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Co-Sponsor Bails On Tea Party Convention, Citing ‘Controversy’

Last updated: July 31, 2020 | January 13, 2010 | Dexter Cooke

The American Liberty Alliance has pulled out of the Tea Party Convention; it had been a “gold” level co-sponsor. ALA’s Eric Odom explains why, citing concerns about the financing of Tea Party Nation and the convention itself.

[W]e have to respond to the concerns and wishes of our membership. And quite a few of our members have asked that we consider sitting this one out.

In summary, the controversy surrounding the event involves conversations about the infrastructure of the Tea Party Nation and the way its finances are channeled through private bank accounts and paypal accounts.

ALA was one of the most prominent Tea Party groups to sign onto the Convention–Tea Party Patriots took a pass. And the language Odom uses here echoes the critiques of convention skeptics. “[W]hen we look at the $500 price tag for the event and the fact that many of the original leaders in the group left over similar issues,” writes Odom, “it’s hard for us not to assume the worst.”

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