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VIDEO: Angry New Yorkers Denounce Terror Trials, Demand Holder’s Resignation

December 06, 2009 | Last updated: July 31, 2020

A few hundred New Yorkers gathered in a cold and rainy Foley Square in downtown Manhattan on Saturday to protest the Obama administration’s decision to try the suspected Sept. 11 attackers in a civilian federal court in New York.  Organized by the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition, speakers ranging from 9/11 survivors and family members to Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa to National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy denounced Attorney General Eric Holder’s decision to try suspected terrorists as ordinary criminals and provide them the “same rights as American citizens.”

The rally, shown in the video below the jump, was held across the street from the courthouse where Holder wants to try self-described 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and others, and less than a mile from the former World Trade Center, where the attacks occurred. It ended with both speakers and the crowd calling for Holder’s resignation.

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