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All-inclusive Cruise might cost you more

You might think that all-inclusive is what it says on the tin – on board your cruise liner you won’t have to pay for a thing. You're soooo wrong!

Jaya Mckeown
Jan 25, 2021526 Shares525959 Views
Beware of the dangerous terms 'all-inclusive.' You might believe that what it says on the tin is all-inclusive-you won't have to pay for anything on board your cruise ship. Incorrect. During a cruise vacation, there are several hidden expenses that could equate to hundreds or thousands of pounds of additional spending. How inclusive is 'all-inclusive,' then?' With our five things you may not know you have to pay for on a cruise vacation, we're giving you the heads up.
While your fares, lodging and meals will usually be included in your ticket price, unless you're sailing with an incredibly high-market vessel, it's doubtful that anything else will be paid for.

Drinks That Cost The World

With the exception of maybe a complimentary glass of champagne when you board, and the occasional glass of wine with your meal, prepare to fork out during your trip on any drink you want. You can't just buy your own on the shore either, as the cabin crew gently takes it out of your fingertips and doesn't give it back until the end of the journey. About why? How else are they going to get you into bars and restaurants to spend big bucks?
It's popular to sell drinks coupons or soda passes for a fixed price for liners, but other than that, expect even water to pay through the nose!


If you are not fortunate enough to board a cruise ship that includes all the gratuities in the price of the ticket, you will have to pay about a tenner in tips every day per person. In order to supplement their measly pay package, 15 percent of the price of your drinks will go to workers who depend on gratuities. Some businesses can apply tips to your final bill automatically, which you can then check and change if you want to. Cruise critics think you should leave this as the workers work hard and if you have really offered surprising service, you should just reduce the amount of gratuities.

Shore Excursions

You will have to pay for the organised excursions unless you are ready to go it alone and discover a new country armed only with a travel guide. It can even break a hundred pounds mark these days out, and if you don't have deep pockets, you're in trouble. There's no way to spend your holiday twiddling your thumbs on the deck, so go prepared. This fee will be included in your ticket price for the best cruise holidays.

Alternative Dining

The main food hall should be accessible, but you will have to grab your wallet if you're looking for anything more exciting to fill your belly. Many ships have higher-quality alternative restaurants and provide more attentive service. These places come at a premium, sadly, so it's best to reserve this treat for a special day.

Spa Treatment

If you want to enjoy one of the many benefits of cruise cruising, then paying out hundreds of pounds would mean opting for the full spa treatment. What's worse is that they're going to try to foist their goods on you. They come at an extortionate price tag, while these may be amazing, so tread carefully.
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