?

Oliver is the name of the child she has.

Final Words

At one point in her life, Angie battled and defeated cancer. Angie and Dave were married for a total of eight years, during which time they welcomed a child into the world. Due to the fact that Angie is a private person, she has avoided the public eye ever since she and Dave went their separate ways.
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