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Best 7 AARP Games You Should Play In 2021

Best 7 AARP Games You Should Play In 2021

Finding new methods to amuse and involve ourselves is very essential for our general health and mood, especially during a time when we all have a bit more leisure than normal.

Amandeep Coleman
Last updated: Nov 15, 2021 | Nov 13, 2021

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The Internet is a very entertaining environment. Aside from serving as a means of communication with friends and family and serving as a virtual encyclopedia, the Internet may also be a source of entertainment for seniors.

Did you know that the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) offers a free collection of senior online games, including chess, puzzle games, brain games, word games, and card games?

In addition, they offer multiplayer games in which you may compete against other individuals who are presently playing online with you. It is more than simply a method to pass the time while you are playing games online. Games may aid in the development of healthy memories, the improvement of language, and the sharpening of cognitive abilities.

What Are AARP Free Games And Why Should I Care?

But first, you must comprehend what AARP-free games are and why you should be interested in playing them in the first place. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-profit organization that focuses on concerns and difficulties that individuals over the age of 50 experience on a daily basis.

At their heart, AARP games are activities that individuals play to keep their brains stimulated. However, the word is widely used to refer to any brain game that stimulates the mind and cognitive ability of anybody, regardless of their age or physical condition.

As a result, there are no age restrictions; anybody may participate in these online games and profit from the mental stimulation they provide. Why put it off till later in life? Start enjoying these AARP-sponsored games right now!

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The Benefits Of Playing AARP Games

What should you do if you wish to become physically more powerful? By going to the gym, you are putting your body through its paces. The question is, what should you do if you want to become intellectually stronger and more alert? By participating in AARP-free games, you may test your cognitive abilities. It's a straightforward process. Consider going to the gym and participating in AARP-free games like repetitions and sets.

The greater the amount of volume you produce, the stronger and more acute your mind gets. According to research conducted in 2018, brain training performed on healthy individuals may significantly improve cognitive skills. Your brain, like your body, requires a regular workout.

Games For Seniors (AARP Free Games 2)

In order to make your friends and family gasp in amazement as you do mental tasks that others can only dream of, here are the top 15 AARP free games to play that will help you to engage your brain. Some of these games allow you to collect AARP reward points, which you may redeem for prizes. Isn't that a lot of fun?

The Best Games On Aarp.Org

If you ever take the time to look around the AARP website, you'll see a tiny section devoted to popular games. This is due to the fact that, in recent years, gaming has gradually gained in popularity among older people (50 years and older).

As reported by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) in 2019, the overwhelming majority of survey respondents preferred playing on mobile devices (73 percent), with puzzle and logic games being their favorites (49 percent). We've prepared a selection of some of the most popular and finest games accessible on the AARP games website for your convenience.

Best Games On Aarp.Org


Chess is a timeless game that has been played for thousands of years. In addition to being entertaining, it is a great method to challenge yourself and exercise your logical thinking skills.

If you are playing chess online with AARP, the computer will pit you against it, and you may vary the difficulty between eight different levels so that even if you are playing alone, you will have someone to play against.

It is also possible to play it from your mobile device, enabling you to take your game with you wherever you may go. The fact that you can constantly improve in chess is one of its most appealing features. Consider taking advantage of the lessons offered on either the Chess Corner or the Chess Pathway if you want to improve your skills.


Jewel Shuffle

When playing this game, the goal is to line up gems of the same hue in whatever direction you choose. There must be a minimum of three matches in a row or column. Following a successful match, the gems will vanish and you will be rewarded with points for your efforts.

The picture below shows how you can construct a vertical line of four diamonds by dragging the circled diamond to the right in the image. As you line up more and more items of the same kind, the more points you get! Isn't that a lot of fun? To uncover a unique gem, use the magnifying glass on the left-hand side of the screen.

When you click the magnifying glass, the gem will begin to shine. The special gem is worth a higher number of points. The red circled diamond in the picture below is the one that stands out as a unique jewel.

Move the red jewel below the yellow gem up one position and you will win additional points by aligning the three red jewels, which includes the unique jewel: Another example of aligning four gems together is seen below: When four gems are aligned together, you have created a "power gem.

