RNC Pushing Back on Daily Caller Story

March 29, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

I waited a little while to link to Jonathan Strong’s story about — well, it’s about two things. Half of the story concerns rumors about Michael Steele’s lavish wishlist, and half concerns big expenses that appear on the RNC’s FEC reports, the most eye-popping one being nearly $2,000 at a Los Angeles strip club. It’s that latter nugget that’s getting all the attention from the press and from the RNC.

Like other reporters, I’m told that the RNC is internally investigating its records in response to the story — the investigation is going on right now. And like other reporters, I’ve seen extremely tough pushback — the committee wants a retraction for the implication that it was Steele himself patronizing the strip club, and it’s challenging Strong’s version of his contact with the RNC. (He says he tried to get an interview with Steele; they deny it.) But I don’t expect the Caller to back down on any other parts of this — Strong reported this story carefully and has records of his contacts with the RNC sources who, today, are trying to smother the campfire.