WorldNetDaily’s Farah: ‘Today I Pronounce CPAC Dead’

March 08, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Joseph Farah, who sparred over the “birther” conspiracy theory with Andrew Breitbart at the National Tea Party Convention, pens a lengthy column — a promo for his own convention — attacking CPAC organizers for not holding a birther panel. It’s interesting in the same way that the Oscar for “Music by Prudence” was interesting. Farah holds grudges against Republican strategist Jon Henke (who has campaigned to purge “birtherism” from the GOP) and CPAC Director Lisa De Pasquale.

I decided right there and then that [WorldNetDaily] would no longer sponsor CPAC as long as an arrogant, know-it-all wannabe like De Pasquale was running it. When others confronted De Pasquale on her ill manners, unprofessionalism and condescension, she finally wrote me an e-mail. But it was hardly the letter of apology one might expect under the circumstances. She explained that she was “just answering questions from the media.”

Apparently, De Pasquale and the CPAC leadership are more concerned about pleasing the media than their long-time sponsors and speakers – even people like me who are under siege from the left, the soft-right and the media establishment.

The funny thing is that Farah got a shout-out from the CPAC stage from Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who bragged about getting a relative to read WND, and that birthers, while denied most stages at the conference, were not hard to find. Henke laughed it off.

“Some of it may be colorably ‘opinion,’” Henke said to TWI, “but I certainly did not have ‘multiple appearances, on MSNBC. I was on once. I think the biggest story in that is his claim that Democrats spent more on WND than Republicans. Oh, really?”

Anyway, here’s the site for Farah’s own Taking America Back convention, to be held in Florida in September. Warning: Music.