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Alexandra Hunt - A Former Stripper Who Wants To Make A Difference In The Community


When your previous work was questionable, you will have doubts about facing others on the version of you, and you will still feel discriminated against by the eyes of many people.

But what we are going to discuss right now is a woman who used to be a stripper and who is now becoming well-known not only with the individuals who experience her business but also in the general public.

Introducing Alexandra Hunt, a woman who does not flinch from the challenge of helping other people by running for office in the United States Congress.

Who Is Alexandra Now? Just Forget About Her Past At The Moment

Alexandra Hunt's Congressional Campaign Launch Video

COPYRIGHT_WI: Published on https://washingtonindependent.com/alexandra-hunt/ by Adaline Fritz on 2022-10-06T08:14:48.764Z

Alexandra Hunt is way more than you will expect. She is an organizer, and advocate for social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, as well as a researcher in the field of public health. She also coaches young girls in the sport of soccer.

She is the sister of her identical twin brother and the daughter of two teachers. A learning disability affected Alexandra's twin brother when he was growing up.

Alexandra was motivated to become an advocate and to confront barriers on the basis of race, gender, class, and ability after witnessing the key barriers that her brother was forced to overcome.

The Reason Why She Is Confident Running In Congress

Alexandra is familiar with the experience of needing help but has the system failed to recognize or address her needs because she overcame sexual assault and supported herself through college by performing as a stripper.

According to alexandrahunt page (maybe her own page of a fan page), she is familiar with the experience of being thrown into the background as the system fails to take notice of her suffering and refuses to acknowledge it:

Too many people in Philadelphia and across the country are made to feel as though they are needed to feel shame or remain silent about the struggles they face, even when they show incredible strength in overcoming those struggles.

Lack of crisis response and resources from the government. The priorities of Congress really center corporations, which doesn’t favor getting resources into the hands and pockets of everyday people and their family. I come into the political space as a reluctant participant but I know that in order to change [the system] we have to get involved to push it in other directions.- Alexandra Hunt

This is the case even when the individuals concerned have shown incredible strength in overcoming those struggles.

Because she didn't want anyone in town to be ignored or unheard any longer, Alexandra challenged a local politician who had been in office for a very long time when she campaigned for Congress in 2022.

Alexandra Hunt talks to a black girl while wearing a blue shirt with her name on it
Alexandra Hunt talks to a black girl while wearing a blue shirt with her name on it

Even though the election campaign is over, she has not changed in her dedication to making Philadelphia a city in which no one is forced to live in the shadows.

Challenging A Long Politician, Did She Won?

Alexandra ran for Congress in 2022 against a longtime local politician, Dwight Evans, because she didn't want anyone in our community to be unseen or unheard anymore. Even though the campaign is over, she is still committed to making Philadelphia a place where no one has to live in the dark.

Evans will keep his place in Congress but those who favor Hunt are already looking ahead to potential victories in the future.

As per ballotpedia, Evans easily won with 79.3% (38,353) of the vote. Hunt got 16.6% (8,051) of the vote, and candidate Michael Cogbill got the remaining 4.0% (1,955).

A total vote count from Ballotpedia reveals the clear winner, Dwight Evans
A total vote count from Ballotpedia reveals the clear winner, Dwight Evans

According to Adam Bonen, a lawyer for the Democrats, Hunt could have broken the rules about how to pay for elections by writing herself a check two months before she was eligible to run and giving herself more money than she made the year before when she wasn't running for office.

Hunt said the false data came from an excited supporter. Her team worked to check the results before tweeting them to the public, but they never saw any sign that it was related to a test.

Alexandra Hunt's Quest For Excellence Has Never Ended

Alexandra is still working on important local issues. From figuring out why people commit violent crimes to fix the justice system, from ending "health care deserts" caused by the closing of Hahnemann University Hospital to making sure public schools are fair, Philadelphia has a lot of problems to solve.

Alexandra still thinks that there are good ways to solve these problems, and she is committed to helping make them happen.

Regardless of the outcome on Election Day, we are giving power to people who have controversial paths. I can’t tell you the number of people who have come up to me and said they feel inspired to live their full truth.- Alexandra Hunt

People Also Ask

What Did Alexandra Hunt Do For The Last Two Years?

Alexandra got her Master of Public Health from Temple University in the year 2020. When the federal government didn't put the country's economic and medical needs first during a crisis, Alexandra did what she could to help the people in her area.

Is Hunt Proud About Her Past?

She has told people about the short time she worked as a stripper in college to make money. And just recently, she started a site called OnlyFans, where people can post naked pictures and make money. The Daily Mail says that there are only posts about Hunt's campaign on the account itself.

So I made an OnlyFans to push back on that troll, but also to push back on the stigma that this is a thing to be ashamed of, this would disqualify me as a candidate or as a politician. Because it's not and it shouldn't.- Alexandra Hunt

Was She Used Her Past To Get Support?

She thinks that the campaign shows that candidates can use gender in a way that could help them, even if they didn't mean to.

Final Thoughts

Alexandra Hunt may have developed as a result of her experiences in the past and be motivated to bring out change not only for herself but also for the others who share her community's history of surviving in the shadow world.

It is encouraging that she is maintaining her goal, as this shows that she has a clear intention.

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