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Rep. Pete Hoekstra Surging in Michigan Gubernatorial Bid


The ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee — you couldn’t flip on a TV without seeing him in the aftermath of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s botched terrorism attempt — has steadily moved into the lead in the GOP’s primary for governor of Michigan. A new poll for Michigan’s Booth Newspapers has Hoekstra at 28 percent, up 10 points over his nearest rival, and up 16 points over the man long seen as the nominee-in-waiting, Attorney General Mike Cox.

The trendlines since November:

Pete Hoekstra – 28 percent (+7)

Rick Snyder – 18 percent (+13)

Mike Cox – 12 percent (-3)

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Mike Bouchard – 8 percent (-5)

Tom George – 2 percent (-1)

Snyder, the businessman who bought an ad during the Superbowl, gets the headlines — he’s moving up faster. But Hoekstra’s clearly benefited from being out front attacking the Obama administration on national security. (Less dramatically, he’s benefited from being the only candidate with strong ties to conservative western Michigan.)

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