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Advantages and facts about boxer dog

Advantages and facts about boxer dog

05/06/2021 09:44
Candice Burns

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History and ancestryBoxers came late in AmericaThey are excellent in sportsThey want some love, not warSummary

Many things make this breed an excellent one, and in this topic, it is going to be talked over about their advantages and facts of this specific breed. Before going more into this, first and foremost you must be a dog lover.

If you are not, then it does not matter because these furballs will melt your heart anyway. It is known that every dog loves to play a lot, give love to humans, take naps, and be protective around the people they love.

This topic is going to be talked more specifically about boxer dogs. Very popular for being very intelligent, powerful stance, expressive face, their attachment to people, and last but not least, their great sense of humor.

Suppose you are not a dog lover, or you do not love this breed so much. In that case, hopefully, this topic will change your mind, and you might consider giving them a chance because they definitely deserve it. Want to read more about them? Then you should definitely click on the next link for more

History and ancestry

It is known that they date from a long time ago, along with their strong cousins, the bull biter, and the mastiff. Their ancestors date back from the time of the ancient Assyrians, somewhere around two thousand BC. This dog was considered back then as one of the bravest types of dogs often used in war.

After many centuries, when this breed arrived in Europe, more specifically in the late sixteen hundred, they were used for hunting deer, bears, wild boars, etc. This information is known as historians have noticed them on various paintings that were made in this time.

Most historians agree that bull biter, or Bullenbeisser, is the direct ancestor of this breed. However, their maximum development reached its height when they came to Germany, as they developed there to its full potential.

Boxers came late in America

Going more into the history of these cuties, they were first imported in America only after the first World War. Still, they did not get the recognition they deserved until the end of the middle of the twentieth century.

The reason why today there are American boxers is that four dogs were the foundation of this breed; thus, their nickname goes the four horsemen of Boxerdom. The first one was named Sigurd, who was born in Germany. Approximately ten of his puppies became champions when they were imported into America.

The other three were named Lustig, Utz, and Dorian, and they all sired outstanding amounts of champions in America. They are the main reason why this breed is so popular in America today.

They are excellent in sports

In sports, this breed is an excellent sportsman. They mostly thrive in agility, stamina, etc. They are great when it comes to competing in obedience trials, rally performance, or other agility courses.

However, because they are so bright, they often have a mind of their own. If you want to train them, you need to be very patient with them, consistent, and pretty much creative. Because, as mentioned above, they are so bright, if you give them the same exercises, they will become very bored, and this is when their creativity and their great sense of humor comes in.

You would definitely not want to go to war with them because they will most likely invent their own ideas and not care less about what you do if they put their minds to it. Interested more about training them? If so, check out this link.

They want some love, not war

Many people can often consider them as a fighting breed, but on the contrary, they really want attention and love. They are the happiest furballs when you love them because rest assured, they will return the favor twice as much.

They are especially happy when they are with their family, especially with their children. If you have kids and are afraid that this breed might be aggressive towards them, it is definitely not the case.

Their protective stance will ensure that your kids will be loved and protected at the maximum amount, as they are prepared to do anything for them. When they bond with your children, they will love them so much, even more than yourself.


Because they have so much excess energy, they need to play or train a lot. If not, they can be annoying because when they have so much energy and cannot output that energy anywhere else, you will be their victims.

They will jump on your sofa or anything else just so they can play. It is crucial to play with a boxer so they cannot annoy you when you want to have your alone time. You can teach them specific commands, but it is recommended to do it when they are small puppies.

In conclusion, they are one great breed that deserves to be loved so much. Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found this breed more lovable, and you might even consider adopting or buying one. If you decide on this step, always remember to give them your "whole lotta love," or their honey-looking eyes will haunt you.

Last but not least, they do not need so much attention when it comes to grooming because their fur is small, and it does not want too much attention. Their lifespan varies from twelve to fourteen years on average.

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