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Level Up Your Typical Air Hockey Table With Air Hockey Pool Table Combo

Level Up Your Typical Air Hockey Table With Air Hockey Pool Table Combo

In reality, there are some things that get better when they are combined together like chocolate and peanut butter, hot chocolate with marshmallows, tequila and lime, and in terms of the game arena, air hockey and pool tables. With one table that has both billiards or pool and air hockey, you can double the fun of indoor games you have.

Anita Barnes
Last updated: Mar 09, 2022 | Mar 08, 2022

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In reality, there are some things that get better when they are combined together like chocolate and peanut butter, hot chocolate with marshmallows, tequila and lime, and in terms of the game arena, air hockey pool table combo. With one table that has both billiards or pool and air hockey, you can double the fun of indoor games you have. Why not try these game tables? Through this article, the author will provide the best air hockey and pool tables available in the market.

Fat Cat By GLD Flip Game Table

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Get three games for the price of one with this table that saves space and is easy to move. It has Billiards, Air Hockey, and Table Tennis, which are all full games that don't skimp on the quality. Switching games is easy thanks to the Tri-fold tabletop technology. All you have to do is open the latches and flip the table over. It can also be locked upright so that it can be stored in a simple way.


  • Item's weight: 140 pounds
  • Dimensions are 72 x 32 x 32 inches
  • Surfaces that are optimized for each game
  • Real rubber bumpers for a true-to-life experience
  • Each game comes with all of the necessary supplies
  • A 45 CFM electric motor provides incredible airpower
  • Table frame with storage pockets that are versatile.

Triumph 4-In-1 Rotating Swivel Multigame Table

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On a single table, you can play air hockey, table tennis, billiards, and launch football. In seconds, you may switch from hockey to billiards on the rotating swivel table. It has a convertible top board with two sides that easily flips over to switch from table tennis to launch football.

The two red air hockey pushers, two red pucks, two 48" billiard cues, a full set of billiard balls, a triangle, two chalks, and a brush are included in this package. Also, 2 table tennis balls, 2 paddles, a net and post, 2 field goals, and a little football are included in this set.


  • Compact size: 48"L x 23.75"W x 32"H
  • Central airflow distribution that has been patented
  • There are beams for added stability and durability
  • All four games need the use of the included accessories
  • Additional reinforcements for long-term use
  • Suitable for giving as a present
  • Price-to-quality.

Best Air Hockey Pool Table Combo

ESPN Multi Game Table 4-In-1 Swivel Combo Game Table

You can play air hockey, billiards, finger-shot basketball, and table tennis on this ESPN Multi Game Table that comes with four games. This table is 6 feet long, which doesn't make the game tables the same size as they should be. This would be good for older kids, but not adults or small kids. Fans built into the puck help it rise up off the table. The fan can be recharged and comes with its own USB cable to charge.


  • Air hockey, pool, table tennis, and finger shoot basketball are some of the games that can be played on the table at home
  • It has a built-in storage space
  • An amazing design with a swivel
  • Air hockey pucks that can be charged
  • Made with strong materials
  • A USB cable comes with the package
  • All the things you need for table tennis
  • Accessories for billiard games and air hockey were included
  • Materials that are strong and long-lasting were used to make this item
  • Multiple color shades
  • 72" L x 32.375" W x 32" H Dimensions
  • 142 lbs
  • If you buy this table from ESPN, it comes with a 90-day manufacturer's warranty.

Hathaway BG1131M Triad 3-In-1 48In Multi-Game Table

This Hathaway BG1131M Multi-Game Table is recommended to children. Because this table is just 4 feet long, it is unsuitable for larger children or adults. It's similar to Air Hockey, but without the air. This is a better overall experience for young children because the game is slower and it is much more difficult to break anything.


  • A table with three games like table tennis, air hockey, and pool
  • There are two paddles and colored chalks
  • 4-foot-long by 2-foot-wide by 2-foot-tall
  • The accessories have built-in storage
  • Strong wood was used to build it
  • All the things you need for table tennis, air hockey, and billiards are included
  • A brush for a table
  • 2 nets and posts for each set.

Air Hockey Table With Benches

Hathaway Sherwood Air Hockey Table With Benches

There are many different ways to use this design. Clean lines and beautiful light Cherry melamine make the Sherwood Air Hockey Table look great in any room. It's made of sturdy, CARB-certified MDF, which means it's safe for kids to play on. A unique, in-rail electronic scoreboard makes the Sherwood easy to convert from a dining table or craft table into full-blown competitive table tennis or air hockey table.


  • Table dimensions: 84 in L × 47 in W x 32 in H
  • Playing surface: 76.25 in L x 39.25 in W
  • Reversible 2-piece dining/table tennis surface
  • Black corner castings on a light cherry wood melamine top rail
  • Side, end, and leg panels made of light cherry wood melamine, with 1.5-inch leg levelers
  • 2 soft-padded bench seats with built-in lined storage Hydraulic EZ-lifters open and close the bench seat top effortlessly
  • Electronic score display that is unique to the rail
  • Game accessories are included
  • Assembled Product Weight is 400 lbs.

7-Foot Pool Table Air Hockey Combo

Sportivo 7-Foot Dual Functional Table

The good thing about this product is that unlike other Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) tables, which have no internal support, this table has 4, 3 inch (75mm) square steel beam interior supports, making it the most robust and solid in its class. A set of 2-inch pool balls, 2 x 57 inch 2pc cues, a brush, 2 chalks, a triangle, 4 air hockey bats, and 4 air hockey pucks are included with the accessories.


  • Pocket-like shape in the English style which is smaller
  • Cushion rubber is made in the shape of an L, like a snooker table
  • Cloth that can withstand a lot of wear and tear
  • It is held up by a steel beam
  • Air Hockey fan is a cyclone fan with a lot of power
  • Legs are made of heavy-duty steel
  • Safety signs are on each end of the table
  • The locking device is a quick-release method that has been patented
  • With bats, pucks, and holders for balls
  • Weights 158 kg.

What Is Full-Size Pool Table

People in the United States buy the standard playfield 8ft for their homes and other private places. At a tournament, the 9-foot table is bigger than the full size that Billiards was invented on. If you want to play professionally, you can still use the game.

Can A Pool Table Fit In A 12x12 Room

Pool tables are available in a variety of conventional sizes, but the common home table measures 8 feet in length. With a pool cue's length being only 58 inches, it's unlikely that players will have much space to maneuver around and shoot without hitting a wall. This indicates that a room of 12 feet by 12 feet is insufficient for a conventional home pool table.


The author hopes that this article featuring an air hockey pool table combo helps you to pick the finest game table for you and your family. Don't forget when choosing a combination table, there are a number of elements for you to think about. It is essential to evaluate the size of the table as well as the accessories, which should be durable and well-constructed from high-quality materials, as well as the variety of games that the table can accommodate.

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