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Best Air Hockey Table Reviews 2022


Who doesn't enjoy playing air hockey? Air hockey is a thrilling game that is liked by all. It is a staple of arcades that brought delight to our childhoods. However, why confine such delights to the arcades? Air hockey tables are ideal for game rooms.

Additionally, they are more economical than you believe. Therefore, what is preventing you? We'll break them down in this top air hockey table reviews and in this guide explain what makes an air hockey table outstanding - so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Choosing The Best Air Hockey Table

The wonderful thing about air hockey is that it is a social and enjoyable game that everyone can play. We recommend that before you purchase one of the best air hockey tables, you familiarize yourself with the fundamentals of the game in order to have a better understanding of how to choose the ideal one for your children or for playing with friends.

Scoring Methods

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Numerous recent models include an electronic scoreboard that keeps track of your score automatically and updates it with each new goal. The less expensive variants have a manual scoring system. These resemble miniature abacuses that must be adjusted each time a player scores.


Certain low-cost models assume that you will use force to force the puck into your opponent's goal. If you can afford it, choose one with an integrated fan or blower. A 110V blower is sufficient to keep the hockey puck moving, while other models feature a larger fan.

Dust may develop on the blower holes over time, which is why air hockey table owners should be aware of the proper techniques to clean an air hockey table.

Power Source

Air hockey tables with electronic or digital scoreboards can be powered by either AC power or batteries. Certain models include a small scoreboard that runs on AA or AAA batteries, although these scoreboards frequently run out of batteries quickly. A scoreboard that comes with an AC adapter will allow you to power it without wasting money on batteries.

Multigame And Combo Tables

Given the variety of game tables available, why not purchase a combo table? For some shoppers, a combo table, also known as a multigame table, is a wonderful option because it may serve as the foundation for your game room. These tables allow you to play three or more games simultaneously due to their swivel or tilting tops. In addition to billiards and air hockey, some come with separate tables for ping pong or cards.

Table Size

Consider the number of people who will play on the air hockey table when determining the appropriate size. Smaller tables, between three and four feet in length, are ideal for children and even teenagers. Adults prefer tables that are six to seven feet long or longer in length.

Leg Levelers

Unless you're playing air hockey in an entirely flat room, you'll need a table with leg levelers. These straightforward levelers compensate for uneven carpet, tile, or hardwood floors and prevent the table from shaking.

Graphic And Design

You may choose to pay close attention to the table's aesthetics and design. Tables with surfaces resembling ice hockey rinks offer a more realistic design, which enhances the realism of each game. Bright colors and vivid graphics can also add excitement to games; just keep the table clean to keep it looking amazing and new.

Best Air Hockey Table Reviews - Quality Construction

Atomic Top Shelf Air Hockey Table

2 air hockey tables, a blue-black one and a gray-black one
2 air hockey tables, a blue-black one and a gray-black one

The most popular air hockey table is the Atomic Top Shelf, for a multitude of reasons. To begin with, it provides the optimal arcade experience and adds to the game's enjoyment. Furthermore, it is one of the largest tables on the market; however, size has advantages.

Sport Squad Air Hockey Table

A portable blue-colored side air hockey table
A portable blue-colored side air hockey table

You do not need to spend a fortune to enjoy air hockey. This Sport Squad air hockey table includes everything you need for an exciting game at an economical price.

Atomic Avenger 8 Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table with a technological and modern design
An air hockey table with a technological and modern design

The Atomic Avenger 8 air hockey table is the epitome of modern design. Its design is in keeping with the name, as it makes use of cutting-edge technology. Additionally, it is colossal in every other way, including size and air movement.

Triumph Fire ‘N’ Ice Air Hockey Table

An air hockey table with a fire and ice color combination
An air hockey table with a fire and ice color combination

Remember how everything looked strange in the 1990s? Since then, everything has advanced significantly, even air hockey tables. The Triumph Fire 'n' Ice air hockey table, on the other hand, is a time capsule that evokes nostalgia for a bygone era. Everything about it evokes memories of the golden age of gaming.

Hathaway 4-Foot Air Hockey Table

A 4-foot ice blue colored air hockey table
A 4-foot ice blue colored air hockey table

This is one of Harvil's more compact air hockey tables, which is suitable for children and teens. It is smaller than earlier models from the same company, but packs a punch in terms of technology and efficiency.


There you have it! Our comprehensive selection of the best air hockey tables on the market is ideal for everybody. Depending on your needs, there is an air hockey table to meet them. At the end of the day, what matters most is that you enjoy yourself! We hope this information has aided you in making a decision and that you can go back to pounding pucks as soon as possible.

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