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Alexandra Hollywood - Ex-wife Of A Well-known Celebrity Baker


Paul Hollywood, a well-known celebrity baker in the United Kingdom, married and had a relationship with Alexandra Hollywood.

Her birthday is May 11th, 1964, and she was born in Kent, England. Micheal Moores, an executive in the construction industry, and Gloria Moores, a journalist who worked at the international news desk of the BBC, were her parents when she was born.


Alexandra spent her childhood in Kent, where she also attended an Ursuline convent on a private basis. She did not submit an application to any university after she graduated from high school because she wanted to pursue other goals, one of which was to travel.

Following the completion of her education, she went on to work in public relations for a variety of companies. Her previous employers include the London-based luxury goods company Loewe and Nicole Farhi, where she worked in public relations.

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Before she returned to her true passion, which was cooking, she worked as a chalet girl in France and as a diving instructor in Cyprus. However, she always came back to the kitchen.

The girl spent every winter in Europe in France, where she worked as a chalet girl. After some time, she moved to Cyprus and got a job at a diving school there, all because of her older brother, Simon.

Paul Hollywood And Alexandra Hollywood

The celebrity couple got married in 1996. They first connected with one another in a hotel on the island of Cyprus, where Paul was working as the head baker and she was working as a driving instructor.

They had been seeing each other for four years before getting married on the island and moving to England in 1991. In October of 2001, Paul Hollywood and his wife would become parents for the first time with the arrival of their son Josh into the world.

The famous couple balanced their private and public lives while still enjoying their marriage. They also supported each other's professional endeavors. After Alexandra helped him get his first television role in Cyprus, Paul was able to secure other roles, including one on The Great British Bake Off show.

When the television host admitted to having an affair with co-judge Marcela Valladolid in 2013, trouble ensued. Devastated, Alexandra decided to get a divorce, but she changed her mind after Paul apologized, and they reconciled.

Four years later, however, the couple announced their divorce, claiming that their marriage was irreconcilable and that it was on the rocks.

In 2019, Paul and Alexandra Hollywood reached a divorce agreement. The chef had previously made public displays of affection for Summer Monteys-Fullam.

Summer was a bartender at Paul's British bar, The Chequer's Inn. After breaking up with the young bartender, Paul is now dating Melissa Spalding.

They discussed the divorce openly, calling the process difficult but maintaining that she wasn't broken and was still going strong. In addition, Alexandra is not said to be dating anyone, so it is likely that she is still single.

Net Worth

Given that she was granted half of the celebrity chef's fortune in the divorce settlement, Alexandra stood to gain significantly from it. She also received their Kent marital home, which is worth 2.4 million euros, in addition to the other things.

She is thought to be worth $15 million when factoring in her assets, earnings as a writer and chef, and other income. As long as she keeps up her efforts, her net worth will undoubtedly continue to rise.

People Also Ask

What Does Alexandra Hollywood Do?

She is a driving instructor.

Is Alexandra Hollywood Dating?

The adoring mother has kept her personal life out of the spotlight. There is no evidence that she is currently romantically involved with anyone.

Who Are Alexandra Hollywood's Kids?

Joshua, the celebrity writer's only child, was born in October 2001, and she has no other children.

Final Words

Alexandra Hollywood rose to prominence as a result of her marriage to Paul Hollywood. After 20 years of marriage, Alexandra and Paul divorced.

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