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Meet Alex Cooper Boyfriend Now Fiancé Matt Kaplan

Explore the story of Alex Cooper boyfriend turned fiancé, Matt Kaplan—a successful Hollywood producer known for the "To All the Boys" series. Dive into their unique love story and Kaplan's impressive industry climb.

Amandeep Coleman
Nov 12, 2023541 Shares14616 Views
In the complex world of celebrity relationships and media, the story of Alex Cooperand Matt Kaplan emerges as a captivating narrative. It's a blend of romance, entrepreneurship, and shared values that transcends the personal and ventures into the professional realms of both parties. But who is Matt Kaplan, Alex Cooper boyfriend?
Full NameMatthew Kaplan
Birth DateApril 14, 1984
Age39 years old
PlaceCalifornia, United States
ProfessionFilm producer, businessman
Net Worth$7 million
FianceAlexandra Cooper

The Rise Of Matt Kaplan In Hollywood

Matt Kaplan, born April 14, 1984, in California, has become a notable figure in the entertainment industry. His ascent to success is rooted in his academic journey at Columbia University, where his leadership skills were sharpened not just in the classroom, but on the football field as the quarterback for the Columbia Lions. These early experiences laid the groundwork for what would become a remarkable career in film and business.
Kaplan's entry into the world of media began humbly as an intern for CBS, where he quickly climbed the ranks to become the director of digital development. His tenure at Lionsgate Films saw him overseeing projects like the romantic comedy "They Came Together," setting the stage for his future ventures.

Chapter One Films And Beyond

In 2013, Kaplan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to found Chapter One Films, which later led to a significant first-look deal with Blumhouse Productions. His production credits during this period include the supernatural horror movie "6 Miranda Drive" and the fantasy horror film "The Lazarus Effect." His keen eye for compelling narratives and audience appeal was recognized by Awesomeness, who appointed him to head their film division, a role that would leverage his talents and insights into young adult preferences.

Founding Ace Entertainment

The establishment of Ace Entertainment in 2017 marked a new chapter in Kaplan's career. The company quickly made a splash with the production of the "To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before" film series, which became a cultural phenomenon and resonated deeply with the Gen Z demographic. Kaplan's role as an executive producer has expanded to television series such as "Clark and Michael," "Ascension," "My Dead Ex," and the classic "Are You Afraid of the Dark?" His upcoming projects continue to build on his reputation for quality and relevance.
Matt Kaplan
Matt Kaplan

Matt Kaplan Net Worth And Financial Trajectory

Kaplan's net worth reflects a steady and impressive climb, indicative of his success in producing and managing his business ventures:
  • 2020:$2.5 million
  • 2021:$4 million
  • 2022:$5.5 million
  • 2023:$7 million
These figures represent the fruits of his labor through his production company, his time as president of AwesomenessTV, and his strategic decisions that have consistently elevated his status in the industry.

Personal Life And Relationship With Alex Cooper

Matt Kaplan has been previously known in Alex Cooper's podcast as Mr. Sexy Zoom Man. Kaplan's personal life has been just as dynamic as his professional one. His engagement to "Call Her Daddy" host Alexandra Cooper has become a topic of much conversation and celebration among fans. Kaplan's past relationships, including his time with Ashley Olsen and his marriage to Claire Holt, add to his narrative, culminating in the romantic proposal to Cooper in March 2023 that captivated both their audiences.
Alex Cooper with Matt Kaplan
Alex Cooper with Matt Kaplan

Kaplan And Cooper Keep Their Romance Private

While Kaplan worked on major Hollywood pictures, his job was mostly behind the scenes, and as a private guy, he didn't want that to change.
Cooper explained, "Matt is so private, but he also loves the Daddy Gang. Every week he's like, 'How's the episode going? Do they like it?' "
Cooper revealed that she also likes the relationship to be private, as she with what Matt prefers, same as above. While she is very honest on her podcast, she has since discovered a "healthy balance" between what she shares on the show and "having enough respect" for her relationship to know what she should keep to herself.
"When I started this show, I was so open about everything, maybe at times to the detriment of my personal life," Cooper stated. "I would have something happen to me the night before, and I would go run into the studio and talk about it. I didn't even let myself process things."
What is Kaplan's next step toward going public? Call Her Daddy may have a guest appearance. Cooper stated that, while she does not intend to have a full-length interview, she is open to the possibility of Kaplan appearing.
"Never say never, because I never thought I would announce who he was or post a picture of us,"she stated, "And now here I am."

They Announced Their Engagement In April 2023

Cooper made her relationship with Kaplan public in April 2023, when she announced to W Magazine that she and Kaplan had gotten engaged in March.
While the media influencer had no intention of marrying, she admitted that the "foundation of honesty and trust" in their relationship, as well as his support for her job, made her reconsider. Cooper got down on one knee in an extravagant manner less than six months after Cooper gave Kaplan the go-ahead to propose.
Under the premise of a photo shoot, Kaplan organized the proposal at Cooper's West Hollywood home on March 3 while she was getting ready for the phony shoot at her studio. During the period he kept Cooper away from the house, Kaplan decorated with candles, played music, and created a scavenger hunt for Cooper that led her on a tour of her home.
Cooper walked out to her courtyard after the final clue prompted her to meet him outside, where she found Kaplan waiting for her with a vintage oval-cut diamond ring and her two dogs wearing in small bowties.
She said, "He got down on one knee and said, 'You're my soulmate, the love of my life. You make me a better man. Please do me the honor of marrying me.' I like, blacked out. I think I said yes at first. It was very surreal."
Cooper is overjoyed to be engaged, but a wedding is unlikely in the near future because she has no ideas or preparations.
The podcast host revealed, "I really did not grow up ever envisioning a wedding. I don't have a Pinterest board of flowers and dresses. I think we definitely want to get married next year."
Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper
Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper
She stated, "It was truly the best moment of my life. Matt is so creative and thoughtful. He knew I wanted it to be private."
Kaplan surprised Cooper once more after the proposal. He had brought the couple's entire family and friends to the Four Seasons in Los Angeles to celebrate their engagement.
The podcast host said, "It was truly the most memorable, loving experience that I've ever, ever had in my life. And it was perfect and I will remember it for the rest of my life."
Cooper later revealed that Morgan Freeman, who happened to be dining there that evening, made a quick appearance as he strolled through the restaurant when her best friend was making a toast.

