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Alexus Whilby: Bio, personal life and career

Alexus Whilby bio, personal life, and career

Last updated: Jul 15, 2021 14:58 | Jul 05, 2021 09:20
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Alexus Whilby early and personal lifeAlexus Whilby married lifeAlexus Whilby filed a divorceWho is Kyle Chrisley?Career and professional life of Alexus WhilbyAlexus Whilby net worth 6 Facts about Alexus Whilby

Alexus Whilby, ladies and gentlemen, you must know who she is, right? Even if you don't, there's no need to worry because this post contains a detailed biography of this lovely lady.

She is the complete package, from her misty looks that could instantly freeze your heart to the sheer beauty she reflects. Naturally, a lot of people want to be a part of her life now. After all, according to rumors, she possesses a magical touch that allegedly brightens the lives of her loved ones.

Alexus Whilby rose to prominence following her marriage to former reality TV star Kyle Chrisley. Kyle, her husband, is the son of American business magnate Todd Chrisley. Alexus is also a businesswoman who co-owns and directs Home Designs & Business Development. Despite marrying into a celebrity, she has managed to stay under the radar, with little known about her family life, personal interests, or even hobbies.

Alexus Whilby early and personal life

Alexus Whilby is an African-American who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1991. 

Speaking of which, Alexus is the daughter of the late Isaac Samuel Whilby and Judy Malcolm. Her father Isaac was born and raised in St. Ann, Jamaica. Later on, he moved to the United States in 1971, where he married Alexus’s mother.

Gregory Whilby and Patrick Whilby are her two elder brothers. Their parents raised them all in Florida. While little is known about her oldest brother, Gregory, her second brother is a dentist in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. Patrik Whilby is his given name. He attended the University of Delaware and majored in biology. In 2015, he received his DDS from the Howard University School of Dental Surgery.

She spent her childhood growing up with a sister named Amber Pyratt. On August 26, 2017, it was announced that her father had passed away.

Alexus received a university education, attending Middle Georgia College and graduating from Oglethorpe University in 2014 with a Bachelor's degree in Biopsychology.

The dark-skinned, curly-haired beauty is someone you could stare at all day and never tire of. She can compete with models, but she refuses to endanger anyone's career. 

Many men would sacrifice their entire estate to spend a life with her, a married life, simply because she is beautiful. She exemplifies pure beauty.

Her marriage and specifics regarding how Alexus met her spouse, Kyle Chrisley, are few. They have kept their connection a secret. They married in 2014 and have not had any children since.

Kyle Chrisley, Alexus' spouse, is well-known for his appearance on the USA Network reality show "Chrisley Knows Best." It is a reality television show filmed in Roswell and Alpharetta, Georgia, near Atlanta. Kyle was not a regular after the show's premiere on March 11, 2014.

Alexus Whilby with Kyle Chrisley

Alexus Whilby married life

Kyle Chrisley is the man Alexus Whilby refers to as her spouse. Kyle Chrisley from "Chrisley Knows Best" is back. You now understand what makes her famous. Chrisley is a name with a lot of clouts. Todd Chrisley's family members can now enjoy the fame he has created.

The show concentrates on everything the Chrisley family does, and when we say everything, we mean everything. If a Chrisley family member sneezes excessively, it is shown on television for all to see. That scenario, however, is merely an example of individuals. Don't look it up any further.

Anyway, let's return to Alexus, who is married to Kyle Chrisley. The couple tied the knot in 2014.

After dating for a while and remaining in a relationship as husband and wife, the pair decided to marry and settle down for life. The pair exchanged vows and were pronounced husband and wife at their wedding, which was attended by close relatives and friends. The pair began living together in harmony and, later, made another significant decision as a couple.

Because their current home was not meeting their expectations, the couple considered purchasing a new one. As a result, Alexus and her husband Kyle chose to purchase a 3,000-square-foot property in Georgia. While the location, interiors, features, and designs have not been published, the property is said to be exceptionally vast and provides the pair complete independence.

Everything is going well for Alexus and Kyle, although it hasn't been long since that happened. Kyle, you see, had a medical condition. That is not some medical ailment we are discussing. Kyle was in a tough situation.

Things didn't change quickly after being married, but they did gradually improve. Kyle has been clean and sober for almost a decade, thanks to Alexus's love and support.

Kyle is currently working, according to various sources, as he does not appear on the family show. However, one problem persists. Kyle is at odds with his father, who has sole custody of his daughter Chloe.

Kyle argues that Todd did not care for Chloe until she helped the show gain more viewers and that Todd is merely putting on a show by pretending that Chloe is a member of the family.

Alexus, Chloe's stepmother, obtained a restraining order prohibiting Todd from forcibly placing Chloe on television. Todd claims that the order was not in favor of Alexus.