The original gems will be replaced by a Power Gem of the same kind as the original gems, if applicable. The Power Gem will flash and whirl when it is activated. If you align the Power Gem to make three in a row, the Power Gem will explode and destroy all of the gems in its immediate vicinity.

You will get extra points as a result of this! Play the game and you'll realize how addictive it may be to a certain degree. It is one of the most addicting of the AARP-free games, if not the most addictive.

Jewel Shuffle


There are many different Crossword variants accessible in the AARP's game area, but they are all great ways to pass the time while also improving your vocabulary and comprehension skills.

Additionally, you will enhance your spelling and memory skills as a result of being exposed to new vocabulary. Similar to the chess game, you do not need to bring anything other than your chosen digital gadget in order to participate.



Mahjong (also known as Mahjongg) is a tile-based game that originated in China and has been around for hundreds of years. It is mainly popular in Asia, but it is becoming increasingly popular in other parts of the world as a result of the game's online variants.

A total of 10 distinct versions of Mahjong are available on the AARP's gaming website, each of which tests your memory, attention span, ability to perform under time constraints, and spatial awareness.


Daily Word Search

You will be playing a "word search" type game in which you will be attempting to discover words within a set of letters. Each game has a theme, which is stated at the beginning of the game session.

For the game below, "cops and robbers" is the subject, and all of the words are related to that. The objective is to find the words on the left in the puzzle on the right

I used to play games like this all the time. The player becomes obsessed with finding the words in the puzzle, which makes it the most "obsessive" of the AARP-free games!

Daily Word Search


Everyone loves a good jigsaw puzzle. This jigsaw is put together online. Isn't that a lot of fun? Just like a real jigsaw puzzle, put the pieces together to form the image. You can zoom in using the magnifying glass at the top. Click the "eye" icon to see the image in the final puzzle. Click the icon again to remove the image and return to the board.

You can move the pieces around on the table and when you find a matching piece, move the pieces close together, and they will snap together. This is really fun! My strategy is to put the border together first, as it’s easy to determine the border pieces. Once the border’s done, I work on the middle.

When you start the puzzle, you are presented with 3 options – Easy, Normal, and Expert. Start off with Easy and work your way up. I usually select "Expert" to make it more engaging and challenging! Ah!

Believe it or not, this truly has a jigsaw puzzle feel and is just as fun as the board version. I could play this all day long, but fortunately, there are other AARP-free games to play, so allocate your time wisely! In the puzzle below, I managed to assemble part of the border on the left-hand side:


Word Wipe

If you like word games and finding words within a collection of letters, you will absolutely love this game! The objective is to find words by linking the letters. You can link the letters in any direction to form words.

Oh, but there’s a catch! You must work against the clock, making this one of the most intense of the AARP-free games. To be successful, you must clear as much of the board as possible. The bigger the word you create, the higher the score value!

Notice there’s a drag bomb on the left-hand side above the "Goal" area. Use the bomb when there are only a few letters remaining on the screen, and it’s not possible to form new words. Drag the bomb into a letter and release it.

This will cause the remaining letters to burst or blow up, and you will earn double points for clearing the board. To maximize your point score, you should wait until you get to the end to use the bomb.

Word Wipe


Improving yourself and training your brain doesn’t have to be boring. On the contrary, it’s addicting. Start playing any of these 15 AARP-free games and you’ll improve your cognitive abilities while developing an exciting hobby.

There are many online games that can help stimulate your brain and generate neuron activity! There are many games that are challenging and addictive. There are also online games with chat rooms, so you can participate with others! If you’re into card games like poker, there are game apps for that too. Finally, there are plenty of games to play with your friends, so check that out!

Is There An AARP Games App?

This AARP Games website is here to help you take your gaming to the next level! Make use of the following features, which were designed with you in mind: This site, as well as all of the games on it, is mobile-friendly, allowing you to play on most Android and iOS smartphones and tablets.

Are AARP Games Free?

Of course, everyone may play our games for free, but AARP members receive a little bit more. Members of the AARP will get access to extra levels in some games. You may now tell your friends and family that you've got game if you enjoy what you're playing.

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