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Palin, Still Tea Partying


The governor-turned-Fox News pundit tells Greta Van Susteren that she’s still headlining the embattled National Tea Party Convention next week.

Oh, you betcha I’m going to be there. I’m going to speak there because there are people traveling from many miles away to hear what that tea party movement is all about and what that message is that should be received by our politicians in Washington. I’m honored to get to be there.

I won’t personally gain from being there. The speaker’s fee will go right back into the cause. I’ll be able to donate it to people and to events, those things that I believe in that will help perpetuate the message, the message being, Government, you have constitutional limits. You better start abiding by them.

Palin doesn’t have the out that Michele Bachmann and Martha Blackburn had–as a former office-holder, she has no lobbying/ethics hurdles to jump over. The unfolding drama and scandal of this convention, though, make her decision to attend it while bitterly blowing off CPAC seem less and less astute.

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