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Powerful Angelic Reiki Symbols And Meanings 2022


What are Angelic Reiki symbols and meanings? The first thing to note is that both Reiki systems share the same symbols, but while traditional Usui Reiki requires that the symbols be learned and drawn during a session, Angelic Reiki assumes that the symbols have already been anchored during the attunement process and are ready to go when the healing Angel is summoned.

Angelic Reiki is a type of energy therapy that shares symbols with other Reiki systems but differs in that it attunes the healer and the recipient to their Soul energy by employing the Divine frequency that is sent through the Reiki symbols.

This is made possible through the employment of the angelic vibration, which is a part of the Godhead. So, how do Angelic Reiki symbols and meanings work?

Energy Healing Reiki Symbols

The symbols used in Reiki or Angelic Reiki are among its most significant and fascinating components. By enabling people to channel Reiki energy for a particular goal, these symbols enable people to advance their Reiki practice.

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In contrast to how symbols typically only have an impact on the subconscious, Reiki symbols really cause the mind and body to become aware of a change in how the Reiki energy is functioning.

Cho Ku Rei - The Sign Of Power

Cho ku rei is the symbol to use if you want to boost or decrease power. It can be recognized by a coil-shaped drawing that can be drawn either clockwise or counterclockwise.

The coil symbolizes chi, or the movement of energy throughout the body. Imagine the power symbol as a "switch" when visualizing it so that when it is activated, the Reiki practitioner has an increased capacity to enlighten, illuminate, and channel energy in their body.

Sei He Ki - Symbol For Harmony

Turn to sei he ki, the harmony sign, when you require purification and mental and emotional balance. The depiction of the symbol for sei he ki resembles either a wave cresting and about to fall over a beach or a bird's wing.

The overall meaning of sei he ki is "God and man become one." In addition to being a harmony symbol for Reiki, it can also help to balance the right and left parts of the brain. It is also frequently looked of as a protective symbol.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen - Long Distance Reiki Healing Symbol

Compared to some of the other Reiki symbols, the idea of hon sha ze sho nen is a little bit trickier to understand. It is utilized to transmit Reiki energy through time and space and means "having no present, past, or future."

Hon sha ze sho nen can also assist Reiki practitioners in sending Reiki into the future, in advance of situations that might bring unpleasant news, such tests, doctor's appointments, or challenging conversations with loved ones.

People Also Ask

Are Reiki Symbols Necessary In Angelic Reiki?

No, although they are not required, they may help to increase the effectiveness of your Reiki healing.

How Do You Activate Angelic Reiki Symbols?

Reiki practitioners can envision the angelic Reiki symbols, speak their names aloud, or even draw them to activate them. You can make it happen as long as you're utilizing purpose during the activation procedure.

What Is The Raku Symbol In Angelic Reiki?

It is the symbol that unites the strength of the harmony, power, and distance symbols to heal the healers.


The foundation of Angelic Reiki symbols and meanings is sacred geometry, a way of organizing the fundamental building blocks of all matter. This method of initiating healing causes both the healer and the recipient to open up to a flood of Soul energy, which increases their consciousness.

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