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Add Art To Enhance Any Room Of Your Home

Breathe life into any room with beautiful art. Whether landscapes and still lifes or ceramics and screenprints, art brings personality and charm to your surroundings.

Paolo Reyna
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Edit paragraph. Please delete this text and add your cBreathe life into any room with beautiful art. Whether landscapes and still lifes or ceramics and screenprints, art brings personality and charm to your surroundings. And with the trend for buying only things you love that will last for decades, it's the ideal time to bring unique art into your home.

Choosing art for your home

Original artworks offer the perfect way to fill a boring blank wall, dull corner or empty shelf. If you are new to buying art, there are so many choices that it can take time to know where to begin. Start by researching the styles, media and artists that appeal to you. Nowadays, there's a fantastic choice of art available to buy online, so whether you're searching for a striking silk screen print, a watercolour portrait or are looking tobuy landscape paintings online, you're sure to find the perfect original artwork to transform your interior decor.

Choose art to suit your interior design

When building a personal art collection and displaying artwork in your home, consider the general ambience you are trying to achieve. The relationship between the paintings, sculpture and ceramics, and their environment plays a crucial part in creating atmosphere. Some points to consider when choosing art include the height of the ceiling, the level of lighting and the room's overall colour scheme.

Opt for art that suits the room's function

How you use the room is a significant consideration. For example, most art collectors display their main pieces in the living room, where the family gathers and where they entertain guests. This setting provides a golden opportunity to show a collection of unique original artworks.
  • In the dining room, a single large artwork can form a focus. For example, a group portrait or conversation piece (1) often works well here.
  • The bedroom is a sanctuary and is often chosen to hang artworks with a special, more personal connection with the owner - perhaps gifts to celebrate an anniversary or other occasion or a souvenir of an unforgettable vacation.
  • Enhance office space with art that calms and soothes the mind, allowing you the freedom to focus on your work.
  • Choose art with clean lines and a lively colour palette to create a vibrant atmosphere for the playroom or den.

Set the mood with art

Do you want to create a dramatic atmosphere? Or are you aiming for a calm, harmonious mood? Choose art with a colour palette that either makes a contrast with your decor, matches it or redefines the surrounding tones. Infinite combinations allow you to make your home unique.
Remember that frames not only protect your works of art (2), but they also have an integral role to play in creating an ambience. Always choose a frame that complements the art - opt for a frame in the dominant colour of the piece or choose a contrasting shade so that the artwork stands out. And when hanging prints or paintings, a handy rule of thumb is to position the focal point of the picture around one and a half metres from the floor.

Invest in art you love

You may decide to collect art with a theme, perhaps in a style that chimes with your home's age and architectural style (3) and in a colour palette that complements your interior design. But when choosing art for your home, there's no right or wrong. It's a question of individual taste and finding pieces you love.ontent here.
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