Kaplan Made The Proposal With An Antique Diamond

Cooper's ring is set with a 5-carat antique oval-cut diamond. Kaplan collaborated with Jenna Blake, a jewelry designer based in Los Angeles, to locate the ideal setting, single prongs, and an ultra-thin gold ring.

Spotify's New Partnership With Alex Cooper And Matt Kaplan's Unwell Network

Alex Cooper is a podcaster from the United States, best known for hosting Call Her Daddy, a comedy and advice podcast. She candidly shares her life on the show and offers dating advice for women. Matt Kaplan is her boyfriend, and they are currently engaged. Kaplan is the CEO of ACE Entertainment, a top-tier entertainment firm that creates feature films, television series, and internet content for young people. Their collaboration extends to the Unwell Network, a subsidiary of Trending, which Cooper and Kaplan co-founded.
Additionally, the Unwell Network is going on tour, and tickets are available:
  • Boston, MA -Nov 3, 2023, MGM Music Hall at Fenway
  • Toronto, ON -Nov 5, 2023, Meridian Hall
  • New York, NY -Nov 8, 2023, Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden
  • Philadelphia, PA -Nov 9, 2023, The Met
  • Philadelphia, PA -Nov 10, 2023, The Met
  • Chicago, IL -Nov 12, 2023, The Chicago Theatre
  • Nashville, TN -Nov 14, 2023, Ryman Auditorium
Moreover, in an exciting development, Alex Cooper has expanded her collaboration with Spotify to include her Unwell Network. This partnership involves Spotify overseeing the ad sales and distribution of Unwell Network's podcasts. Under this collaboration, Spotify will employ direct sales and tap into the Spotify Audience Network to monetize these podcasts effectively.
Notably, popular shows like "Hot Mess With Alix Earle" and "Pretty Lonesome With Madeline Argy" will find a home on Spotify's Megaphone enterprise podcast platform, which will host and distribute them to a vast audience. The agreement, facilitated by UTA, also holds the potential to encompass upcoming series from the Unwell Network, co-founded by Alex Cooper and her fiancé, Matt Kaplan, the CEO of ACE Entertainment.
The success of "Hot Mess" by Alix Earle, which swiftly rose to the pinnacle of Spotify charts, and the impressive performance of "Pretty Lonesome With Madeline Argy" highlight the immense potential of this partnership. Spotify, with its extensive library boasting over 5 million podcast titles available in 170 markets and an impressive listener base of over 100 million, continues to strengthen its foothold in the podcasting industry.

Alex Cooper Boyfriend FAQs

Who Is Alex Cooper's Current BF?

Alex Cooper's current BF/fiance is Matt Kaplan.

What Does Matt Kaplan Do?

He is a film producer. He is the former president of Awesomeness Films and the founder and CEO of Ace Entertainment.

Who Is Matt Kaplan?

Matt Kaplan is an American film producer, known for his work on young adult movies like the "To All the Boys" film series. He is the founder of Ace Entertainment and has a notable reputation for producing content that resonates with the Gen Z demographic.

What Is Matt Kaplan's Background?

Matt Kaplan was born on April 14, 1984, in California, USA. He graduated from Columbia University in 2004, where he was also the quarterback for the Columbia Lions football team. He began his career in the entertainment industry as an intern and rose through the ranks due to his keen eye for content and business acumen.

What Are Some Of Matt Kaplan's Notable Productions?

Kaplan has produced several popular films and television series, including "The Lazarus Effect," "6 Miranda Drive," and the "To All the Boys" series. He has also been involved in producing television series like "Clark and Michael" and "Are You Afraid of the Dark?"

What Is Matt Kaplan's Net Worth?

As of 2023, Matt Kaplan's net worth is estimated to be around $7 million, a testament to his successful career in film and television production.

Is Matt Kaplan Married?

Matt Kaplan is not married but is engaged to Alexandra Cooper, the host of the "Call Her Daddy" podcast. He was previously married to actress Claire Holt, but they divorced in 2017.

How Did Matt Kaplan And Alex Cooper Meet?

Matt Kaplan and Alex Cooper met over Zoom in 2020, and after a unique virtual and in-person courtship, they announced their engagement in April 2023. Their relationship has become a favorite among fans, combining a modern love story with the influence of their respective careers in media and entertainment.


As Kaplan and Cooper look forward to their marriage and future projects, they symbolize a new kind of power couple in the digital age—one that bridges personal love with shared professional passion. Kaplan's journey from the football fields of Columbia University to the executive offices of Hollywood, and now to a life partnered with Cooper, is a modern success story. It showcases the intersections of love, ambition, and the pursuit of fulfillment across all facets of life.
Alex Cooper boyfriend, Matt Kaplan isn't just successful financially but also influential in shaping the narratives enjoyed by young audiences worldwide. As he and Cooper embark on their next chapter, both in love and in media, they continue to inspire with their commitment to each other and to the stories that move us all.
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