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3 Adventurous travel destinations in Fall 2021


One of the most common reasons people go on vacation is to get away from all their work stress and focus on relaxation. While summer and winter vacations are by far the most popular, there’s something to be said about exploring new places and visiting loved ones during the autumn months.

Some people go for long getaways, enjoying the carefree days they remember from their childhood. Others might choose shorter but more exciting breaks, taking advantage of opportunities not available during other seasons of the year like the beauty of changing foliage or a reprieve from mosquitos and summer humidity.

Three adventurous places to visit this fall might be New Orleans, Nashville, and Colorado.

Vacationing In New Orleans

Yes, New Orleans is struggling to recover from Hurricane Ida as we approach the fall travel season of 2021. But already they’ve been working hard to get the city back to normal, and money from the tourism industry can help to this end.

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According to NewOrleans.com: “Slowly but surely, restaurants and venues are reopening and we look forward to seeing more open back up each day.”

The website continues to offer helpful tips for those traveling to New Orleans this fall; the main advice is to call your hotel directly to see if they’re ready for you to show up. Patient tourists are also appreciated.

So be aware that your trip to New Orleans this fall may be a little different than you may have expected. Still, hopefully you’ll be able to check out some items on your culinary bucket list, shop for antiques in New Orleans, and contribute to a recovering economy.

Hiking In Nashville

Most of the favorite hikes in the Nashville area are all on the main mountain trails. There are tons of great trails for every skill level and interest.

Here are a few wonderful hiking trails you may want to visit:

  • Radnor Lake has become incredibly popular; it’s hard not to love this place with so many things to see and do here. It has stunning views and a wide range of recreational activities. The lake itself is a great place for fishing or boating, and many trails lead hikers into the surrounding forest to explore the natural world.
  • Harpeth Woods is an easy hike that takes you through open woodland and offers ample opportunities for bird watching and catching scenic views. The trail also features several small waterfalls as well as a few wide bridges with benches alongside them, which makes them a great spot for nibbling on packed lunches.
  • Mossy Ridge is a tough hike that will test your endurance as you make your way up the mountain. Nashville has some great hikes, but not all of them are easy going and Mossy Ridge may be one of the toughest. Your reward will be the stunning views and the outdoor adventure you’re enjoying with your family or friends. You’ll get to see natural beauty from all angles on this 3-hour round trip hike that features quite a few steep inclines and ascents.

White Water Rafting In Colorado

White water rafting is only available in a few states, and it's quite an adventure. You're not just getting on a boat and floating down the river. You’ll be dealing with turbulent running rapids and navigating your raft through narrow passages. White water rafting is one of the most exciting forms of outdoor recreation the state offers. For many people who live in Colorado or visit regularly, white water rafting provides an adrenaline-inducing experience unlike anything else.

Many people believe that vacations are a chance to escape the stress of life and enjoy time with family or friends. They act almost like a reset button for your central nervous system. When you return from a trip to any of these three places, you will feel better about everything going on in your life.

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