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Best of Weigel: A Look Back

Now that the ethically dubious publication of some of his private emails has derailed Dave Weigel’s tenure at The Washington Post by raising questions about his

Landon Morton
Last updated: Jul 31, 2020 | Jun 29, 2010

Now that the ethically dubious publication of some of his private emails has derailed Dave Weigel’s tenure at The Washington Post by raising questions about his ability to report effectively on the conservative movement, we thought it would be a good time to highlight just how effective Weigel can be. Here’s a look back at some of the best pieces of reporting from Weigel’s illustrious time at TWI — a time in which he helped define the birther and Tea Party movements and set a new standard for coverage of conservatives in America:

  • A piece on the influence of Ayn Rand in the conservative movement. (3/6/09)
  • A look at the GOP’s much-heralded, but mind-boggling, charts. (3/26/09)
  • Photos from the Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot. (4/6/09)
  • The inside scoop on a civil war in the right-wing blogosphere. (4/21/09)
  • A piece on the damage done to Tom Tancredo by his racist, karate-chopping confidant. (6/2/09)
  • A conversation with Jim DeMint, where the senator compared America to pre-World War II Germany. (7/9/09)
  • A prescient account of the dilemmas the “birther” movement threatened to cause the GOP. (7/17/09)
  • An early look at the problems birthers were causing moderate Republicans at town hall meetings. (7/20/09)
  • A glimpse of Saul Alinsky’s surprising new fan base. (8/11/09)
  • An exclusive look at a propaganda-filled health care “survey” from the RNC. (8/27/09)
  • A report from inside the How to Take Back America Conference, where fear of fascism and a “gay agenda” dominated. (9/28/09)
  • Ahead-of-the-curve coverage of the special election in New York’s 23rd Congressional District, where a Tea Party candidate split the GOP vote and led to a Democratic victory. (11/19/09)
  • A spotlight on conservative attacks on Mike Huckabee for granting clemency to a future suspect in the shooting of four police officers. (11/30/09)
  • A look at the strange campaign of the antiwar Republican Adam Kokesh to unseat John McCain. (12/18/09)
  • A series of conversations with key Republicans who expressed their unwillingness to embrace party-switcher Parker Griffith. (12/22/09)
  • A preview of Tucker Carlson’s journalism venture, The Daily Caller. (1/17/10)
  • An investigation of the “perfect storm” that led to Scott Brown’s Senate win. (1/20/10)
  • A heated conversation between Andrew Breitbart and Joseph Farah over the value of “birtherism.” (2/6/10)
  • An account of growing pessimism among Tea Partiers that the passage of health care reform could be prevented. (3/17/10)
  • After reports of the RNC’s lavish spending, a look at past conservative donor frustration with RNC habits that made the latest incident the “nail in the coffin.” (4/2/10)
  • And, finally, a heartfelt farewell. We miss you too, Dave.
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