Andrew Breitbart Launching More ‘Big’ Sites

December 10, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

Andrew Breitbart, whom I profiled after his Big Government website launched the unfolding video sting investigation of ACORN, talks to Colby Hall about some of the sites he’ll launch in 2010. I had thought “Big Environment” would be first, but the next site will actually be “Big Journalism,” followed in some order by “Big Peace,” Big Education” and “Big Jerusalem.” Breitbart’s pitch:

We aim to for a largely underserved audience who fiercely believe in free markets and don’t think Western Civilization sucks. If we aren’t 50% country of the country, we are damn near close. We are Tea Party-esque, with outraged Americans who have had it up to here with mainstream media. Our audience is comprised of normal, mainstream people: blue-collar workers, actors, students — black, white, straight, Jewish, Hispanic. They are at wit’s end and want to go to war with the Democratic-media complex.