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‘I Am Leading a War Against the British Empire’

March 04, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

There’s mostly gallows humor to be had in the campaign of Kesha Rogers, a member of the amazingly resilient Lyndon LaRouche cult who snuck past two mainstream Democrats to grab the party’s nomination in TX-22. LaRouche candidates do this from time to time, and they do it surprisingly frequently in the South — the 2004 nominee against Sen. Trent Lott (R-Miss.) was a LaRouche cultist. The problem? The sorry state of some local Democratic organizations, who’ve fallen far from the days of one-party rule and can’t find serious candidates to beat the well-organized kooks. (If you want a Texas Democrat to groan, mention the name of Gene Kelley, a deranged lawyer who waged vanity campaign after vanity campaign in Texas counting on voters to mistake him for the late dancer.)

But what amuses me about this race is how the LaRouche cult’s semi-coherent ad hominem attacks on President Obama are being packaged as … an Obama campaign lookalike. Click on the Rogers site and you’re greeted by the white Gotham font on blue logo work of the Obama campaign.

Picture 64

But read further and you get this:

After we impeach Obama, we are going to implement the LaRouche Plan, beginning with a global Glass-Steagall, and full-funding for a Moon-Mars mission, as the essential science driver behind a major commitment to build the modern infrastructure this nation needs.

Seriously, that’s what her campaign is about.

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