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Club for Growth Reminds Mark Kirk of His Pledge


When I asked Mike Connolly of the Club for Growth what, exactly, could strip candidates who’d signed the Club’s “Repeal It” pledge of official support, Connolly suggested that repercussions couldn’t really happen until January 2011, when new members of Congress have a chance to introduce repeal legislation. If they whiff, he said, then they’ll hear about it.

Today, Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) dodged a question on whether, as he’s said before, he’d back full repeal. Greg Sargent gauged Connolly’s reaction.

“He said that he’s going to do this,” Club for Growth spokesman Mike Connolly just said by phone. “We expect him to live up to his pledge.” … “He’s made a promise to the people of Illinois,” Connolly continued. Asked if failing to follow through could cost Kirk the Club’s support in a general election, Connolly said: “We’ll have to see.”

Sargent calls this the Club “ripping” Kirk, but I don’t see it. According to FEC records at OpenSecrets, the Club hasn’t even given anything to Kirk — there’s nothing to take back or withhold, really. But if the Club is going relatively easy on candidates, I don’t think Tea Party activists — always cool on Kirk — will.

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