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Ainsley Earhardt's Husband Will Proctor

Ainsley Earhardt's Husband Will Proctor

Want to know more about Fox & Friends' host Ainsley Earhardt's husband Will Proctor? If yes, then read this post.

Gordon Dickerson
Jan 16, 2021

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Why couldn't I find Will Proctor on Social Media? Who is Will Proctor? If you find information on Will Proctor, it may challenge you because this man has successfully kept his distance from social media. But you don't have to worry. We collected all information about Will Proctor's personal life and career. So, read further to know more about Will Proctor.

Who Is Mr. Will Proctor?

Currently, Will Proctor is the chief of Sponsor Coverage for Neuberger Berman's wealth management and a respectful member of the investment team with a prime focus on deal origination. He studied Management at the university in Clemson, South Carolina. He was a former sportsman and played many college Football games.

Before joining Neuberger Berman Alternative Advisors LLC in 2016, he articulated unique NB investment strategies to a broad client base, including family offices, foundations, individuals, and endowments. Before his career in NB 2012, he was the marketing and fundraising chief at Glaxis Capital Management, LLC. It is a global-micro return hedge fund-based company in Sarasota, Florida.

Will Proctor worked with various client types, including millionaires' individuals and a wide range of institutional investors at Glaxis. Before his corporate career, Mr. Will Proctor was a professional sportsman, and he played in the Canadian Football League. His team won the 2008 Grey Cup Championship with the Calgary Stampeders. And he was a caption of the Football team at Clemson University.

William Proctor was born in Florida, USA. He was born in a small city named Winter Park on November 3, 1983. His birth name was William Franklin Proctor II. Since childhood, he has a great interest in football and throughout of his childhood; he played football professionally.

Will Proctor is an American National and belongs to an English ethnic background. If you are looking for Will Proctor on Instagram or Facebook, you will not find much info. Will Proctor believes in privacy, which is why there is minimal information about his parents and brothers in the public domain.

Will Proctor's Football Career

Will Proctor

Will Proctor's parents also supported him in devoting his life to Football. So, since childhood, he dreamt of becoming a Professional Footballer. He has a promising career in football since high school. He studied at Winter Park Trinity Prep High School, Florida.

Later, he went to Clemson University to study for a Bachelor's degree in Management and Finance. During his bachelor's, he also played College Football at Clemson University. He started to play as a starting quarterback for the Clemson University team and played for the next three seasons of College Football. But he did not play in his freshman year.

In 2004, he played in only three matches, but in 2005, he appeared in four matches. He played more than 13 matches in his football career, threw for 2353 yards, and had more than 180 completions in 2006. Overall, he owned a 60.2 completion percentage and 16 passing touchdowns during his career. Will Proctor fsu student leader and a member of Seminole Student Boosters.

Will Played as a reserve defender in the Canadian Football League's Montreal. The left CFL Season during 2007 and also left 2008 pre-season. After that, he shifted to Calgary Stampeders in October 2008. For the next two months in 2008, he played for Calgary Stampeders during the season games. Federation awarded Will with a Stampeders Gray Cup in 2008.

The exciting thing is that he didn't announce his retirement by himself. Stampeders General Manager and Football Coach John Hufnagel announced that Will Proctor was retiring from Football in June 2009. He decided to leave his professional Football Career in 2009 because he wanted to focus on his managed and corporate career.

As he earned a Management degree from Clemson University, he got a job at Glaxis Capital management. Then he acted as a vice president of Neuberger Berman Wealth Management firm. He is working there as Chief Wealth Advisor.

Will Proctor married Ainsley Earhardt in 2012; however, their married life fell apart in 2018. After that, they decided to live separately and started a new life. His wife, Ainsley Earhardt, is a co-host of the famous TV show 'Fox and Friends.'

Ainsley filed a divorce accusing him of cheating on her and having an extramarital affair. However, Will Proctor denied her claims, and also, she didn't have any pieces of evidence to support her claim.

If you are looking for some specific information, we have answered some popular below. Check it if you are interested;

What Is Will Proctor's Age?

Will was born on November 3, 1983. So, he is almost 37 years old. Will's zodiac symbol is Scorpio.

What Is Will Proctor's Height And Weight?

Will is interested in sports and playing football since childhood. So, he has an impressive sportsman physique. His height is 187cm or 6 feet and 2 inches. He weighs 95 kg, which is approx. 209 pounds.

Is Will Proctor Married Or Single?

Will married to a beautiful television actress and co-host of the Fox and Friends show, Ainsley Earhardt. They married on October 13, 2012. They went to All Saints Episcopal Church in Winter Park, Florida, to get married. Winter Park is Will's hometown. They had their first child in November 2015. Her name is Hayden Dubose Proctor. Hayden is almost 5 years old now.

Will Proctor

However, Ainsley filed a divorce against him in October 2018. Ainsley accused him of having an extramarital affair. She claims that Will has been cheating on her with another woman. Since then, they both have decided to live separately. But their final divorce decision has not been revealed till now.

Currently, Will Proctor is not revealing any information about his relationship status, and there are no photos or videos on his social media pages.

How Much Is Will Proctor's Net Worth?

Will Proctor is a vice president of NB Management; his net worth is about $2 million.

Will Proctor's Parents

Will is a very private minded person and always tries to keep his personal life within himself. Even after asking, he refused to share any information or details about his family members like parents or siblings. That is why there's not detailed information known about his early life and childhood. Some mentioned that his parents still live in Florida.

Will Proctor's Children

Will and Ainsley are blessed with a beautiful daughter named Hayden Dubose Proctor. She was born in November 2015.

Will Proctor's Career In Management

Will was a college Footballer in his early days and also played for Clemson University. However, he decided to retire from his Football and pursue a career in management in June 2009. He graduated from Clemson University with a bachelor's degree in Management and finance. Then he got a job in a reputed firm called Glaxis Capital Management. He worked there for a significant amount of period.

He gained a lot of popularity in the field of wealth management. He managed many millionaire individuals and organizations. After that, he went to Neuberger Berman Wealth Management firm. He is working there as Chief Wealth Advice and also Vice President of this firm.

What Does Will Proctor Do For A Living?

Will Proctor was a professional Football player. He also played for Clemson Tigers at Clemson University. Then he retired from Football and got a job in Glaxis Capital Management. Currently, he is the Vice President at the Neuberger Berman Wealth Management firm.

Is Will Proctor On Social Media?

Will Proctor is a very private person and doesn't like to reveal things on social media. So, he is not much active on Social media. Even he doesn't have personal accounts on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.


It is all about Will Proctor available on the internet. So, after reading this article, you will not find anything more on the internet. If you are looking for a similar kind of information, follow us now. You can also go to our other articles.

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