Alexus Whilby filed a divorce

Alexus Whilby filed a complaint against Kyle after he allegedly threatened to kill her. Kyle was arrested in late 2019 on drug accusations by Oklahoma Police. Soon after capturing him, authorities discovered he was wanted in another state for allegedly threatening his wife with death.

Alexus contacted authorities in January 2019 after he sent her a series of terrifying text messages. He wrote to her, "Not before I end you." I'm going to the streets I will get my s**t and take care of this problem with you because if I'm not with you nobody will be. B bye, Alexus.”

As their conversation progressed, Lexi questioned him whether he was making death threats to her, to which he replied, "Yes: Lexi it was. Goodbye.”

Since the incident, Alexus and Kyle have gone their separate ways. Nonetheless, there has been no word of a divorce between the two.

Kyle, on the other hand, is having a happy life with his new girlfriend, Ashleigh Nelson, after divorcing Alexus. His new partner is a mother of two children, a boy, and a girl.

Who is Kyle Chrisley?

While you may already be aware that Kyle Chrisley is the son of Todd Chrisley, a well-known television personality whose family enjoys the high life. 

Kyle Chrisley was born in the United States on August 29, 1991, to parents Todd Chrisley and Teresa Terry.

 Kyle Chrisley is the only one who stands out from the crowd. He is bipolar, a word used to characterize persons who desire to self-medicate.

Kyle Chrisley began self-medicating at an early age and became interested in drugs, which eventually led to misuse and all that comes with it.

Todd Chrisley, his father, is a workaholic entrepreneur and self-made millionaire who was born on April 6, 1969, in Georgia, United States. He has been married to Julie for about 20 years, and they have five children and one grandchild. He is renowned as the family patriarch, and he has appeared on several series, including the smash reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Savannah Chrisley, Chrisley Lindsie, Chrisley Chase, and Chrisley Grayson are Kyle's four sisters.

Kyle Chrisley, her spouse, has been in the news in multiple incidents involving his father, ex-wife, and even had run-ins with the law over drug-related issues. 

Kyle was severely involved with illegal substances when he first met Alexus. For him, it was a downward spiral that resulted in estrangement from his family members. 

Because of his addiction, he even assaulted his ex-girlfriend Angela and threatened his sister with a knife. Kyle had a daughter with his ex-girlfriend while still consuming drugs. Angela was also involved in narcotics, and they both faced legal proceedings, with their daughter, Chloe, being placed in the custody of Todd Chrisley.

Kyle filed a lawsuit in 2013 asking for monthly visits, but the verdict was never made public. Kyle gradually conquered his drug issue and came clean with the support of Alexus. 

Things appeared to be getting better until Kyle attempted suicide in 2019. He eventually collapsed and was brought to the hospital. Throughout the ordeal, the Chrisley family stood by each other and supported their kid. 

Todd Chrisley said in a statement, "NOT TODAY, SATAN, NOT TODAY... Kyle is great, and we are back on the grid.”

Kyle Chrisley and Alexus Whilby Album

Career and professional life of Alexus Whilby

Alexus Whilby began working as an account manager for ALTA Language Services as soon as she graduated from university in 2014. 

She is now the manager, joint owner, and director of Home Design & Business Development at Whilby's Company, LLC, as well as the manager, joint owner, and director of Home Design & Business Development.

Alexus and her husband Kyle founded the band Lexi & Kyle Chrisley on a more passionately creative level. In 2014, the pair recorded and released their first single “Shame on You.” The single received a lot of negative feedback. The song was so bad that they both stopped their musical careers, yet their fans were not upset. They truly encouraged and wished them luck in the future.

Alexus Whilby net worth 

Alexus Whilby's net worth has not been made public. She lives secretly and avoids drawing attention to herself by public shows of wealth, and it is unclear how much she earns from her business ventures. Her position as co-owner and director of Whilby’s LL allows her to earn a good living. Her assets are estimated to be worth up to a million dollars.

Her husband is rumored to be rich at $500 thousand, and they possess a 3000 square foot property in Georgia valued at more than a hundred thousand dollars. 

Todd Chrisley, her father-in-law, is a well-known American businessman who has amassed a multi-million dollar fortune. His net worth is estimated to be over $45 million. Her mother-in-law is also thought to be worth around $3 million. 

6 Facts about Alexus Whilby

  • Alexus' ancestors are from the Caribbean island of Jamaica, hence she is of Jamaican-American descent. 
  • Gregory Whilby and Patrick Whilby are her two elder brothers. Their parents raised them all in Florida.
  • Whilby is currently 29 years old.
  • To complete the image, black hair and eyes of the same color are necessary. 
  • She is of average height and appears to be slightly shorter than her husband.
  • Her weight is almost exactly proportional to her height.
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