Breitbart at CPAC: One More Time

March 01, 2010 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Joan Walsh points to a video I’d been wondering about — the footage shot by cameramen who were trailing Andrew Breitbart at CPAC, monitoring his conversations with journalists and liberal bloggers. The exchange captured in this blog post is in there, complete with Breitbart leaning into my notebook for emphasis.

A quick recap of my role here — I asked Hannah Giles about the charge, leveled by a lot of liberal bloggers, that she and James O’Keefe had misled people by claiming he dressed as a flamboyant pimp in the ACORN sting videos. She responded that the flamboyant costume was filmed later, for B-roll. Why Media Matters and other organizations think this dispute can discredit the ACORN tapes, I’m not sure — Giles was clearly dressed as a prostitute, and both her and O’Keefe spun wild, illegal scenarios that some ACORN employees appeared ready to help cover up. And while Breitbart was annoyed that this was becoming a debate, he was obviously happy to have the ACORN scandal bubble into the blogosphere once again.