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Conservatives: This Story About Conservatives Makes Us Sound Too Conservative


On the front page of The Washington Post, Jerry Markon has an excellent, lengthy look at the conservative movement’s newfound — or at least newly invigorated — online organizing. RedState, for example, has long pushed news favorable to candidates liked by the site’s readers, and has long included fundraising appeals, but as Markon points out, an email list launched one year ago quickly swelled from 498 to 70,000 subscribers.

The reception of the story on the right? Not bad, but not altogether thankful. Tim Graham of the Media Research Center took to the Newsbusters blog to attack the story for its nomenclature.

While the Post can do an entire story on a left-wing group like Code Pink and use one liberal label, the most noticeable tic in the Markon story is how many times the word “conservative” appears, and not counting the headline — forty-six.

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