Orly Taitz Challenges the Eligibility of an African-American Politician

March 10, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

No, not that one. Another one — Damon Dunn, a mainstream Republican candidate for Secretary of State in California. Dunn stands in the way of Taitz’s vanity campaign for that office. So Taitz has waged a two-tier campaign against him. First, accusing him of being an affirmative action candidate.

The only reason he was endorsed so far, is because he is an African American, and Republicans want to have an African American to show diversity. He admits to having no knowledge or experience with law, elections or election law.

Second, Taitz has accused Dunn of being registered to vote in Florida. As Spencer Kornhaber discovered, he was once, but he isn’t now. Still, there are obviously no racial overtones to the “birther” crusade.